Sergey Prokofiev: 6 Operas

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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Stephen Eddins
The musical world is forever in Valery Gergiev's debt for bringing to light a wealth of Russian operas that had been largely invisible to audiences in the West. With the formidable forces he has groomed at the Kirov Opera and Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, he has given the operas spectacular productions that have demanded a critical re-thinking of the Russian repertoire. Not least among his accomplishments is his rehabilitation or more accurately, his establishment for the first time of Prokofiev's reputation as a major opera composer. "Love for Three Oranges" and "War and Peace" have hovered around the fringes of the repertoire, but the wit of ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Stephen Eddins
The musical world is forever in Valery Gergiev's debt for bringing to light a wealth of Russian operas that had been largely invisible to audiences in the West. With the formidable forces he has groomed at the Kirov Opera and Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, he has given the operas spectacular productions that have demanded a critical re-thinking of the Russian repertoire. Not least among his accomplishments is his rehabilitation or more accurately, his establishment for the first time of Prokofiev's reputation as a major opera composer. "Love for Three Oranges" and "War and Peace" have hovered around the fringes of the repertoire, but the wit of "Betrothal in a Monastery" and the devastating power of "The Fiery Angel" perhaps the composer's masterpiece have shed new light on the extent of Prokofiev's dramatic gifts. Gergiev has proved himself a master of Prokofiev's many styles and there's not a weak performance among these six operas, constituting all but one of the composer's mature completed works in the genre. His last opera, "The Story of a Real Man," is so weighted down by the bland requirements and constraints of "Soviet realism" that it rarely rises above banality, and it is almost universally regarded as one of his weakest works. Gergiev, one of the composer's most ardent advocates, hasn't recorded it. Gergiev's versions of the operas can be recommended without reservation. Besides his commanding leadership, they offer stellar orchestral playing and first-rate soloists, many of which are of star quality, who deliver idiomatic and dramatically charged interpretations. For "The Gambler," "The Fiery Angel," "Semyon Kotko," and "Betrothal in a Monastery," it's fairly safe to assert that these are the definitive recordings. "Love for Three Oranges" and "War and Peace" have been recorded frequently enough that listeners have a wealth of fine versions to choose from, but they can't go wrong with Gergiev's. Three of the operas were recorded in a studio setting and three were recorded live, so the sound varies in its depth and definition, but it is far more than adequate throughout. Decca's bargain price for the 14-disc set about what two of the individual operas would cost, and the fact that some of the performances are not available individually, make this a collection that should interest any fan of Prokofiev or 20th century opera.
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  • Release Date: 3/30/2010
  • Label: Decca
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Disc 1
  1. 1–47 Betrothal in a Monastery ("The Duenna"), opera, Op. 86 - Sergey Prokofiev & Sergey Prokofiev (152:20)
    Composed bySergey Prokofiev
    Conducted byValery Gergiev
    Performed bySergey Aleksashkin, Larissa Diadkova, Nikolai Gassiev, Valery Gergiev, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Chorus, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Orchestra, Vladimir Knijasev, Evgeny Akimov, Fyodor Kuznetsov, Anna Netrebko, Yuri Shkliar, Liubov Sokolova, Vladimir Vaneev, Vladimir Zhivopistsev, Sergei Liadov, Marianna Tarasova, Lyudmilla Kasianenko, Alexander Gergalov, Georgy Zastavny, Valery Sobanov
    1. 1Prelude
    2. 2Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 1. No eto khimerichno!
    3. 3Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 2. Nekazist Sutulovat
    4. 4Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 3. Ruku pozhala vam dlya
    5. 5Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 4. K tebe v okno glyadit luna
    6. 6Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 5. Prekratite myaukanye
    7. 7Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 6. Tanets Masok
    8. 8Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 7. Skoreye zamuzh
    9. 9Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 8. Druzya, ukhodite
    10. 10Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 1. Eto vïydet, nyanechka? Eto vïydet?
    11. 11Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 2. Prevoskhodno, senor, prevoskhodno
    12. 12Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 3. Tak tï leleyesh mohu starost?
    13. 13Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 4. Otdayte
    14. 14Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 5. Esli est u vas doch, eto, verte, chuma
    15. 15Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 6. Kak budto pervïy akt razïgran bez oshibok
    16. 16Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 1. Kupite rïbu s barzhey senora Mendozï!
    17. 17Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 2. Rozina...
    18. 18Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 3. Ferdinand odin na svete vsekh dorozhe
    19. 19Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 4. Koli znala bï ya, kak
    20. 20Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 5. Boroda? Boroda sovsem ne pickho
    21. 21Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 6. Net bolshego schastya, chem sluzhit vam, senora
    22. 22Act 2. Tableau 4. Scene 1. Tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak!
    23. 23Act 2. Tableau 4. Scene 2. Moya krasavitsa... Moya krasavitsa...
    24. 24Act 2. Tableau 4. Scene 3. Kogda vokrug zelenoy devochki
    25. 25Act 2. Tableau 4. Scene 4. Nu chto?
    26. 26Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 1. Akh, vremya ne khochet dvigatsya sovsem
    27. 27Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 2. Nu, vkhodite zhe, vkhodite
    28. 28Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 3. Vzglyanut tikhonko v dïrochku?
    29. 29Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 4. Nekhorosho podsmatrivat, no to, chto zdes proiskhodit, uzh sovsem neblag
    30. 30Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 5. Kak svetlo na dushe!
    31. 31Act 3. Tableau 6. Scene 1. Vi igreate ne v tone
    32. 32Act 3. Tableau 6. Scene 2. Pochtitelnïy privet senoru
    33. 33Act 3. Tableau 6. Scene 3. Proshu vas, prodolzhaem
    34. 34Act 3. Tableau 6. Scene 4. Lopets!
    35. 35Act 3. Tableau 7. Scene 1. I vot ya monakhinya
    36. 36Act 3. Tableau 7. Scene 2. Ushli veselïe, schastivïe, vlyublennïe...
    37. 37Act 3. Tableau 7. Scene 3. Kak budto zdes
    38. 38Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 1. Butïlka solitse nashey zhizni
    39. 39Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 2. Za krasavitsu monashku is monastïrya
    40. 40Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 3. Stuchat, otets Elustav!
    41. 41Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 4. Beregis, Antonio!
    42. 42Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 5. Pryamo k delu teper, Ferdinand
    43. 43Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 1. Ya nichego ne ponimayu
    44. 44Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 2. A-ga, vot Mendoza, nakonets
    45. 45Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 3. A eto chto? Vi zdes pochemu?
    46. 46Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 4. Sinok! Nakonets-to
    47. 47Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 5. Don Zherom, don Zherom!
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4
  1. 1–25 The Fiery Angel, opera, Op. 37 - Sergey Prokofiev & Sergey Prokofiev (118:50)
    Composed bySergey Prokofiev
    Conducted byValery Gergiev
    Performed bySergey Aleksashkin, Gennady Bezzubenkov, Evgeny Boitsov, Larissa Diadkova, Evgeny Fedotov, Tatjana Filimonova, Valery Gergiev, Galina Gorchakova, Andrei Karabanov, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Chorus, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Orchestra, Mikhail Kit, Tatiana Kravtsova, Yuri Laptev, Sergei Leiferkus, Olga Markova-Mikhailenko, Vladimir Ognovenko, Evgenia Perlasova, Konstantin Pluzhnikov, Valery Lebed, Lyutsina Kazachenko, Yanina Bogdanova, Lyudmila Kanunnikova, Vladimir Galuzin, Lyudmilla Kasianenko, Maria Gortsevskaya, Mikhail Chernozhukov, Larissa Gogolevskaya
    1. 1Act 1. Zdes, gospodin nytsar (Here, my good knight)
    2. 2Act 1. Da, on rasseyalsya (Yes, he's vanished)
    3. 3Act 1. U vas vse vremya shum kakoy-to... (There has been so much noise up here...)
    4. 4Act 1. Ne dovolno l predavatsya toske, prekrasnaya dama? (Isn't that enough abandonment to despair,
    5. 5Act 1. Sista... sista... rista...
    6. 6Act 2. Tableau 1. trekh magicheskikh krugov (...of the three magic circles)
    7. 7Act 2. Tableau 1. A, Jakov Glok (Ah, Jakob Glock)
    8. 8Act 2. Tableau 1. Slyshish li ti stuk? (Do you hear the knocking?)
    9. 9Act 2. Tableau 1. Zaklinayu tebya, skazhi mne (I adjure you, tell me)
    10. 10Act 2. Tableau 1. Tam net nikovo (There's no one there)
    11. 11Act 2. Tableau 1. Entr'acte
    12. 12Act 2. Tableau 2. Magister doctissime
    13. 13Act 3. Tableau 1. Genrikh, vernis, vernis, vernis (Heinrich, come back, come back, come back!)
    14. 14Act 3. Tableau 1. Ubey evo, Ruprecht! (Kill him, Ruprecht!)
    15. 15Act 3. Tableau 1. Renata, perestan zhe plakat! (Renata, cease your crying!)
    16. 16Act 3. Tableau 1. Entr'acte
    17. 17Act 3. Tableau 2. Milostivaya dama, on opasno ranen (Gracious lady, he is dangerously wounded)
    18. 18Act 4. Renata, molyu tebya... (Renata, I beg you...)
    19. 19Act 4. Baraninï! Vina i baraninï! (Mutton! Wine and mutton!)
    20. 20Act 4. Akh, negodyay! (Ah, scoundrel!)
    21. 21Act 5. Sestra Renata, verish li ti v zlikh dukhov? (Sister Renata, do you believe in evil spirits?)
    22. 22Act 5. Vozlyublennïye bratya i sestri (Beloved brothers and sisters)
    23. 23Act 5. A...! (Ah!)
    24. 24Act 5. Dukh lukavï, pokin eto telo (Devilish spirit, leave this body)
    25. 25Act 5. Sestri! Sestri! Sestri! A! (Sisters! Sisters! Sisters! Ah!)
Disc 5
Disc 6
  1. 1–20 The Gambler, opera, Op. 24 - Sergey Prokofiev & Sergey Prokofiev (114:41)
    Composed bySergey Prokofiev
    Conducted byValery Gergiev
    Performed bySergey Aleksashkin, Gennady Bezzubenkov, Evgeny Fedotov, Nikolai Gassiev, Valery Gergiev, Grigory Karasev, Ljuba Kazarnovskaya, Andrei Khramtsov, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Orchestra, Yuri Laptev, Yuri Zhikalov, Valery Lebed, Liubov Sokolova, Viktor Vikhrov, Vladimir Zhivopistsev, Vladimir Dolgopolov, Lyudmila Kanunnikova, Sergei Yukhmanov, Elena Obraztsova, Marianna Tarasova, Vladimir Galuzin, Lia Shevtsova, Georgy Zastavny, Elena Mirtova, Erik Eglit, Olga Kondina, Sergei Naida, Alexander Shubin, Evgeny Kocheregin, Gennady Anikin
    1. 1Act 1. Kakimi zhe slovami rasskazhu ya vse Poline? (What words can I find to tell you everything, P
    2. 2Act 1. Mne nravyatsya vashi zamechaniya (I liked your remarks)
    3. 3Act 1. Poka chto riskuyete vï (For now it's you who are treading on thin ice)
    4. 4Act 2. Milostivïy gosudar! (My dear sir!)
    5. 5Act 2. General, tak delo konchitsya ne mozhet (General, things can't end like this)
    6. 6Act 2. Goda dva nazad ona uzhe bïla zdes... (She was already here about two years ago)
    7. 7Act 2. General prislal menya prosit vas ostavit vashi namerenya (The General has sent me to ask you
    8. 8Act 2. Ba-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-lenka (Gr-gr-gr-gr-andma)
    9. 9Act 3. A starukha vse igraet, vse igraet (The old woman just keeps on and on playing)
    10. 10Act 3. Blanche...
    11. 11Act 3. Govoryat, starukha proigrala tisyach sto (They say that the old woman has lost about a hundr
    12. 12Act 3. Zdravstvuyte, batyushka Aleksey Ivanovich (Hello, Aleksey Ivanovich)
    13. 13Act 3. Da-s! Da-s! Da-s! (Yes, madam! Yes, madam! Yes, madam!)
    14. 14Act 4. Tableau 1. Provodil na vokzal babulenku (I saw grandma to the railway station)
    15. 15Act 4. Tableau 1. Entr'acte 1
    16. 16Act 4. Tableau 2. Les jeux sont faits
    17. 17Act 4. Tableau 2. Monsieur vïgral shestdesyat tïsyach (Monsieur has won sixty thousand)
    18. 18Act 4. Tableau 2. Entr'acte 2
    19. 19Act 4. Tableau 3. Ya... ya... ya... ya... ya vïgral... (I... I... I... I... I won...)
    20. 20Act 4. Tableau 3. Poslushay, ved tï menya lyubish? (Listen, so you love me?)
Disc 7
Disc 8
  1. 1–25 The Love for Three Oranges, opera, Op. 33 - Sergey Prokofiev & Sergey Prokofiev (101:40)
    Composed bySergey Prokofiev
    Conducted byValery Gergiev
    Performed byLarissa Diadkova, Vassily Gerello, Valery Gergiev, Grigory Karasev, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Chorus, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Orchestra, Mikhail Kit, Olga Korzhenskaya, Konstantin Pluzhnikov, Yuri Zhikalov, Evgeny Akimov, Zlata Bulycheva, Fyodor Kuznetsov, Anna Netrebko, Vladimir Vaneev, Larissa Shevchenko, Lia Shevtsova, Alexander Morozov
    1. 1Prologue. Tragediy! Tragediy! (Tragedy! Tragedy!)
    2. 2Act 1. Scene 1. Bedniy sïn! (My poor son!)
    3. 3Act 1. Scene 1. Igrï? Spektakli? Ne pomoshet (Games? Entertainments? Quite useless)
    4. 4Act 1. Scene 2. Mag Cheliy! (It's Chelio the Magician)
    5. 5Act 1. Scene 3. Moi zhelaniya vstrechayut prepyatstviya (All my desires are thwarted)
    6. 6Act 1. Scene 3. Kto etot chelovek? (Who's that man?)
    7. 7Act 2. Scene 1. Smeshno? - Niskolko (Was that funny? - Not a bit)
    8. 8Act 2. Scene 2. Divertisment nomer pervïy! (Amusement number one!)
    9. 9Act 2. Scene 2. Divertisment nomer vtoroy! (Amusement number two!)
    10. 10Act 2. Scene 2. Kha-kha... Kha-kha-kha... (Ha-ha... Ha-ha-ha...)
    11. 11Act 2. Scene 2. Varvar! Slushay! Slushay moyo zaklyatye! (You savage! Hear me! Hear my curse!)
    12. 12Act 2. Scene 2. Tri apelsina... tri apelsina... (Three oranges... Three oranges...)
    13. 13Act 2. Scene 2. Tï podnimayesh ruku na ottsa? (Are you raising your hand against your father?)
    14. 14Act 3. Scene 1. Farfarello! Farfarello!
    15. 15Act 3. Scene 1. Vater stikh: znachit apelsinï blizko (The wind's dropped: that must mean the orange
    16. 16Act 3. Scene 2. Gde mï? (Where are we?)
    17. 17Act 3. Scene 2. Kto tut pishchit? (Who's that whining out there?)
    18. 18Act 3. Scene 2. Nu kak zhe nam idti, kogda nikto ne duyet v spinu! (How can we carry on like this w
    19. 19Act 3. Scene 3. Ya Printsessa Linetta (I am Princess Linetta)
    20. 20Act 3. Scene 3. E... Truffaldino... Truffaldino... (Hey... Truffaldino... Truffaldino...)
    21. 21Act 3. Scene 3. Da, ya Printsessa Ninetta! (Yes, I am Princess Ninetta!)
    22. 22Act 3. Scene 3. Smeraldina... s bulavkoy... Fata Morgana... Delo budet plokho! (Smeraldina... with
    23. 23Act 4. Scene 1. Akh! Negodnaya vedma (Ah! You disgusting hag)
    24. 24Act 4. Scene 2. Tron v poryadke? (Is the throne ready?)
    25. 25Act 4. Scene 2. Strazha, veryovku! (Guards, bring the rope!)
Disc 9
Disc 10
  1. 1–51 Semyon Kotko, opera, Op. 81 - Sergey Prokofiev & Sergey Prokofiev (136:21)
    Composed bySergey Prokofiev
    Conducted byValery Gergiev
    Performed byGennady Bezzubenkov, Ludmilla Filatova, Nikolai Gassiev, Valery Gergiev, Grigory Karasev, Andrei Khramtsov, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Chorus, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Orchestra, Mikhail Kit, Yuri Laptev, Olga Markova-Mikhailenko, Evgeny Akimov, Zlata Bulycheva, Fyodor Kuznetsov, Evgeny Nikitin, Viktor Vikhrov, Mikhail Nikanorov, Tatiana Pavlovskaya, Mikhail Petrenko, Olga Savova, Viktor Chernomortsev, Lyudmilla Kasianenko, Lia Shevtsova, Viktor Lutsiuk, Vladimir Zhivopistev, Ekaterina Solovieva
    1. 1Act 1. Introduction
    2. 2Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 1. Shol soldat s fronta (A soldier came back from the front)
    3. 3Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 2. Koyo nado? (Who do you want?)
    4. 4Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 1. Prishol soldat Semyon Kotko (The soldier Semyon Kotko has come back)
    5. 5Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 2. Prosnulsa, odelsa (He's woken up, he's got dressed)
    6. 6Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 3. Den dobrïy, tovarishchi sosedi (Good day, friends and neighbours)
    7. 7Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 4. Ochen nam priyatno vnov uvidet vas (We are very pleased to see you again
    8. 8Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 5. Shol soldat a fronta (A soldier has come back from the front)
    9. 9Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 6. Shto, moyo serdenko? (What is it, my darling?)
    10. 10Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 7. Zdravstvuy, soldat! S priyezdom! (Greetings, soldier! Welcome home!)
    11. 11Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 8. I shumit, i gudit, drobniy dozhdik idyot (The sound of the rain hammers
    12. 12Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 9. Frosya! - Mikola?
    13. 13Act 1. Tableau 2. Scene 10. Mamo... Mamo, dumayu ya posilat svatov do Tkachenki. Po Sofyu. (Mother.
    14. 14Act 2. Scene 1. Shto eto za takoye, ne ponimayu (I can't understand it)
    15. 15Act 2. Scene 2. Khivyra! Shto eto? - Oy, oy, svati k nam idut (Khivyra! What's that? - Ah, it's the
    16. 16Act 2. Scene 3. A noi do vas, Nikanor Vasilyevich (We've got business with you, Nikanor Vasilyevich
    17. 17Act 2. Scene 4. Klanyaetsa vam molodoy knyaz (A young prince)
    18. 18Act 2. Scene 5. Popadalis i u nas v Chyornom more (We get the same sort down on the Black Sea)
    19. 19Act 2. Scene 6. Zhenskiye slyozï! (Women's tears!)
    20. 20Act 2. Scene 7. Zhenikh idyot, zhenikh idyot (The groom is coming, the groom is coming)
    21. 21Act 2. Scene 8. Morgen!
    22. 22Act 2. Scene 9. Kushat? - Chem bog posla! (To eat? - Such as we have)
    23. 23Act 2. Scene 10. Videli? Chuyete, shto eto znachit? (Did you see? Do you realise what this means?)
    24. 24Act 3. Scene 1. I snitsya mne opyat (I had the same dream again)
    25. 25Act 3. Scene 2. Sonya! Tse tï? (Sonya! Is that you?)
    26. 26Act 3. Scene 3. Nu shto tï skazhesh? (What can you say?)
    27. 27Act 3. Scene 4. I snitsa mne, Mikola, son (I had a dream, Mikola)
    28. 28Act 3. Scene 5. Rano, rano, ranenko (Early in the morning)
    29. 29Act 3. Scene 6. Ne slikhat... (I can't hear anything...)
    30. 30Act 3. Scene 7. Dyadya Tsaryov... dyadya Tsaryov... Nemtsï, gaydanaki okruzhili vsyo selo (Uncle Ts
    31. 31Act 3. Scene 8. Permettez-moi de parler français
    32. 32Act 3. Scene 9. Razreshite predstavit vam na usmotreniye spisok neblagonadyozhnïkh krestyan (Permit
    33. 33Act 3. Scene 10. Net, net, to ne Vasilyok (No, no, that wasn't my Vasilyok)
    34. 34Act 3. Scene 11. Tak delo vïkhodit, shto dolzhen ya konya zapryagat (So things turn out that I have
    35. 35Act 3. Scene 12. Dyadya Semyon... dyadya Semyon... (Uncle Semyon... uncle Semyon...)
    36. 36Act 3. Scene 13. Oy, Frosechka, strashno... (Oh, Frosechka, it's terrible...)
    37. 37Act 3. Scene 14. Skotï! (The swine!)
    38. 38Act 3. Scene 14. Gorit! gorit! Gorit u Kotko! (Fire! Fire! Kotko's place in on fire!)
    39. 39Act 4. Tableau 1. Scene 1. Bozhe moy, bozhe, prosit tï mne krov nemetskovo soldata (Oh my God, my G
    40. 40Act 4. Tableau 1. Scene 2. Tak... Tak... Drug moy, Vasya Tsaryov (So... so... My friend, Vasya Tsar
    41. 41Act 4. Tableau 1. Scene 3. Kak umru, pokhoronite vï menya (When I die, bury me in a grave)
    42. 42Act 4. Tableau 2. Scene 1. Znachitsa... znachitsa... kakoy zhe mï vidim pred soboyu predmet? - Push
    43. 43Act 4. Tableau 2. Scene 2. Zatem imeyetsa... (Then we've got...)
    44. 44Act 4. Tableau 2. Scene 3. Kukushka - Mikolka kukuyet (The cuckoo - Mikolka is cuckooing)
    45. 45Act 4. Tableau 2. Scene 3. Oy, lyudi, oy, dobrïye lyudi! Nema bolshe sil terpet, shto eti zlodei s
    46. 46Act 4. Tableau 2. Scene 4. Ey! - Kukushka! (Eh! - It's the cuckoo)
    47. 47Act 5. Scene 1. Oy, gore, lyutoye gore! (Oh woe, bitter woe!)
    48. 48Act 5. Scene 2. Semyon! - Mamo! Eto vï! (Semyon! - Mother! It's you!)
    49. 49Act 5. Scene 3. Ekh, ekh, ekh! Zhaiko tebya, Kotko (He, he, he! I'm sorry for you, Kotko)
    50. 50Act 5. Scene 4. A nu, stanovites, druzya moi (So now, stand up, my friends)
    51. 51Act 5. Scene 5. Shol soldat s fronta... Po svobadnoy Ukraine konnitsa letit (A soldier came back fr
Disc 11
Disc 12
  1. 1–17 War and Peace, opera, Op. 91 - Sergey Prokofiev & Sergey Prokofiev (230:51)
    Composed bySergey Prokofiev
    Conducted byValery Gergiev
    Performed bySergey Aleksashkin, Gennady Bezzubenkov, Evgeny Boitsov, Valery Borisov, Olga Borodina, Mikhail Bulatov, Julia Chazanova, Evgeny Fedotov, Ludmilla Filatova, Tatjana Filimonova, Slava Fomin, Nikolai Gassiev, Vassily Gerello, Valery Gergiev, Andrei Karabanov, Grigory Karasev, Andrei Khramtsov, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Chorus, Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Chorus, Mikhail Kit, Vladimir Knijasev, Anna Kovaleva, Yuri Laptev, Olga Markova-Mikhailenko, Yuri Marusin, Vladimir Ognovenko, Nikolai Okhotnikov, Evgenia Perlasova, Yelena Prokina, Igor Shpagin, Vladimir Solodovnikov, Leonid Tepliakov, Viacheslav Trofimov, Jevgenia Tselovalnik, Svetlana Volkova, Ivan Volodin, Igor Yan, Mikhail Yegorov, Yuri Zhikalov, Gegam Grigorian, Lyudmila Kanunnikova, Alexander Gergalov, Georgy Zastavny, Alexander Morozov, Maria Gortsevskaya, Mikhail Chernozhukov, Alexander Shubin, Elena Gulyayeva, Irina Bogacheva
    1. 1Overture
    2. 2Scene 1. Svetloye vesenneye nebo (The radiance of the sky in spring)
    3. 3Scene 2. Ballet / Khor! Pust nachinayet khor! (Chorus! Let the chorus begin!)
    4. 4Scene 3. Venesta molodogo knyazya (The young Prince's fiancée)
    5. 5Scene 4. Moya prelestnaya, ocharavatelnaya (The charming, delightful Natasha!)
    6. 6Scene 5. Vecherom v desyat chasov ona budet zhdat (At ten o'clock in the evening she'll be waiting)
    7. 7Scene 6. Oy, barïshnya, golubushka, kazhis (Oh, my dear Miss Natasha, all is lost)
    8. 8Scene 6. Eto samïy rasseyannïy i smeshnov chelovek (He may be the most muddle-headed man and people
    9. 9Scene 7. Padumayte, grafinya, priyekha! ya s pozdrovieniyem (Picture the scene, Countess, I called
    10. 10Scene 7. Epigraph. Silï dvunadesyati yazïkov Yevropï vorvalis v Rossiyu (The forces of twelve Europ
    11. 11Scene 8. Poshla, rebyata! (Come on, lads!)
    12. 12Scene 9. Vino otkuporeno (The wine is uncorked)
    13. 13Scene 10. Itak, gospoda, vïgodney li nam srazitsya pred Moskvoyu (And so, gentleman, the question i
    14. 14Scene 10. Mech nam i plamen nesut nepriyateli (The enemy bears down on us)
    15. 15Scene 11. Moskva pusta! (Moscow's deserted!)
    16. 16Scene 12. Tyanetsya, vse tyanetsya (It's stretching higher and further)
    17. 17Scene 13. Korabli sozhzhenï... (We've burnt our bridges...)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Valery Gergiev Primary Artist
Mariinsky Theater Orchestra, St. Petersburg Primary Artist
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  • Posted October 1, 2010

    Great value, with reservations...

    OK, first the pros. The music is pretty fantastic -- at least, if you're a lover of Prokofiev, as I am. No complaints there! The recordings and interpretations by Valery Gergiev and the Kirov Opera & Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre is top-notch. Gergiev is one of my favorite interpreters of Prokofiev. And the value -- 14 CDs featuring six operas, with several of the recordings otherwise out of print -- is pretty extraordinary when you think about it.

    Now the cons. You know how the package looks like a crate? Well, that's basically what it is. Only it's coated cardboard, and not particularly sturdy at that. Mine came with unavoidable-looking bends and wrinkles. Inside the box? 14 white paper sleeves to hold the discs, which are unceremoniously stacked together in a pile. Kind of disappointing. (Couldn't they have at least color coded them by opera?) There's a thin plastic "window" in the front of each sleeve so you can see which disc is which. There's also a booklet inside that includes a quick two paragraphs of liner notes on each opera, written by Andrew Huth, alongside the usual recording credits and track listings.

    Notice anything missing? NO LIBRETTI! (Or librettos, if you prefer.) This is kind of a big deal for me. Not that I regret buying the set -- at the price I got it, it was absolutely worth it. But you know what would have been nice? A link in the package to a webpage on Decca's site where you could download PDFs (perhaps with a special download code contained in the package, if they were worried about security). Instead, I'm scrambling now to find alternative sources for the libretti in English, so that I can follow along as I listen. I guess that's the peril of buying a "specially priced" set.

    In sum: outstanding music and performances, and good value for the money (IMO) ... but you also get what you pay for! Knowing what I know now, I'd have still bought this set -- but the barely-there packaging and lack of libretti would have definitely given me pause.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
Sort by: Showing 1 Customer Reviews