Seven Stories about Modern Art in Africa

Seven Stories about Modern Art in Africa

by David Koloane

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African art is often pigeonholed under the heading of tribal art. The exoticism of jungle adventure movies and anthropological photography have blinded us to the modern artists in Africa who are painting and sculpting with contemporary techniques addressing universal themes just like artists on other continents. This collection of essays accompanies a traveling exhibition of African art that opened in London last fall. Trying to present a coherent view of the whole continent is not its aim. Instead, we are treated to a disparate group of artists and thinkers pondering various facets of the problem of integrating their African heritage with the essentially Euro-American international art world. The abundant illustrations in color and black-and-white are often small and of varying quality. Despite its unevenness, this collection of essays and images opens a window onto a little glimpsed African artscape. Recommended for informed readers.-David McClelland, Philadelphia

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