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Selling Change: 101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change
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Selling Change: 101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change

by Brett Clay

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Named BEST BUSINESS BOOK OF 2010 by Independent Publisher Book Awards

Named BEST SALES BOOK OF 2011 by Axiom Business Book Awards

Named one of the BEST BOOKS TO HELP YOUR TEAM SUCCEED IN 2011 by Selling Power Magazine

''Selling Change is the go-to handbook of leadership for this decade.''


Named BEST BUSINESS BOOK OF 2010 by Independent Publisher Book Awards

Named BEST SALES BOOK OF 2011 by Axiom Business Book Awards

Named one of the BEST BOOKS TO HELP YOUR TEAM SUCCEED IN 2011 by Selling Power Magazine

''Selling Change is the go-to handbook of leadership for this decade.''
--Independent Publisher Book Awards


  • Nominated--Global eBook Awards
  • Winner, Business: Sales--Axiom Business Book Awards
  • Winner, Business: Sales--The National Best Books Awards, USA Book News
  • Winner, Business--Independent Publisher Book Awards
  • Finalist, Business: Management and Leadership--The National Best Books Awards, USA Book News
  • Finalist Award Winner, Business & Economics--Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards
  • Finalist Award Winner, Business--Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  • Finalist Award Winne, Businessr--National Indie Excellence Awards

Change happens fast in today's global, Internet-driven economy. Learn how to get ahead of these changes—and your competitors—by creating irresistible value for your customers and stakeholders.

In an era of globalization and internet commoditization, salespeople (and the companies they work for) are in danger of becoming irrelevant. In this Darwinian environment, the traditional approach of selling solutions to problems no longer creates profitable differentiation. To survive, salespeople and business leaders must become agents of change and help customers or stakeholders achieve their goals rather than simply solve their problems. This new, change-centric approach is the next evolution in selling, enabling companies to develop deeper, more profitable customer relationships and to be more agile and adaptive to changing conditions.

With twenty years of experience, most recently with Microsoft Corporation, Brett Clay has developed a complete tool-set for change-centric salespeople and executives, including 101 secrets for growing sales and delivering high value to customers.

Readers will understand the five disciplines of change leadership and the secrets of change psychology that will turn them into vital assets for their customers and help them achieve explosive business growth.

Selling Change will help you:

      •  Successfully lead projects and change initiatives
      •  Increase your revenue and income
      •  Lock out your competitors
      •  Maintain higher profit margins
      •  Improve the competitiveness of your sales force
      •  Become a strategic resource for your customers
      •  Have buyers calling you instead of you calling buyers
      •  Develop strong, long-term relationships with your customers
      •  Bust the myth that sales people and leaders have to be pushy to be successful
      •  Achieve your financial and personal goals

Editorial Reviews

Foreword Clarion Reviews
'Selling Change contains much-needed, FRESH strategies for providing Real Value to your prospects and customers. When you do this, you'll experience a deeper relationship with them and will therefore separate yourself from your competition. Implementing his Change Leadership Framework will also make all the difference between GROWING your sales business or just sitting on the sidelines and watching it all go by. Brett's book is a no-brainer for the 21st Century!''
--Mike Coraluzzi, The EXTREME Business Growth Radio Show

''The most value is created by driving change. But now, it's not a luxury it's survival. Read this book and thrive! The old days of delaying tough decisions and sacrificing business fundamentals for short-term stock gains are gone. Now, business is back to the fundamentals--and that means making the changes necessary to be competitive in a world of increasing competition and continued economic difficulties. Brett Clay is right. Executives must look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if they want to be masters, or victims, of change. If they want to by masters, they should read Selling Change.''
--Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Eastman Kodak, change agent, and best-selling author of The Mirror Test

''Selling Change shows how to create value for customers. As a person on the buying side of the table, I can tell you that if you follow the principles in Selling Change, your customers are going to love you and you will be their preferred vendor. As a Chief Information Officer, I have salespeople calling on me every day. With few exceptions, they just want a transaction to make a quick sale. That's not what I want or need. I want to deal with salespeople that I can depend on to help me achieve my goals. I'm looking forward to the day a salesperson takes the time to understand my organization's challenges and opportunities, and then collaborates on how to achieve them. That salesperson will be richly rewarded. Selling Change shows you how to be that salesperson.''
--John Hughes, interim CIO and author of Haunting the CEO

Foreword Clarion Review (5 Stars)
There is no shortage of business books that address ''change.'' In fact, it may be one of the hottest topics in the business book arena. While Brett Clay's book is change-focused, it is unique in that the author focuses exclusively on sales.

Corporate sales organizations don't necessarily like change--it can disrupt the way their salespeople deal with customers, and it can affect the all-important pipeline of new business. But Clay is a realist--he recognizes that ''salespeople and their companies must not only adapt to change, they must lead change, driving real outcomes on behalf of their customers.''

The author knows that salespeople are not likely to read anything that takes a prolonged effort and impairs their ability to spend time selling. Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons Clay structured the book as he did: It is comprised of digestible little morsels called ''Secrets,'' each of which is a mere two pages--but with just enough detail so a salesperson can act on it. Every secret is comprised of three sections: ''What I Need to Know,'' ''What I Need to Do,'' and an ''Action Summary,'' which contains bulleted advice. Each secret also contains a one-frame cartoon that succinctly captures that secret's primary message.

The secrets are held together by a ''Change Leadership Framework'' that the author uses to break the book into five ''disciplines,'' including ''Change Response'' and ''Value Creation.'' While at first this may seem like a somewhat artificial structure, it further segments the more than 100 secrets into sections that can be reviewed individually or as part of the whole.

The secrets themselves are at times obvious (''Always Have a Plan''), but more often than not they are intriguing (''Delivery Trumps Relationship'') and occasionally even provocative (''No One Needs Your Product''). The content of each secret is expressed in simple down-to-earth terms, but the author isn't afraid to include more complex conceptual ideas when necessary. His apt descriptions of buyer types in animal terms is especially vivid: ''Stay Away from Chickens,'' ''Follow the Chameleons,'' ''Help the Geese,'' ''Count on the Beavers,'' ''Comfort the Mules,'' and ''Stay Away from Turtles.''

The book is very well-designed, which greatly enhances readability. There are plenty of bold heads, bullets, and other graphic symbols. A mock system of color tabs that makes for easy section identification is included, and a bound-in ribbon bookmark is a nice touch.

Clay writes in a conversational, friendly style, which helps mask the fact that talking about change can be disconcerting if not downright terrifying for a salesperson. Even if a salesperson follows just some of Brett Clay's secrets, however, that individual should be able to overcome their fear of change and embrace it.
USA Book News
"Selling Change is an outstanding leadership handbook that all salespeople, managers, and executives should read."
Independent Publisher Book Awards

''Do you think change is scary and borders on impossible? Think again. Selling Change shows how to more effectively sell your ideas, products, and services to your employees, stakeholders, and customers. Author, Brett Clay, has translated the complex and abstract principles of change psychology into an easy-to-read, fun, and practical format that business leaders and salespeople are sure to find valuable.''

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What People are Saying About This

Brian Tracy
''This powerful, practical book shows you how to make more sales, faster and easier than you ever thought possible!''
(--Brian Tracy, bestselling author of The Art of Closing the Sale)
Jeffrey Gitomer
''This is the first POSITIVE book about change in a decade . . . at a time when we need it most! Buy it today, and implement it as fast as you can.''
(--Jeffrey Gitomer, bestselling author of The Little Red Book of Selling)
Gerhard Gschwandtner
''Selling Change, by Brett Clay, is a must-read for sales executives in 2011. Today salespeople must drive change for their customers, helping them achieve business goals. We have to give up the idea of pursuing rigid goals and rigid business models. And we need to let go of the notion that we will ever get to any fixed point in our lifetime. The best thing we can hope for is to become more agile so we can become masters at successful transitions, rather than victims of change. Agility is the new ROI. Selling Change is a handbook that shows how to lead customers or stakeholders through change and create high value for them in the process and that's why it's a must-read for salespeople and business executives in 2011.''
(--Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power magazine)

Meet the Author

Brett Clay is CEO of Change Leadership Group, LLC, a management consulting and training firm specializing in the areas of change leadership and business performance acceleration. He is an award-winning author, award-winning marketer, international speaker, sales trainer, consultant, and a veteran of twenty years in international sales and marketing management. He has held vice president roles in sales, business development, and marketing at numerous high-technology companies and was most recently at Microsoft Corporation. Clay is also the host of The Actuation Zone radio show, where he discusses how to help people grow in their businesses and in their lives.

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