Sex in the City - London

Sex in the City - London

by Matt Thorne, Justine Elyot, Frances Ann Kerr, Valerie Grey

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Sex in the City is a new series from Xcite Books which features erotic stories that all have a city-based theme. 

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Sex in the City is a new series from Xcite Books which features erotic stories that all have a city-based theme. 

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Xcite Books
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Destination Erotica - London
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Barnes & Noble
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‘Now a normal person probably wouldn’t think anything of such a dream. But because I’ve had these sort of weird experiences before, I went on the internet and looked up where these auctions take place, went and bought a suitcase, took it home, and transformed. 
‘The experience was fun, and trippy, but there’s only so much you can do in someone else’s body. I went to a club, picked up a woman, took her home and fucked her. And it was interesting, but creepy, because I knew I couldn’t tell her what was really going on without freaking her out. 
‘So I decided that the best way to enjoy this would be to find someone I could share it with. Of course, I had no idea whether it would work for you, but then I had another dream where I was inside someone else’s body fucking someone who looked like you do now.’
‘That’s not fair,’ I say petulantly, ‘you’ve had this experience already.’
He smiles. ‘Not exactly, but, I must admit, I didn’t realise you’d be quite so chilled out about this.’
‘I was scared when I changed,’ I tell him, ‘but now that I know that the transformation’s not permanent …’
‘But aren’t you frightened that such things are possible? Doesn’t it challenge your belief system?’
‘I don’t have a belief system. And I’ve always been open to having my consciousness expanded. Maybe this’ll seem weirder to me once it’s all over, but right now all I want is your cock up my cunt.’

He’s gone a bit limp while he’s been talking so he wanks himself as he advances on me once more. ‘November shovel,’ he says again, becoming James. I go to pull off my G-string but his fingers halt mine. ‘Take off your skirt but leave your knickers on for a moment. I do want to fuck, more than anything, but what you said before, about wanting me to see you as yourself. I wonder if we could try something. Take off your skirt.’
I unzip it and kick it to the floor. ‘Shoes too?’
‘No, there’s something about those shoes that is just so fucking sexy.’
I laugh, pleased that I made the right choice. They’re just a pair of ordinary flat brown shoes, but somehow they perfectly complement Victoria’s G-string and cunt. 
‘Get up on your knees,’ he tells me. I do so. ‘Now,’ he says, ‘show me your holes.’ I do as I’m asked, slipping my finger under the material of the G-string and pulling it back, allowing him a full rear view of my cunt and ass. 
‘Spread it a bit,’ he instructs. I do so. ‘Now change back.’
‘November shovel,’ I say, and there’s something wonderfully exposing about returning to my normal self.
He groans. ‘I don’t think I could ever explain how erotic this sight is.’
I make the transformation back and forth a few more times, letting him enjoy himself as he watches the movements of my asshole and pussy. Then he gets up on the bed, holding the G-string to one side as he enters me. I let him take me as Victoria – she’s bigger and wetter – then once he’s inside, I turn back. 
‘Oh God,’ he moans, as the transmogrification of her cunt into mine provides his penis with a squeeze more intense than any amount of Kegel exercises would allow me to furnish. ‘Now you do it,’ I say, while he’s inside me as me, and the swell of his cock inside me is not painful at all but more divine and intense than anything I’ve experienced before. I let him fuck me for a while and then ask, ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’
He withdraws his penis from my vagina and I have an anxious moment wondering whether this is going to work or if it will do some terrible trauma to my insides. 
But it has to be tried, so I let him finally remove my sopping G-string and lick my asshole for a while and then grease me up with some lubricant he’s brought before sliding inside my butt as James.
‘Are you ready?’ he asks.
‘I am a little scared.’
‘I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.’
‘No,’ I tell him, thinking about how James’s cock swelled in my mouth as it turned into Damien’s and deciding my rectum can take it.
‘November shovel,’ he says.
It does burn badly to begin with, especially as I think he’s up to full size but then he swells again, but then his fingers find my clitoris and the pain turns to pleasure. I stuff my hand into my mouth and bite down. 
‘Is it too much?’ he asks.
‘No,’ I say, ‘but don’t move for a moment. November shovel.’ I transform into Victoria and her rectum must be wider than mine or more used to getting it this way as the pain from before immediately lessens. He continues to finger my clit as he sodomises me without mercy. 
When it starts to ache just a little too much, I ask him to turn back and he does so. After feeling the full force of Damien’s wide cock in my arse, James’s smaller penis feels much more manageable and I relax enough to let him fuck me until he comes. 

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