by Arlene R. Cardozo

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Cardozo makes a convincing case for a life plan for todays's young woman that allows her to manage both career and family. Timing is the key, and the requirement is a husband who works full time at a job adequate for family needs. In ``sequencing'' the well-established career is followed by a period of years of home-based mothering, with a subsequent return to career. Planning for career reemphasis is an important factor in the author's program and perhaps its most valuable contribution. Unlike Deborah Fallows in A Mother's Work ( LJ 10/1/85), Cardozo recognizes the many forces attracting young mothers to the workplace and has a better understanding of economic realities. Even though sequencing is an option not available to all, the book deserves attention. Hilma F. Cooper, Cheltenham Twp. Libs., Pa.

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