Seventh International Conference on AC-DC Power Transmission, 28-30 November 2001 (Conference Publications Series)

Seventh International Conference on AC-DC Power Transmission, 28-30 November 2001 (Conference Publications Series)

by IEE Staff

ISBN-10: 0852967454

ISBN-13: 9780852967454

Pub. Date: 01/01/2001

Publisher: Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

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Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
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Conference Publications Series
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Table of Contents

Effect of de-regulation on operation of electrical grid and nuclear power generating stations1
Investment decisions for bulk power transmission schemes in liberalised markets7
The application of FACTS controllers to a deregulated system10
Value of controllable devices in a liberalized electricity market15
Dielectric response measurements in time and frequency domain of different stressed low pressure oil-filled cables21
Advantages of HV cable transmission links by using real time thermal rating (RTTR) and water monitoring27
Cost-efficient XLPE cable system solutions33
Gas-Insulated line (GIL) of the 2nd generation39
Recent advances in space charge measurement and extruded HVDC cable design44
A comparison of conventional and capacitor commutated converters based on steady-state and dynamic considerations49
Modular back-to-back HVDC, with capacitor commutated converters (CCC)55
Capacitor commutated converters for high power HVDC transmission60
Innovative technology in the Moyle Interconnector66
An example in sizing a series compensation scheme with fixed and variable capacitors72
HVDC East-South Interconnector II in India: 2000 MW, +/- 500 kV78
Type testing of the GTO valves for a novel STATCOM converter84
Interactive AC-DC harmonic and interharmonic analysis91
Evaluation of the relation between voltage sourced converter performance and design parameters96
A consideration of stable operating power limits in VSC-HVDC systems102
Small signal modelling of HVDC transmission systems107
Control of HVDC systems operating with long DC cables113
Analysis of a robust DC-Bus voltage control system for a VSC transmission scheme119
Harmonic modelling of voltage source converters for HVDC stations125
Fault protection of metallic return circuit of Kii channel HVDC system132
Thyristor protected series capacitor: design aspects138
The Moyle HVDC Interconnector: project considerations, design and implementation145
Autonomous loop power flow control for distribution system150
Electrical stability of large, offshore wind farms156
HVDC transmission for large offshore wind farms162
Real-time implementation of a HVDC-VSC model for application in a scaled-down wind energy conversion system (WECS)169
A generalised current injection approach for modelling of FACTS in power system dynamic simulation175
A novel control strategy for TCSC to damp subsynchronous oscillations181
Analytical investigation of large-scale use of static VAR compensation to aid damping of inter-area oscillations187
Study on SSR characteristics of power systems with static VAR compensator193
Auas SVC, performance verification by RTDS and field tests199
Operational experience of HVDC light205
SwePol HVDC link211
Commissioning of the Kii-channel HVDC link - application of new HVDC technology and operating experience214
Dynamic performance of the eagle pass back-to-back HVDC light tie220
Control refurbishment principles applied to FACTS controllers226
Commissioning of a 225MVar SVC incorporating a [plus or minus] 75Mvar STATCOM at NGC's 400kV East Claydon Substation232
Aspects of series controlled flexible AC transmission system planning and operation238
Transient stability augmentation by programmed power angle relationship using unified power flow controller244
Optimal power flow control by converter based FACTS controllers250
Non-intrusive control system architecture for AC power transmission256
Control strategy for unsymmetrical operation of HVDC-VSC based on the improved instantaneous reactive power theory262
Sequential decentralised control of FACTS devices in large power systems268
The specification, design and protection of phase shifting transformers for the enhanced interconnection between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland274
New switching technologies in medium-voltage systems - application and requirements282
Design of a combined converter-switch for converting existing AC transmission into HVDC (and back)288
Power system applications for the chain-cell converter292
Topologies for VSC transmission298
Modelling of the dynamic characteristics of the DC line for VSC transmission scheme305
A case study on the alternative solutions for the load flow problem in a 50 KV cable grid311
Analysis and identification of HVDC system faults using wavelet modulus maxima315
Fast reliable unified power flow controller (UPFC) algorithm321
Enhanced control system for a static synchronous series compensator with energy storage327
Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control of SVC and TCSC for improving the dynamic performance of power systems333
A co-ordinated large-signal modulation strategy for multi-infeed HVDC systems338
Development of a dynamic power system load model344
Influence of FACTS on power system voltage stability350
Interaction of the STATCOM and its associated transformer non-linearity: time domain modelling and analysis355

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