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Seth and Savannah Build a Speech

Seth and Savannah Build a Speech

by Ann Ingalls, Karen Lee

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Enid Portnoy
Did you ever read a book that compared giving a speech with riding a bicycle? It certainly has its ups and downs, and Ingalls provides a good comparison for younger children about to begin preparing a speech. The two friends, Seth ad Savannah have to create a two minute speech for their classrooms. With help and encouragement from each other and a family member, they begin with key points they each want to mention. They get index cards to write down some ideas for the main body of the speech. Savannah knows a little more about the three divisions of a speech: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Seth is more concerned about what his speech will be like than Savannah. As they talk about what they think they might say they also wonder about the kind of audience that will be listening. Young readers will enjoy looking at big, colorful pictures of the two friends, riding their bicycles as they talk about what they should include. The time arrives to add more information to support the key points on their index cards. They know that practicing aloud will be important too, and they can't wait to get it all straight in their minds. They finally decide to choose a topic related to bicycling because they both enjoy this activity. After practicing aloud many times they present their speeches to Seth's grandfather. He is very proud of them both. The last pages of the book repeat the main organizational steps necessary to both construct a speech and to share it orally with an audience. A Glossary completes the book and briefly lists other sources of information. The book is part of the series "Writing Builders" which is designed for younger elementary school students. The book has light colored pages and does not overload young minds with too much detail for a two minute speech preparation. Non-readers will feel comfortable looking at the pictures which illustrate many of the step-by-step procedures. The book makes a speech look and sound simple to create and fun to finish. Readers can easily identify with the boy and girl, and the multicultural identities depicted. Seth and Savannah experience success with this assignment and feel confident, as will student readers who have a similar assignment.

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Norwood House Press
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7 - 9 Years

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