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Self-Publishers Monthly, October-November 2013

Self-Publishers Monthly, October-November 2013

by Danny O. Snow
THIS BOOK IS PART of a SERIES. Please be sure to check for additional issues, also available at affordable prices.

In 2013, there has NEVER been a better time to self-publish a book, whether printed or digital -- or both.

Last year, 17 of Amazon's top 100 sellers in the UK were self-published. The "Do-it-Yourself Publishing" (DIYP) boom continues to


THIS BOOK IS PART of a SERIES. Please be sure to check for additional issues, also available at affordable prices.

In 2013, there has NEVER been a better time to self-publish a book, whether printed or digital -- or both.

Last year, 17 of Amazon's top 100 sellers in the UK were self-published. The "Do-it-Yourself Publishing" (DIYP) boom continues to gain momentum worldwide in 2013.

Want the latest unbiased news about DIYP from leading experts such as Stephanie Chandler, Scott Flora, Joel Friedlander, Shel Horowitz, Guy Kawasaki, Florrie Kichler, Dan Poynter, Toni Rakestraw, Justine Schofield, Bob Spear and Rachel Thompson? Reports explaining new technologies, current publicity and marketing methods, and more... plus tips and tricks from bestselling DIYP authors, live links to useful resources and freebies?

Pressed for time? Now you can get them all in a single fast and easy read, updated monthly. In today's world, the publishing industry is changing at a furious pace -- sometimes literally from one day to the next. SPM keeps you informed without endless scanning of Web sites, or sifting through zillions of offers from vendors trying to sell you goods and services you may not really need or want.

The goals of SPM are simple: to help self-publishing writers create better books (printed and digital), and market them more effectively; to help you avoid outlets that gouge unwary writers for large investments, or foster unrealistic expectations; to keep you abreast of the latest technologies, trends, and new methods that DIY publishers can deploy NOW for greater success in today's ever-changing industry.

In a phrase: We don't want to sell you anything except SPM itself. We aren't influenced by advertisers or underwriters. Our expert columnists are on your side, delivering even-handed reports about ALL the options for self-publishing e-Books and tree-Books. We don't favor one printer, e-publishing service or bookseller over another, except in terms of how you can get optimal results.

Editorial Reviews

Heartland Reviews - Bob Spear
"Self-Publishers Monthly comes charging out of the starting gate explaining the different types of self-publishers and why they need to be taken seriously... Rating: 5 Hearts"
TracyRiva.com - Tracy Riva
"I found Self-Publishers Monthly to be a good source overall for self-publishers. The articles are geared toward Do-it-Yourself Publisher, or DIYP as the magazine calls them. The articles are pertinent and helpful and 99% of them are great...

"I would definitely recommend this magazine to both the established self-publishers as well as those new to the field because I think it has something of value to offer everyone. I am looking forward to the next issue..."
Amazon - Michelle Grogan
"I've read other writing magazines but it was nice to be able to read a magazine that is solely focused on the self published or indie writer. I found this issue easy to read, each article was short, sweet and to the point without being too wordy. I never lost interest in any of the articles and found myself highlighting and bookmarking certain articles I am going to be going back to. I am looking forward to the next issue."

-- 5 Stars, Michelle Grogan, July 29. 2013
Amazon - Jayme Beddingfield
"As an independent author, I am constantly reading up the subject. It is really awesome to have all this great advice and information in one place. The articles are all well put together, clear, and to the point."

-- 5 Stars, Jayme Beddingfield, August 22, 2013

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Self-Publishers Monthly , #2
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Meet the Author

Steve Barancik is a former Hollywood screenwriter (blame him for “The Last Seduction,” among others) with a thing for children’s books and a fascination with self publishing. His “Shared Self Publishing Experience” bowed in 2008 and features some 350 self pub stories... and counting. He hopes you share yours at

Scott Flora is in his eleventh year as Vice President and co-owner of About-Books.com, a book production company providing editing, design, printing, and project management services in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. From 2003 to 2011, Scott also served as Executive Director of The Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN) a trade association for publishers and authors.

Shel Horowitz is a book marketing and publishing consultant and internationally syndicated columnist. His two most recent books are "Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers" and "Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green." Please visit FrugalMarketing.com to learn more.

Florrie Binford Kichler is the founder of Patria Press and the immediate past president of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Dan Poynter is widely recognized as the “godfather” of the self-publishing movement worldwide. He is the author of "The Self-Publishing Manual" (16 revised editions, 25 printings, 2 volumes) and more than a hundred other books available from ParaPublishing.com.

Rachel Thompson is the author of the self-published Kindle bestsellers Walk in the Snark and Mancode: Exposed as well as her new hit, Broken Pieces. Her wild success promoting her own books using social media led her to found Bad Redhead Media, where she coaches fellow self-publishers in the art and science of maximizing their exposure on Amazon and across social networks worldwide.

Toni Rakestraw is the co-owner of Rakestraw Book Design, a company that provides editing, design, and book cover services in Oregon. She has worked with self-published authors all over the world, providing the level of expertise they needed, ranging from simple copyediting to project management. She is the author of several published short stories and has co-authored the self-published novel Titanic Deception with her husband, John.

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