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4.8 5
by Christina Daley, Susan Windsor (Designed by)
(Ages 10+) Rain has never chosen her own name. Nor has she met a polite apple tree, been caught in a house's security spell, or ridden a horse . . . winged or not. What she does know is that, after having been a slave for all thirteen years of her common life, she's free and has nowhere to go.

That all changes when she's taken in by the peculiar Domrey Seranfyll,


(Ages 10+) Rain has never chosen her own name. Nor has she met a polite apple tree, been caught in a house's security spell, or ridden a horse . . . winged or not. What she does know is that, after having been a slave for all thirteen years of her common life, she's free and has nowhere to go.

That all changes when she's taken in by the peculiar Domrey Seranfyll, who was drunk when he purchased Rain's freedom and doesn't remember doing so. Some say he's part devil and spent time overseas learning the dark arts-not the sorts of things one hopes for in a housemate. And the longer Rain keeps company with Lord Seranfyll, the more magic and mayhem she gets tangled into, all the while discovering that being free can be far more exciting, and dangerous, than she ever imagined.

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CreateSpace Publishing
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5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.73(d)
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1 - 17 Years

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Seranfyll 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Brandy_Hunt More than 1 year ago
This book really surprised me. I usually have a problem with books targeted toward young adults. They are often either too simplistic, or they are too adult in some way that makes me uncomfortable. This book hits a nice middle ground that kept me engaged, and I would think would keep my daughter interested if she chose to read it in a few years. The characters are sympathetic, the setting is believable, and the ideas presented are important. Lovely book.
Katya_Sozaeva More than 1 year ago
Rain has always been a slave. She lived with and worked for the kind Lord Peachtree, but Lord Peachtree has had a bad peach harvest for the past several years, and then gambled away what little he had left. After selling off his extra land, equipment and animals, he is left with no choice but to start selling his slaves - and the latest to be sold is Rain. Taken away by a weasely and dishonest Snevil, she starts to despair after days that no one will buy her. However, late one day, a drunken Lord comes along, buys every slave that Snevil had, and then frees them. Rain, along with the boy Coal, decides to stay with Lord Seranfyll, despite the rumors that persist in naming him a devil and magic user. While Seranfyll is a mage, he is also kind and takes in the children, naming them his siblings. Rain's adventures are just beginning. This is a charming book, full of fun and magic - as well as danger and adventure - is one I highly recommend for anyone, from the age where they can read this up through anyone of any age. It is a delightful read and I highly recommend it.
LauralynnElliott More than 1 year ago
This was a delightful book! It kept me constantly entertained with all the magic and fun, and I had a hard time putting it down. But don't think it doesn't have its serious moments. The book is about love, family, and sometimes making the wrong choices...and the consequences of those choices.
Daisynme More than 1 year ago
Every once and awhile you read a book that moves you. A book that tackles your heart and soul with such raw emotion that you have no chance of escaping it. Today, I write about such a book. It's title? Seranfyll. Seranfyll is a young adult fantasy novel about slaves, love, friendship, choices and consequences. I am actually near speechless at what a fantastic job Ms. Daley did at intricately weaving together each of these aspects. We follow three main characters: Lord Domrey Seranfyll, Rain and Coal. The story begins with Rain, who, because of reasons beyond her master, Lord Peachtree's control, is forced to leave the home she has served her entire life. Rain had been about as fortunate as a slave could be. Lord Peachtree had been a kind and gentle master. Lord Seranfyll is a noble man. A rich man. And, quite a silly man. During one of his drunken stoopers, he acquires quite a few slaves, including our dear Rain and Coal. These three provide nothing but pure entertainment for the reader as we follow them through a world of flying horses, magic and some not very nice characters, including Lord Morgrav. There are many times throughout this book where I just simply had to laugh out loud. Seranfyll is a heart-warming tale about what good can come in life when people care, and when people love a little. My only complaint with the book is the unfortunate fact that it indeed had to end. I held Domrey, Rain, Coal, Hope and Quinn so very close to my heart. I really wasn't ready to part with them. I cannot even begin to tell you how highly I recommend this book. You will laugh, cry and most certainly want to read the book again. In closing, I leave you with a little saying from the book: "Ba-cluck!" (you're just going to have to read it to understand this one!)
Read_A_Book More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this novel. Daley has done a magnificent job creating an endearing novel with animportant underlying message against all forms of slavery. While I would classify this novel as a MG/YAnovel, it is great for all ages. Theaction is non-stop, with much suspense and mystery as Rain and her newfound "family,"Seranfyll and Coal, embark on many adventures that cause them to grow asindividuals, while also presenting the reader with multiple life lessons. Perhaps the most remarkable portion of this novel is actuallyin the author's note, in which Daley states that, while Rain is "exceptionallyfortunate. [the] stories of many slaves are not so happy. Slavery and human trafficking are realsymptoms of the greed and indifference that plague our world today. It happens all over, from Asia to Africa,India to North America, Australia to Europe. No nation is immune." This statementis jarring, but true. While slaverymight not be in the same form as it was 200 years ago, different forms of itstill exist all across the world, and I commend Daley for writing a novel thatdeals with this subject, causing the reader to stop and think about this storyon a much deeper level. Daley has created a wonderful novel that draws the reader in,causing him/her to feel, through laughter and tears, right alongside of thecharacters. I was surprised by how muchof a connection I felt with the main characters as the story unfolded-Daley'sability to create in-depth, real characters is a testament to her sheer writingcapabilities and I am hoping for a sequel to this fun, meaningful novel. Four stars.