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The Seven Treasure Hunts (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

The Seven Treasure Hunts (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

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by Betsy Byars

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Two boys make up a series of treasure hunts for each other, with disastrous and hilarious results.


FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Two boys make up a series of treasure hunts for each other, with disastrous and hilarious results.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Deborah Zink Roffino
Two best friends spend every spare minute hiding treasure for the sheer pleasure of being able to unearth it. When a delicious portion of the hoard truly disappears, the boys suspect sibling shenanigans and must apply all of their detective prowess to solve the mystery. Newbery winner Byers appeals to reluctant readers in this humorous chapter book. Told engagingly in the first person, the book is peppered with clever black and white sketches.

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5.40(w) x 7.50(h) x 0.40(d)
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7 - 11 Years

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The Seven Treasure Hunts

By Betsy Byars

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2006 Betsy Byars
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0064404358

Chapter One

The Hunt for the
Secret Treasure

Last Saturday Goat and I hid treasures for each other to find. My treasure was seven pennies, a knife with one blade, a decal, and a balloon, all stuffed in a Band-Aid box. I buried it in a pot of flowers on my front porch.

Then I made a map that was very tricky. It would lead Goat all over the neighborhood. And not only was it tricky, it looked like a real pirate map. I had drawn it on brown paper and burned the edges. I was proud of that map.

After I finished, I went to the corner where Goat and I had planned to meet. Goat had probably been busy hiding a treasure for me and making a map, and he looked pleased too. He had a big smile on his face.

"Here you go, Goat my Pal," I said.

I handed him my map. He handed me a dirty scrap of paper.

"What's this?" I asked.


"Clues? You were supposed to draw a map." I looked at the piece of paper. It was so little, it was hard to read.

Finally I made it out:

4 to the right. 6 to the left. 7 across. 1 ahead. 2 sideways. Look up.

"What's this, Goat?" I asked again, but Goat was already running down the sidewalk.

It looked to me as if he were heading straight for my house, straight for the pot offlowers.

4 to the right. Quickly I took four steps to the right. 6 to the left. I did that. 7 across, 1 ahead, 2 sideways.

I looked up. All I could see were some clouds in the sky.

"Goat!" I ran after him. When I got to my house, he was standing on the porch. He was pulling my mom's pansies out of the pot, spilling the dirt all over.

He reached in and came up with the Band-Aid box.

"Ta-daaaa!" he said.

"Goat, you didn't even use the map. I spent all morning on that map!"

"I didn't need it," Goat said. "I saw a piece of pansy on your watch -- look, right there. Then I knew -- you hid it in the old pansy pot."

I felt cheated.

"That's not fair," I said. "You were supposed to use the map!"

"I would have if I had needed it. Did you find your treasure yet?"

He knew I hadn't.


"Too tricky, huh, Jackie?"

"I haven't even had a chance to read the clues yet."

I glanced down at the piece of paper, pretending I was looking at it for the first time. "It's not so tricky."

"It's trickier than yours," Goat said. He stuck my mom's pansies back into the pot. He opened the Band-Aid box and shook out the contents.

He said, "Money -- I can use that." He put it in his pocket. "A broken knife -- "

"It's not broken."

"It's only got one blade."

"Well, it still cuts. Look!" I showed him a scar. on my thumb.

"A decal that came from a cereal box -- I know because I eat the same kind. And a balloon that says I was a good patient . I know where you got that, from our dentist. He stopped giving them to me because I bit him.

"Well, go ahead. Find your treasure."

I stared back at him. All week I had been looking forward to hiding treasures. Now he had ruined it. I opened my front door. "I'm bored with this."

"So, Jackie, it's too tough for you, huh? Go ahead and quit."

"I'm not quitting."

"Then find the treasure. I want to see if you can do it."

"All right!" I stamped down the steps, down the sidewalk. Goat followed. I could hear him flipping the top of the metal box open and shut.

"You have to start at the corner," he said.

"I know where to start."

"Just being helpful," he said.

We walked to the corner without saying anything. I kept looking at the scrap of paper. I had held it so long that the writing was smeared.

4 to the right.

Four what? I knew it wasn't four steps. I had already tried that. Maybe it was giant steps. Maybe it was minutes. Walk four minutes to the right? With Goat it could be anything.

When we got to the corner, I was still looking at the scrap of paper. Four blocks maybe. No, that would put us on the other side of the highway. We weren't allowed to cross the highway.

"I'll give you one more clue," Goat said. "It's not four blocks. That would put us across the highway."

"I know! I figured that out!"

"So what do you think it is?" he asked.

"Houses maybe? Four houses?" I looked down the street.

"How could it be houses?" Goat said. "You can go four houses to the right, but how can you go six houses to the left? There aren't any houses there."

"No, nothing but trees."

Goat stuck his hands in his pockets. It was a quick movement, and it gave him away just as the flower had given me away.

I felt better.

"Let me see," I said. I started down the sidewalk. "Could it be four trees? One -- two -- three -- four trees?"

Goat followed slowly.

"Six trees to the left. Now, what's the next clue? Seven across. Why, yes, there are seven trees."

Goat was following even slower now. "You didn't really figure it out," he said. "I gave it away."

"Well, so did I. You didn't even have to look at my map -- just the old flower on the watch. Here we go. One ahead, two sideways. Look up. Aha!"

There was a small paper bag hanging from the limb overhead. I took it down and opened it.

Inside was half a package of breath mints, a Matchbox car with one wheel missing, and two bird feathers.

"How do you like your treasure?" Goat asked finally.

"Everything I always wanted, Goat my Pal."


Excerpted from The Seven Treasure Hunts by Betsy Byars Copyright © 2006 by Betsy Byars. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Betsy Byars is a widely read and loved author of many award-winning middle-grade books for children, including Summer Of The Swans (Viking), a 1971 Newbery Medal winner. The Pinballs was an ALA Notable Children's Book in 1977 as well as the basis for an ABC Afterschool Special. Other books she has written for HarperCollins are Good-bye, Chicken Little; The Seven Treasure Hunts, illustrated by Jennifer Barrett; and three I Can Read Books, the popular The Golly Sisters Go West, Hooray For The Golly Sisters!, and The Golly Sisters Ride Again, all illustrated by Sue Truesdell. Ms. Byars lives in Clemson, South Carolina, with her husband.

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The Seven Treasure Hunts 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has stories that would make you laugh and it it about friendship and 2 boys going on more than 1 treasure hunt with eachother and the boys love to go on treasure hunts. So if you like to read book that are funny and you like to go on treasure hunts yourself then read this book and you will love it. The book is a chapter book but anyone can read it from the ages of 7- and up. Read and buy this book and you wont regreat it that you bought this book.