Sensational Sounds of Bluegrass

Sensational Sounds of Bluegrass


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Cmh Records


Disc 1

  1. Orange Blossom Special  -  Donna Stoneman & The Stonemans
  2. Unclouded Day  -  Sonny Osborne & The Osborne Brothers
  3. Flowers of Endinburgh
  4. Somewhere Down South  -  Jim & Jesse And the Virginia Boys
  5. When I Saw Sweet Nellie Home  -  Lester Flatt & The Nashville Grass
  6. Lime Rock  -  Bobby Osborne & The Osborne Brothers
  7. Night Sounds
  8. Newsreel
  9. Town Hall Rag  - Joe Maphis
  10. East Nashville Robbery  -  Benny Martin & Bobby Osborne
  11. Starlight Waltz
  12. Ragtime Annie
  13. Grandma's Favorites  - Merle Travis
  14. Hell Broke Loose in Georgia  - Fiddlin' Red Herron
  15. Liberty
  16. Farewell Blues  -  Jim & Jesse And the Virginia Boys
  17. Black and White Rag
  18. Benny's Waltz
  19. Too Tight Rag
  20. Old Joe Clark  -  Stonemans
  21. Pretty Little Red Wing  -  Don Reno & Arthur Smith
  22. Bury Me Beneath the Willow
  23. Lee Highway Blues
  24. Two by Four
  25. Black Mountain Rag  -  Osborne Brothers
  26. Greensleeves  -  Joe Maphis & Johnny Gimble
  27. McMichien's Reel  - Fiddlin' Red Herron
  28. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight  -  Lester Flatt & The Nashville Grass
  29. Rocky Mountain Special  -  Joe Maphis & Johnny Gimble
  30. Sweet Bunch of Daisies

Disc 2

  1. Flower of Mexico
  2. Soldier's Joy
  3. Goodnight Waltz  - Fiddlin' Red Herron
  4. Sally Goodin  - Paul Warren
  5. Whiskey Before Breakfast  - Ramona Jones
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Fiddlin' Cricket
  8. Dust Miller  - Bobby Osborne
  9. Chicken Reel
  10. Down Yonder
  11. Bonaparte's Retreat  - Joe Maphis
  12. East Tennessee Blues
  13. Durham's Bull  - Ronnie Stewart
  14. Beautiful Dreamer
  15. Rock Jenny Rock  - Fiddlin' Red Herron
  16. Denver Belle  - Paul Warren
  17. Katy Hill
  18. Dreamy Eyes Waltz
  19. Fire on the Mountain  - Fiddlin' Red Herron
  20. Darling Nellie Gray
  21. Nashville Wagoner
  22. Put Your Little Foot
  23. Crafton Blues  - Cliff Bruner
  24. Stony Fork  - Paul Warren
  25. Bitter Creek
  26. Ramona's Choice  - Ramona Jones
  27. Paddy on the Turnpike
  28. Fiddler's Dream
  29. Silver Bell/Red Wing
  30. Sally Ann  - Bobby Osborne
  31. New Five Cents  - Paul Warren
  32. Carroll County Blues
  33. Chubby's Cacklin' Hen
  34. Latin Leprechaun
  35. Cluck Olo' Hen  - Ramona Jones
  36. Lee Highway Blues

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eddie Adcock   Track Performer
Lester Flatt   Track Performer
Josh Graves   Track Performer
Nashville Grass   Track Performer
Osborne Brothers   Track Performer
Johnny Gimble   Track Performer
Joe Maphis   Track Performer
Benny Martin   Track Performer
Buddy Spicher   Track Performer
Merle Travis   Track Performer
Paul Warren   Track Performer
Kenny Baker   Track Performer
Chubby Wise   Track Performer
Pinnacle Boys   Track Performer
Jesse McReynolds   Track Performer
Alisa Jones   Track Performer
Ramona Jones   Track Performer
Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith   Track Performer
Don Reno   Track Performer
Cliff Bruner   Track Performer
Vassar Clements   Track Performer
Jim   Track Performer
Bobby Osborne   Track Performer
Clarence "Tater" Tate   Track Performer
Jerry Moore   Track Performer
Donna Stoneman   Track Performer
Chubby Anthony   Track Performer
Virginia Boys   Track Performer
Fiddlin' Red Herron   Track Performer
Stonemans   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Eddie Adcock   Composer
Joe Maphis   Composer
Benny Martin   Composer
Merle Travis   Composer
Cliff Bruner   Composer
Henry Rowley Bishop   Composer
A.P. Carter   Composer
Bobby Osborne   Composer
Leon Roppolo   Composer
Ervin T. Rouse   Composer
Martin Haerle   Executive Producer
David Haerle   Executive Producer
Martin Bambanian   Graphic Design
M. Christian   Composer
Diana Collette   Art Direction
Lori Laningham   Cover Design,Cover Art
Traditional   Composer
Benjamin R. Hanby   Composer

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