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Serenade in the Mountains

Serenade in the Mountains

JSP's Serenade in the Mountains compiles four CD's of rare performances by old-timey mountain string bands and features Scottsdale String Band, Uncle Eck Dunford, Carolina Tar Heels and Pipers Gap Ramblers. Also included is the unusual New Arkansas Travellers release "I Tickled 'Em," and "Handy Man," both of which are part of


JSP's Serenade in the Mountains compiles four CD's of rare performances by old-timey mountain string bands and features Scottsdale String Band, Uncle Eck Dunford, Carolina Tar Heels and Pipers Gap Ramblers. Also included is the unusual New Arkansas Travellers release "I Tickled 'Em," and "Handy Man," both of which are part of the music hall tradition and sung by Englishman A.P. Bishop! It's hard to go wrong with these obscure 94 recordings cut in the 1920s and '30s. The tracks have been remastered, making the majority of this material sound great. Unlike other packages of this type, the liner notes are informative; listing personnel, dates and a concise history without going on ad nauseam. As an extra bonus this is a budget-priced set making it highly recommended, for both the collector and the novice.

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Jsp Records

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Disc 1

  1. Japanese Breakdown
  2. Carbolic Rag
  3. Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee
  4. Chinese Rag
  5. My Little Girl
  6. A Serenade in the Mountains, Pts. 1 & 2
  7. Barney McCoy
  8. What Will I Do When My Money Is All Gone
  9. Skip to My Lou My Darling
  10. The Savingest Man on Earth
  11. Possom Trot School Exhibition, Pts. 1 & 2
  12. Yankee Doodle
  13. I Ain't Nobody's Darling
  14. Mississippi Breakdown
  15. Avalon Quick Step
  16. Captain George Has Your Money Come
  17. Magnolia One-Step
  18. Sales Tax Toddle
  19. The Engineer's Last Run
  20. Lorena
  21. Eighth of January
  22. Granny Will Your Dog Bite?

Disc 2

  1. Lost John Dean
  2. Mountain Dew
  3. "Nol Pros" Nellie
  4. Lulu Wall
  5. I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground
  6. Kidder Cole
  7. Italy
  8. Little Turtle Dove
  9. Dry Bones
  10. Shuffle Feet Shuffle
  11. Coal Creek March
  12. American and Spanish Fandango
  13. The Fiddler's Contest
  14. Over at Tom's House
  15. Goin' Back to Jericho
  16. Bathe in That Beautiful Pool
  17. In the Pines
  18. A Precious Sweetheart from Me Has Gone
  19. Your Low Down Dirty Ways
  20. Her Name Was Hula Lou
  21. I'm Going to Georgia
  22. Shanghai in China
  23. My Mama Scolds Me for Flirting
  24. There Ain't No Use in Me Working So Hard
  25. Somebody's Tall and Handsome

Disc 3

  1. Hawkins Rag
  2. Tokio Rag
  3. Ragged But Right
  4. The Original Arkansas Traveler, Pts. 1 & 2
  5. Three Nights Drunk
  6. Rainbow Waltz
  7. Down in the Valley
  8. Zelma
  9. The Fiddlin' Bootleggers, Pts. 1 & 2
  10. Mr. Johnson Turn Me Aloose
  11. Slim Gal
  12. Raccoon on a Rail
  13. Cindy
  14. Hometown Rag
  15. Georgia Man
  16. Come Over and See Me Sometime
  17. Kiss Me Quick
  18. Warhorse Games
  19. Black Annie
  20. Everybody Works But Father
  21. The Boston Burglar
  22. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
  23. Short Life of Trouble

Disc 4

  1. I Tickled 'Em
  2. Handy Man
  3. Wolf at the Door
  4. Everybody's Goin' But Me
  5. The Back Porch, Pt. 1
  6. The Back Porch, Pt. 2
  7. Left My Gal in the Mountains
  8. Settin' by the Fire
  9. Ain't Gonna Grieve My Mind
  10. Get Away Old Man Get Away
  11. Oklahoma Charlie
  12. Birmingham Jail
  13. An Evening on the C.R. Ranche, Pt. 1
  14. An Evening on the C.R. Ranche, Pt. 2
  15. Oh Susannah
  16. Shine on Harvest Moon
  17. Little Green Valley
  18. Swaller Tail Coat
  19. Ten Hours a Day - Six Days a Week
  20. How to Make Love
  21. Who Stole the Lock from the Hen House Door
  22. Four Thousand Years Ago
  23. Dude Ranch Party, Pt. 1
  24. Dude Ranch Party, Pt. 2

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Walter Davis   Guitar,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Ted Hawkins   Mandolin
Gid Tanner   Banjo,Fiddle,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Carson Robison   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Human Whistle,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Roy Smeck   Banjo,Steel Guitar
Riley Puckett   Guitar,Vocals
Vernon Dalhart   Harmonica,Jew's Harp,Vocals,Human Whistle
Ernest V. Stoneman   Banjo,Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Sam McNeil   Banjo
Tom Ashley   Guitar,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Bud Billings   Vocals
Owen Gray   Guitar
Clayton McMichen   Fiddle,Dialogue
P. Patterson   Mandolin
Ray Whitley   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Young   Guitar
Tex Owens   Guitar,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,yodeling
Frank Luther   Celeste,Vocals
Vander Everidge   Guitar
Gwen Foster   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Murray Kellner   Fiddle
Fate Norris   Fiddle
Sam Freed   Fiddle
Uncle Eck Dunford   Fiddle,Guitar,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Garley Foster   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Adelyne Hood   Fiddle,Vocals
Bert Layne   Fiddle,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Frank Novak   String Bass
Lowe Stokes   Fiddle
Doc Walsh   Banjo,Vocals,Slide Banjo
Henry Whitter   Guitar
Billy Mitchell   Banjo,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Phil Crow   Vocals
Bud Landress   Banjo,Vocals
Banks McNeil   Fiddle
Bill Helms   Fiddle
George Stoneman   Banjo
Hattie Stoneman   Fiddle,Vocals
Freddie Barrett   Autoharp,Vocals
John Willie Boone   Guitar
Albert Everidge   Saw,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Melgie Ward   Fiddle,Vocals
Charlie Simmons   Banjo,Mandolin
Claude Davis   Guitar,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Iver Edwards   Ukulele
Dan Hornsby   Dialogue
Earl Oliver   Trumpet
Marion Underwood   Banjo
Walter Boone   Harmonica
Philip Reeve   Guitar,Vocals
Melvin Dupree   Guitar
Marshall Nations   Guitar
Shelton Nations   Fiddle
Fisher Hendley   Banjo
Marshall Small   Banjo
Bolen Frost   Banjo
Billy Jaynes Chandler   Guitar
John D. Mitchell   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,Dancer
Lee Allen Orchestra   Cello,Vocals
Clarence Greene   Fiddle,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Alabam   Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Will Abernathy   Harmonica,Autoharp,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Wade Allen   Banjo
S.J. Allgood   Banjo
Vella Barrett   Vocals
A.P. Bishop   Vocals
J. Herschel Brown   Washboard,Spoons,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
William Carlino   Banjo
Bill Chitwood   Fiddle,Vocals
Gomer Cool "Tenderfoot"   Fiddle
Bob Crawford   Vocals
Edward "Tucson" Cronenbold   Vocals
Bill Edwards   Fiddle

Technical Credits

Pat Harrison   Liner Notes

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