Sensorimotor Impairment in the Elderly / Edition 1

Sensorimotor Impairment in the Elderly / Edition 1

by George E. Stelmach, Volker Homberg

ISBN-10: 0792323939

ISBN-13: 9780792323938

Pub. Date: 07/15/1993

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Bad Windsheim, Germany, September 11-13, 1992


Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Bad Windsheim, Germany, September 11-13, 1992

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Springer Netherlands
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Nato Science Series D: (closed) , #75
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. 1: Sensorimotor Integration. Nordic comparison of 75-year-olds - sensory and psychomotor functions; P. Era, M. Schroll, S. Berg. Motor performance as a paradigm reflecting the aging process; B. Jänicke, H. Coper. Decline of psychomotor performance: calender or health? P.J. Houx, F.W. Vreeling, J. Jolles. The influence of aging on motor skill learning; H. Carnahan, A.A. Vandervoort, L.R. Swanson. The declines of spatial and temporal abilities with age; A.G.M. Canavan, N. Bayer, W. Lutzenberger. Age-related slowing; V.D. Buckles. Aging and plasticity of the human motor system: evidence from positron emission tomography (PET); R.J. Seitz. 2: Age Changes in Muscle. Myoelectric signs of muscle fatigue and physiological tremor from childhood to seniority; W.N. Löscher, E. Gallasch. Muscle force generation and age: the role of sex hormones; S.K. Phillips, J.L. Rowbury, S.A. Bruce, R.C. Woledge. What is the cause of the ageing atrophy? Assessment of the fiber type composition in whole human muscles; J. Lexell. 3: Posture and Locomotion. Cognitive process involved for maintaining postural stability while standing and walking; N. Teasdale, Y. Lajoie, C. BArd, M. Fleury, R. Courtemanche. Mobility biomechanics in young and old healthy adults: A.B. Schultz, N.B. Alexander, J.A. Ashton-Miller. Postural control in normal subjects and older women who have fallen; M.B. Hawken, P. Jäntti, C. Kennard. Postural responses of the elderly: comparisons with vestibular-deficit subjects; J.H.J. Allum, F. Honegger, E.A. Keshner. Modulations of gait in normal aging and in Parkinson's disease; A.M. Ferrandez. Age-related changes in visually guided locomotion over differentterrains: major issues; A.E. Patla. Optical flow as a factor in falling: the case for more research; M.G. Wade, T. Roehrs, J. Yi. 4: Neurological Diseases. Motor slowness in Parkinson's disease; M. Jahanshahi, R.G. Brown, C.D. Marsden. Timing in perceptual and motor tasks in Parkinson's disease; M.A. Pastor, J. Artieda, J.M. Martinez-Lage. Signal-to-noise ratio of handwriting size, force, and time: cues to early markers of Parkinson's disease? H.L. Teulings, G.E. Stelmach. Procedural memory, motor skill and degenerative neurological disease; R.G. Brown, P. Soliveri, M. Jahanshahi, C.D. Marsden. Effect of age, chronic diseases and Parkinsonism on postural control; M. Schieppati, M. Grasso, R. Siliotto, A. Nardone. 5: Effects of Training. Improvements in balance in the elderly through training in sensory organization abilities; M.H. Woollacott, S. Moore, M.H. Hu. Age and practice effects on force control of the thumb and index fingers in precision pinching and bilateral coordination; W.W. Spirduso, J.H. Choi. Sensorimotor adaptability in the elderly and disabled; T. Mulder, H. Berndt, J. Pauwels, B. Nienhuis. Years of physical activity can affect simple and complex cognitive/motor speed in older adults; T. Toole, S. Park, H. Al-Ameer. Author Index. Subject Index.

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