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Seventy-Five Things Black People Won't Stop Doing ...

Seventy-Five Things Black People Won't Stop Doing ...

by Randy Simons

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Increase our joy;

Push aside our anger.

Learn perfect love for one and each other;

Eliminate the sorrows that the desire to

Coexist may grow strong, oh so strong-that

Hate will have no place among we.

Even that we may find untold pleasures

In coexistence with one and the other! Your

Brother or sister.


Increase our joy;

Push aside our anger.

Learn perfect love for one and each other;

Eliminate the sorrows that the desire to

Coexist may grow strong, oh so strong-that

Hate will have no place among we.

Even that we may find untold pleasures

In coexistence with one and the other! Your

Brother or sister.

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iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Randy Simons
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-5546-0

Chapter One

0) They won't pull together as a people,

thus no matter where you come from if your skin is black, brown even yella you are considered a black person.

We have no community adhesiveness an nor do we take time to acknowledge that the road blocks that were used to stop a certain amount of black people from getting xyz today will be used in so many months to come stop a brand new batch.

Where in pulling together as a people would prevent that on many levels.

Pulling together would solidified everything we are due on many levels where in what I get every black person coming behind me can't be denied.

1) Very seldom, in most cases THEY WON'T PULL TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY

With in many cities throughout the world there are areas where in just black people live, but we still fight one another an do our out most to stop each other from progressing on many different levels many times in such cases there is very little or none at all private matters with in such settings due to our ease dropping medalling or outright inquiring, an once we have accomplished a search of such degree our findings becomes the neighborhood conversation over an over aging we are our Owen worst enemy.

Many ghettos of the world are filled with black people where in it should be easier for unity to be achieved.

It's as easy as ill look out for yours when you're not around an you look out for mine when im not around.

I'll love you like I love myself an I'll make a effort to acknowledge your presents in our day to day passing.

2) They won't pull together in no form of international business

For the many things we can pick up an deliver to the world having been funded by us alone.

We haven't done an are not trying to do.

Mind you there is more than enough money in black people's pockets to do such things if we where to come together.

So it seems that our biggest joy is in knowing that our neighbor is in the same or worst finical state as us.

There can be choice in such a venture in light of the many things that can be put in place. End

3) They won't pull together in demand for any form of compensation for the degradation of slavery

Every other race on this our planet earth that has been through any form of decoration or some form of forced labor from another race has taken their issues to some court an been awarded some amount of financial compensation for their suffering an torment along with any life that was lost along the way, yes other races have been payed some have got paid more than once.

Please note that whatever suffering or torment other races have went through have been minor compared to slavery.

Compensation for slavery should be awarded due to the long genetic effects it has dispersed.

Shoot we still bow to anything lighter than us, NOT TRUE?

4) They don't demand more academic performance from their children during their public school years

Most black people send their children to public schools an statics will show that our children time an time aging en up on the bottom of THE ladder academically.

Such things have taken place from our release from slavery up to date 2010.

Very little mot times none at all nurturing is given to our children's primary education many times this goes over in to secondary school all too often secondary school is walked away from by male an female black people.

Sadly this is allowed by black parents time an time aging.

From way back when to date.

Many have been told the same thing; you may as well leave [school] now, go get a job;.

5) They won't pull together in illegal dealings.

For the many communities throughout the world where in black people sell drugs not one can say that they see to each other's well being in any one of those communities.

See to each other in the manner as to see to it that families have food tidy clothes for the yard an school.

Even transport to get to school regularly all the same time trying to keep the illegal activity hidden from the youth of these communities.

In most cases the main customer are the people in the communities.

And that's drugs of all sorts.

Lots of times in many cities you'll find three even more Individuals of whom will never see any sort of money if They didn't buy an sell the neighborhood crave.

Drugs most in demand.

But they'll never put their money together to increase their in take or even work together to increase their ability to supply.

6) They won't capitalize on style an fashion of which the world walks in comes from black people.

From there ass hanging out to hot pants black people start dress like that first.

There are many forms of dress that where stared by lack people as a neighborhood dress of which was picked up by some other race mass produce an sold back to us.

This being the case on many different levels of dress in society. From official bunn to just hanging in the hood.

Take a look around. We've always wore clothes as a race of people to a high level of class.

7) They don't an won't help an pull one another through society. For the many educated an professional.

Black people, out there in society they won't an have never made it known to the poorer blacks, the many legal avenues they can take to change their situations financially from a legal stand point.

Within an throughout many cities of the world lots of black people don't have a clue about the many help agencies in their cities. Yet time an time aging, the few educated professionals ones who may know will not neither have they taken any steps to make it known to the general black population of the legal loop holes in society.

There are help agencies in most cities of the world to assist people to get from A to B this being life's standards.

You'll find many of these are rarely known of by the general public of black people even in cases where a person may just need access to a dry place to sleep an running water so as to maintain a upful appearance in society, many times black people will deny other black people.

8) They accept being denied progress

Some what of a feeble statement to make in light of the state of life as we know it to date.

Still who feels it knows it and them and those of whom who has had to absorb all the torment that comes with being denied will

Admit to the maneuvering that can take place in order to denied them theirs, not true?

9) They don't exercise any form of professionalism in many aspects of business. You can fined in many instances.

In many forms of business when black people, business owners are approached by another black person who is not known to them, right away they think negative of new faces, no matter the new faces ability or qualifications.

Right away the new face is put in a criteria an denied chance to grow financial an character in the content of daily association with people. [as is said in the bible iron sharpen nest iron] As with people one mans character will strengthen the next mans character in many different ways.

In such actions the new face is made to live under his or her standard due to not being able to earn his net worth.

10) Due to their desire to do nothing in society they try to justify their negative attitudes.

They make excuse after excuse, not to put out one percent in things they do, to justify their lazy attitudes.

A job interview, a hustle, even some one taking them to meet the boss of a work site, is all situations where in black people who want to do nothing will either, turn up late or won't turn up at all. An still act as though its someone else fault for them not getting the job or the person doing the hire ring is biases to them so they don't or didn't get the job.

Many times black people will destroy their chances before they even get going in the manner they will present them self 's to the hire ring person.

11) They all to often copy other races in style language even eating habits even though other races want to be just like us.

Every six say seven out of ten men a women take up an copy other races in style eating habits an mannerism.

Constantly black people will deny their self worth an follow other races in many ways. In this action they start to execute many forms of prejudice toward other black people they even start to build a deep resentment toward certain categories of the black race.

Even pin pointing them as the cause of certain ills in society. If there is one race that can act like another is the black race.

12) As a race a people they have the most teenage pregnancies

in any part of the world Teenage black girls are more likely to get pregnant than other races.

This being encouraged by a older black person many times.

It seems like a hidden rule that a black young lady has had to have at least three most times two children by the age of twenty three.

All to often being left to bring up these children with their parents.

Often these young ladies having been encouraged away from school by the individual whom has help to make the child now no one has the mean of providing for the child.

Y o, can you tell of anyone this has not happen to from way back when up to date, without lying?

13) They are the majority in prisons EVEN WHEN THEY ARE OUT NUMBERED IN MANY CITIES

Numbers show all over the world that black people are most likely to outnumber all other races in most prisons throughout society.

Most countries throughout the world have large numbers of black people in their prison male an female even in cases were black people are no the majority in society.

In some cases other races having been faced with some crimes that make us the majority are giving fines or even lesser penalties for their doings. [not jail] No its not just us running in there. Prisons.

14) They make the most noise in public places, that goes for child teenage an adult.

Most places that have black communities all to often have the highest recorded number of public disorders it also can be seen an said that black people make the most noise in [public places all over the world.)

From a private conversation to a bloody altercation black people always tip the scale in noise.

Any one taken a quick look at the black race would thing they can't hear to good due to the excessive noise used to communicate between them on many different levels in many different situations.

15) In many communities through Out the world many Black youth In their eagerness to exert a domineering mannerism,

Tend to become THE majority in many prisons around the world, time an time aging in encountering such individuals You would think such people come from the same Walks of life, when actually these persons can be found On total opposites paths in this life, one pampered the Other from the ghettos this persona can be found in some black females also, Who end up going down the same type paths.

From Prison to the street, From the street back to prison. So (can't read) go, in more than (can't read). All over the world

16) They resort to being the most unproductive people in many aspects of society Life.

Time an time aging they could be given opportunity to succeed in many different things an would fail many times they quit.

Many black people having someone to spend the day with doing nothing, they will look to be with that group regularly all to often they develop a frame of mind where is even their necessity has to be spoon fed to them.

Having said such it can be agreed that if such things are not put in place for them all manner of hostilities are released from the receiving persons.

All to often to real violent an argumentative extant.

17) They don't demand or protest for any type of recognition for the many

Contributes they have made to society as we know it to date. Many of so many thing's that are common place in today's world was designed by black people.

The whole concept of society living was designed by black people their origin comes out of Africa.

Many a great many different legislation were put in place to safe guard the continual existence of the whole race back in African cities.

They've given us one month.

18) They think a conversation is telling someone about their private affairs.

In many cases they talk all their house hold affairs in public just to make conversation with people they know.

In turn this is done even when the house is not theirs an they don't have any form of occupancy in said house.

Detailed happenings an affairs are spoken in the street without discretions all to often.

If there is no change in house hold affairs then there is no conversation in the street.

Meaning if the house is constantly chaotic then them alright. SIGHT?

19) They don't teach their children the importance of money management.

In many cases all they do is put money in their children's hands fe go spend.

That being the case with the poor an professional black families.

Money management is all to often never taught in the black home.

This being a thing done generation after generation from back as far as you want go.

Nor is there any type of financial stepping stones put in place by child bearing Black people for those children they be having.

Many times a financial plan is never put in place by black people for the many children they bear.

Lots of times the money that is put in the children's hand is done so to a level as to insinuate the standard of life in these homes an as if to tell society there is lots of money in this house, hmm more than is in your house.

20) They will not leave pharmaceutical drugs alone even after being shown the ill Effects they have on the body.

In spite of the much available info in regards to herbal remedies' being provide by black doctors for black people they still run for the pharmaceutical drugs, still dem want take a pill to so dem say cure their ill.

Many of the pharmaceutical drugs given to black people really ingest totally in to the black humans system. In many cases pharmaceutical drugs from not totally ingesting in the body end up sitting elsewhere in the body.

If not ingested then it can't be passed out of the body.

21) Many times black people will turn to other races to materialize a vast amount of

Money making ventures before they will try with a black person.

Within an throughout the business world many blacks turn to people outside of the black race to materialize their money making ventures.

Many black people consider it high risk to go in to business with another black person.

Even if trailer loads of money is in one black man's hands other blacks will still join up with other races as if there some sort of guarantee they will progress in such ventures with other races.

22) Elderly black people are the most prejudice people to ward young black people

Through out many cities of the world.

Elderly black people in many parts of the world act in a manner as if young black people can do no right. They won't give young black people a chance to prove them self's in many cases neither do they give a helping hand to young black people in situations of Financial ventures many a times.

Many black older people will proclaim a new young black face a thug before even given a chance for them to show their net worth.

In some black communities no form of communicate exist between elderly Black people an the youth. This can happen in some black families.

23) They hate to repay loans an clear up debts

Black people have the most debt in many different aspects of society even money owed to we one another.

In many cases they'll have the money an avoid the encounter of having to hand I over to clear up the dept.

Sometimes upon encounter violent occurrence take place aging to avoid clearing up the dept.

Attitude an response toward one another can change drastically when it comes to money amongst black people. Sometimes all to often lots of black friend ships will end over money being owed to someone.

Some black people will think they have succeed in some sort of trick, in having you put money in their hand as a loan. True them have no intent of paying you back.


Excerpted from SEVENTY-FIVE THINGS BLACK PEOPLE WON'T STOP DOING ... by RANDY SIMONS Copyright © 2012 by Randy Simons. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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