Sexcapades: Songs of Lust and Depravity

Sexcapades: Songs of Lust and Depravity


With a slogan like "Songs of Lust and Depravity" in the title, this aggressively illustrated compilation might be expected to contain verifiable instances of unmitigated smuttiness, like Lucille Bogan's outrageously explicit "Shave 'Em Dry" or Tampa Red and Half-Pint Jaxon…  See more details below


With a slogan like "Songs of Lust and Depravity" in the title, this aggressively illustrated compilation might be expected to contain verifiable instances of unmitigated smuttiness, like Lucille Bogan's outrageously explicit "Shave 'Em Dry" or Tampa Red and Half-Pint Jaxon's gloriously lewd version of the "How Long, How Long Blues," but it doesn't. While plenty of vintage music collections have been assembled using the no-holds-barred "Copulatin' Blues" formula, Sexcapades falls more within the category of naughtiness, burlesque, and the suggestive double entendre. Like their predecessors at Stash records and similarly adventurous labels, the producers of this randy little anthology appear to have been banking on the prurient interest of the public at large. What distinguishes this release is the interwoven presence of classic blues, hokum, and R&B singers with bawdy "red hot mamas" and even glamour girl movie stars like Jayne Mansfield. This means that luscious offerings from Blue Lu Barker, Dinah Washington, and Clara Smith are interspersed with showier displays by old-school bad girls Marlene Dietrich, Sophie Tucker, and Mae West. Maybe the deliberate intention here was to contrast the personalities of Ruth Wallis and Little Esther, or Georgia White and Gypsy Rose Lee. Even with its strongly implied invitation to engage in physical lovemaking, Alberta Hunter's "You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark" is more about skin pigmentation than anything else, although her sultry-tough contralto delivery on this record compares interestingly with that of Mae West. The weirdest incursion is by a fully loaded Marilyn Monroe (accompanied by pianist Hank Jones), singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to John F. Kennedy, whose voice is also heard on this cheeky compendium of songs about temptation and indulgence.

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Release Date:
Fuel 2000

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  1. I Am the Naughty Lola  - Kay Martin
  2. There's No Business Like That Certain Business  - Ruth Wallis
  3. Deep Sea Diver  - Kansas Katie
  4. Mae West Speaks!  - Mae West
  5. My Daddy Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll)  - Mae West
  6. It's Tight Like That  - Clara Smith
  7. Soft As a Kitten  - Ruth Wallis
  8. My Voot Is Really Vout  - Blue Lu Barker
  9. I Know What You Want For Christmas (But I Don't Know How To Wrap It)  - Sadie Banks
  10. I Leaned On a Man  - Myrna March
  11. If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sittin' On It  - Georgia White
  12. I Feel Like Laying In Another Woman's Husband's Arms  - Blue Lu Barker
  13. Give It To Him  - Sadie Banks
  14. I'm A Bad Bad Girl  - Little Esther
  15. I Haven't A Thing To Wear  - Faye Richmonde
  16. Drive Me Daddy  -  Stella Johnson
  17. I Don't Want It Second Hand  - Kansas Katie
  18. Come Up and See Me Anytime  - Faye Richmonde
  19. You Can't Tell the Difference In the Dark  - Mae West
  20. Press My Button, Ring My Bell  - Lil Johnson
  21. It's Silk  - India Adams
  22. That's Makes It  - India Adams
  23. Come By Sunday  - Jayne Mansfield
  24. Happy Birthday, Mr. President  - Gypsy Rose Lee
  25. Come By Sunday  - Diana Dors
  26. Let's Do It  - Dorothy Collins

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Big Bill Broonzy   Guitar
Alberta Hunter   Vocals
Memphis Slim   Piano
Marlene Dietrich   Vocals
Clyde McPhatter   Vocals
Helen Humes   Vocals
Dinah Washington   Vocals
Sophie Tucker   Vocals
Mae West   Vocals
Diana Dors   Vocals
Juanita Hall   Vocals
Jayne Mansfield   Vocals
Lil Johnson   Vocals
Black Bob Hudson   Piano
Little Esther   Vocals
Porter Grainger   Piano
John F. Kennedy   Announcer
Georgia White   Vocals
Myrna March   Vocals
Blue Lu Barker   Vocals
Charlie Green   Trombone
Clara Smith   Vocals
Buck Clayton All Stars   Accompaniment
Ray Martin & His Orchestra   Accompaniment
Brooks Caperton   Bass
Ruth Wallis   Vocals
Ted Shapiro   Piano
India Adams   Vocals
Lucky Thompson's All-Stars   Accompaniment
Friedrich Hollaender & Seine Jazz Symphoniker   Accompaniment
Wally Scott & His Orchestra   Accompaniment
Kay Martin   Vocals
Tommy Miles   Guitar
Kansas Katie   Vocals
Gypsy Rose Lee   Vocals
Earle Warren Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Danny Barker's Sextet   Soprano
Tony Cabot   Leader
Sadie Banks   Vocals
Faye Richmonde   Vocals
Claude Hopkins All Stars   Accompaniment
Sid S. Franklin   Leader

Technical Credits

Helen Humes   Composer
Sy Oliver   Orchestra Director
Richard Hayman   Director
Peter Lawford   Introduction
Blue Lu Barker   Composer
Athan Maroulis   Producer,Art Direction,Annotation
Eunah Lee   Graphic Design
Friedrich Hollaender   Composer
Ruth Wallis   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Egnoian   Composer
Peggy Logan   Copy Editing
Liebmann   Composer
Jesus   Composer
Holliday   Composer
Whittaker   Composer
Barbour   Composer
Tony Cabot   Arranger
Sid S. Franklin   Arranger

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