Serious and Unstable Condition: Financing America's Health Care

Serious and Unstable Condition: Financing America's Health Care

by Henry J. Aaron

ISBN-10: 0815700504

ISBN-13: 9780815700500

Pub. Date: 01/01/1990

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

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Table of Contents

1.What Is the Problem?1
Diminishing Support for the Current System2
The Inescapable Debate5
2.Economic Issues in Health Care8
Consumption and Insurance8
Competition and the Market for Health Insurance27
A Dilemma37
3.Organization and Financing38
Health Care Expenditures38
Sources of Payment53
The Role of Government60
The Uninsured73
4.International Comparisons78
Differences in Costs79
Measures of Health Status89
Differences in Organization92
International Competition94
Implications of Foreign Experience101
Appendix AIntertemporal and International Comparisons of Health Care Expenditures103
Appendix BDeterminants of Health Care Spending107
5.The Terms of the Debate109
Voluntary Incrementalism110
Mandatory Employment-Based Insurance119
Comprehensive Restructuring128
The Special Problem of Long-Term Care134
State Initiatives135
A 1990s Agenda for Health Care Financing137
The Universal-Access Single-Payer Health Plan140
Growth in U.S. Health Care Spending, Selected Years, 1950-90
Concentration of Health Care Outlays, Selected Countries and Selected Years, 1928-88
Limits on Coverage among Health Insurance Plans
Outlays and Recipients of Personal Health Care Expenditures, Selected Years, 1960-89
Source of Payments to Major Health Care Providers, Selected Years, 1960-89
Characteristics of the Uninsured
Total Health Expenditures in Selected Countries, 1987
Use of Health Care, Selected Countries, 1987
Mean Length of Hospital Stay for Selected Diseases, Selected Countries
Reported Admission Rates for Nine Common Surgical Procedures, Selected Countries, 1980
Life Expectancy in the United States and U.S. Rank among Selected Countries, by Age and Sex
Public Expenditures as a Share of Health Care Spending, Selected Countries, 1987
Reimbursement and Planning Arrangements in Selected OECD Countries
Proposed Health Care Trust Fund, 1991
The Benefits Curve
Elderly Population in the United States, Selected Years, 1950-2040

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