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Self-Hypnosis Revolution

Self-Hypnosis Revolution

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by Forbes Blair

Self-hypnosis without the trance!

The author of the best-selling self-hypnosis book Instant Self-Hypnosis shows you how to re-program your mind for success in every area of your life while you go through your daily routine. Everything you do, including chores and everyday tasks, suddenly become potent opportunities for self-empowerment!

You can practice this


Self-hypnosis without the trance!

The author of the best-selling self-hypnosis book Instant Self-Hypnosis shows you how to re-program your mind for success in every area of your life while you go through your daily routine. Everything you do, including chores and everyday tasks, suddenly become potent opportunities for self-empowerment!

You can practice this simple, powerful method while you take out the garbage, brush the dog, drive to the store, clean the house, or during just about any other activity.

Reach your goals faster, break bad habits, turn your life around and have what you want—it's fast, it's easy and anyone can do it.

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The Power of Self-Suggestion
Fast and Easy Style

Putting Self-Hypnosis Revolution into practice is fun, and learning the concepts and basic program does not take long. If you've already read my book, Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open, you know that I'm not long-winded. A primary advantage of using the method in Self-Hypnosis Revolution is that it saves you precious time. So I'm not going to waste your time with drawn-out treatises or case studies. That's not my style. My objective is to get you started with the basic method quickly. In fact:
It's my goal for you to start using the basic method within approximately one hour from when you begin reading this book.

I believe the ideas and techniques in this book will change the way you look at your everyday existence-forever. Once you understand the principles, you'll have a self-help method that can be put to use at virtually any moment of the day. And what I hope will happen over time is that you'll no longer need this book to put the method into practice. You'll start thinking differently about any activity, and you'll automatically realize its secret underlying significance and how that activity might apply to your life in a positive way.

Meet the Author

Forbes Robbins Blair has been teaching and performing hypnosis since 1997 and has a certification in clinical hypnotherapy. He also facilitates dream groups and teaches classes on dream analysis. He has made numerous appearances on radio and television. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Self-Hypnosis Revolution 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
andrewAK More than 1 year ago
SHR is a great tool because it allows you to influence you subconscious mind while performing your everyday tasks and chores. Chapter 1- “The power of Self-Suggestion” This chapter defines suggestion and self-suggestion and discusses the power and effect of the two. Also it explains how they differ and relate to each other. It talks about the analogical similarity the mental diet and the physical diet “You are what you eat”. Suggestions that you put into your mind reflect your attitude. This chapter talks about different methods of self-suggestion. It explains how SHR extracts the key symbolic associations of everyday activities that can be used metaphorically to improve our mental diet. Chapter 2- “Self-Hypnosis Revolution- Self Hypnosis without Going into a Trance” Forbes goes into more detail about this new method. He explains how our subconscious formulates dreams that have symbolic meanings of certain aspects that reflect our personalities ( during our waking lives). He explains how using the symbolism of activities in our lives can have somewhat of a reverse affect to influence and improve our mind/personalities. He talks about how we use metaphors in language and how we can extract the metaphors and symbols from daily tasks to make our self-suggestions much stronger and influential on our subconscious minds. Chapter 3- “The Self-Hypnosis Revolution Method- Four Simple Steps” This chapter breaks down how to use the method simply and efficiently. Chapter 4- “Ready-to-Go Programs to Break Bad Habits, Enhance Relationships, Improve Your Life, and Find Inner Peace” A great thing about his book is just about all of the tough legwork is done. Forbes provides program templates for 5 different target areas including Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Career and Finances, Improving Relationships and Spirituality. These programs simplify the whole process very easily and organized and provide instructions at the bottom to remind you how to use them. Chapter 5- “Create Your Own Program” If the ready-made templates don’t exactly include activities that fit your lifestyle, this chapter will show you how to make your own program. I made my own program this morning for relationships. It took me less than 10 minutes to make. I completed the entire routine in 20 minutes between my usual routine from waking up and cleansing myself in the bathroom. Chapter 6- “Compendium of Activities- The Power and Purpose of Everyday Tasks” This chapter lists over 100 activities that you can choose from to customize your own program. Followed by the list is a page dedicated to each activities to elaborate on it’s key symbolic associations, and suggestions for each of the 5 target areas. Some target areas have more than one suggestion to choose from. Chapter 7- “More about Self-Hypnosis Revolution and Changing Your life” This chapter provides a nice FAQ section, more ready-made templates, and directions on how to customize self-suggestions for activities not listed. Another beautiful thing is you can customize your own suggestions out of any activity you can think of! This book is great for people who have busy lives or for people who don’t want to have to go into a trance every day to get results. It uses the power of symbols of activities in our daily routine to reprogram out subconscious (and mental diets) in very positive ways with very positive results.
Christopher_Penn More than 1 year ago
When most people think of hypnosis, they think of sitting down, closing their eyes and performing some sort of trance-inducing technique. But the technique in this book takes advantage of everyday little trances we all go into "automatic" while we do chores like taking a shower or driving to work. These are known "natural trances" by those who study hypnosis. I only wish the author had used that term, so that people would better understand how his original technique is hypnotic. Blair reveals that these everyday tasks are loaded with automatic symbolism which can be used to direct the subconscious to improve our thinking and behavior in very specific ways. Taking a shower becomes a way to cleanse away negativity. Driving to work becomes a way to strengthen our personal power. The technique couples these mundane activities with the power of self-suggestion and creates a powerful impact on the mind. Kudos! I read another review for this and I can understand why the reader was disappointed. They probably thought it was going to be another typical hypnosis book. It isn't traditional hypnosis for sure. But it is definitely a form of hypnosis (a bypass of the critical factor of the mind). I've been working with this technique for a while now, and the improvements are manifesting in ways I wouldn't have imagined. It's kind of like affirmations on steroids. And my favorite and unexpected part is that I now see meaning in little tasks I do all the time. I can even use the technique while I wait in line at the grocery store! How cool is that!? So if you're looking for the kind of deep trance stuff that most of the books on hypnosis offer, this is not the right book for you. But if you are looking for something different, or if you don't LIKE the feeling of being self-hypnotized in the traditional sense, then this book will be a revelation and very helpful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While an excellent book on Auto Suggestion, the author makes it perfectly clear within the first few pages that his book is not about self-hypnosis or any kind of hypnosis what so ever.