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Seven Days [Original TV Soundtrack]

Seven Days [Original TV Soundtrack]

by Scott Gilman

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Bci / Eclipse Music


  1. Main Title with Dialogue
  2. Suite from Vow: Teaser
  3. Suite from Vow: Robbery Goes Bad
  4. Suite from Vow: Who Is Clary?
  5. Suite from Vow: Parker Meets Clary
  6. Suite from Vow: Back Step
  7. Suite from Vow: Clary Dies
  8. Suite from Vow: Clary's Funeral
  9. Suite from Vow: Frank's Gone
  10. Suite from Vow: Frank Tries to Go Back
  11. Suite from Vow: Suit Up
  12. Suite from Vow: Let's Do It Again
  13. Suite from Vow: The Wedding
  14. Suite from Vow: Trailer
  15. Suite from Come Again: Never Never Land
  16. Suite from Come Again: Sobering Thought
  17. Suite from Come Again: Chase
  18. Suite from Come Again: This Is Elise
  19. Suite from Come Again: The Big Fight
  20. Suite from Come Again: I Need A Valium
  21. Suite from Come Again: Saving Axelrod
  22. Suite from Come Again: Time Loop from Hell
  23. Suite from Come Again: One More Time
  24. Suite from Come Again: Mouth Shut
  25. Suite from EBE's: Walt Landis / Alein Vengeance
  26. Suite from EBE's: Checkmate / Olga Looks for Clues / Back Step / Fruit
  27. Suite from EBE's: You Owe Me This / Citizen X / On the Move
  28. Suite from EBE's: Mutant Babies
  29. Suite from EBE's: Wide Open / My Daughter / New Start
  30. Suite from EBE's: End Title

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