Semigroupslgorithmsutomata and Languages

Semigroupslgorithmsutomata and Languages

by Gracinda M. S. Gomes

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Table of Contents

Finite semigroups: An introduction to a unified theory of pseudovarieties3
On existence varieties of regular semigroups65
Varieties of languages91
A short introduction to automatic group theory133
An introduction to covers for semigroups155
E[superscript *]-unitary inverse semigroups195
Some results on semigroup-graded rings215
Profinite groups and applications to finite semigroups235
Dynamics of finite semigroups269
Group presentations for a class of radical rings of matrices293
Finite semigroups imposing tractable constraints313
On the efficiency and deficiency of Rees matrix semigroups331
Some pseudovariety joins involving groups and locally trivial semigroups341
Partial action of groups on relational structures: A connection between model theory and profinite topology349
Presentations for some monoids of partial transformations on a finite chain: A survey363
Some relatives of automatic and hyperbolic groups379
Operators on classes of regular languages407
Automata in autonomous varieties423
A sampler of a topological approach to inverse semigroups437
Finite semigroups and the logical description of regular languages463
Diamonds are forever: The variety DA475
Decidability problems in finite semigroups501

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