by Ray Gordon

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UFO investigator Grant Wesley has always found himself unsuccessful in his search for alien life. But one day his hard work and curiosity pay off as he stumbles upon a group of extraterrestrials engaging in orgiastic delights.

Following this encounter Grant finds himself blessed with newfound sexual stamina and the ability to control women by mind-power


UFO investigator Grant Wesley has always found himself unsuccessful in his search for alien life. But one day his hard work and curiosity pay off as he stumbles upon a group of extraterrestrials engaging in orgiastic delights.

Following this encounter Grant finds himself blessed with newfound sexual stamina and the ability to control women by mind-power alone. Now his erotic influence seems to know no bounds, and women who ignored him in the past find themselves irresistibly drawn to him. But what strange force lies behind it all?

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Gazing up at the night sky, Grant Wesley, amateur photographer and ardent UFO investigator, shook his head. "Not a bloody thing!" he sighed despairingly. "I'd have been better off going to the pub! Or having a damn good wank!" Wishing he'd brought a battery operated electric vagina with him, he cast his eyes across the dark void of space and focused on the stars forming the plough. If there was life out there, there must be fucking, he reflected, imagining a female alien with two pussy holes and four clitorises.

Watching science-fiction movies and reading books had sparked Grant's interest in aliens. His interest in sex had been ignited by Emma Golding, an ugly girl with a fascination for the penis who'd paid him two pounds to take him into her mouth and suck him to his first orgasm. From that day forward, he'd masturbated almost daily and thought of little other than girls' damp knickers, their wet pussies and hot mouths. And of course, flying saucers.

Did Martians wank? Grant mused idly, scanning the heavens through his binoculars for a flying alien. Becoming bored, he was about to give up his quest when he heard what sounded like whimpering female voices drifting through the warm night air. The whimpers of female orgasm, he wondered, his penis twitching in expectation. Curious, he turned in the direction of the sonorous sound and, focusing on a clump of trees silhouetted by the full moon, trod his way towards the wood.

Cautiously stealing through the undergrowth towards the now unmistakable sound of wailing women, Grant imagined spying on several young couples making wild and passionate love. Those were the days, he reflected nostalgically as he crouched behind a large bush. Whatever happened to Emma Golding?

Unbeknown to Grant, what he was about to discover would dramatically change his life, send his craving for extreme sex plummeting to frightening depths. His curiosity would entice him to fall pray to the evil that lurks within the subconscious - evil that would eventually consume him.

Stifling a gasp as he moved the branches aside, he stared in disbelief at the incredible scene that met his eyes. Curiosity killed the bloody cat, he reflected fearfully, his heart pounding, his breathing unsteady.

Dancing round a fire, a group of stunningly beautiful, naked women were performing what Grant assumed to be an occult ritual. Their curvaceous bodies were youthful, the epitome of female sexuality. Their full vaginal lips swollen, hairless, their breasts firm, Grant gazed in wonderment at the fresh-faced angelic blondes. They were gorgeous, he thought, ogling the girls' pink vaginal cracks.

Two naked, blond young men sitting on a fallen tree were eagerly watching the erotic dancers, their smiling eyes reflecting their appreciation for the nude female form. Clearly depicted by the flickering yellow firelight, their remarkably large penises stood erect, proudly rising between their legs as exemplary monuments to the male species. Lucky bastards, Grant thought enviously, admiring their huge organs.

Fearful and yet highly aroused, wiping beads of sweat from his brow and brushing his black hair away from his face, Grant wondered to which idol the sect were offering their naked bodies. Were they witches? Or were they devil worshippers? Shit, Satan might be lurking. The dance coming to an abrupt halt as one young man stood and raised his hands above his head, Grant watched the bizarre proceedings with bated breath.

Grabbed by the two men, one of the females was forcibly dragged away from the group. Hauled across the clearing, her legs kicking, Grant noticed that her vaginal lips were greatly out of proportion to the rest of her body - swollen, plump. Her milk teats were also grossly exaggerated, at least five times larger than an average nipples.

Her struggling body hauled over the fallen tree, Grant realized that she might well be offered as a sacrifice. Wondering whether to intervene, he bit his lip. Although he was six feet tall, fit and fairly muscular, he doubted that he could overpower the strong young men - and if the women joined in the struggle and helped take him prisoner, there was no telling what might happen. He might end up as the sacrifice, he thought apprehensively as he gazed at the girl's wrestling body. There was nothing he could do, other than observe, he concluded.

Lying with her stomach against the rough bark, her rambling legs spread wide, her buttocks and full vaginal lips blatantly exposed, the girl finally gave up her futile fight, permitting the men to bind her wrists and ankles with rope, securing her trembling body to the tree. Her rounded buttocks taut, the pink opening to her vaginal shaft bared, her naked body defenceless, Grant's fear for the girl's safety heightened.

She'd seemed willing enough to participate in the dance, Grant reflected. Had she not known that she might be chosen as the sacrifice? Perhaps she'd been tricked into joining the group? Maybe she'd been led to believe that the invitation was to a party, an orgy in the woods? His mouth hanging open, he watched one of the men position himself behind the tethered girl, his massive penis in his hand, his heavy balls rolling, fully laden. Perhaps he was only going to give her a good fuck, Grant thought with some relief, a slight smile furling his lips as the girl projected her taut buttocks, apparently offering her feminine intimacy to the male.

The girl's vaginal lips visibly swelling, parting as the man's ballooning knob ran up and down her drenched crevice, Grant thought of his girlfriend, Karen, wishing she was more adventurous in bed. Karen was an extremely attractive girl in her early twenties, but she was shy and reserved when it came to sharing her body with Grant. He'd gently coaxed her, encouraged her to relax and open herself to him, but she'd always remained stilted, uneasy with her nakedness.

Karen was too beautiful, too sexually attractive, for her own good, Grant reflected. She'd unwittingly rouse men's base instincts with her big blue eyes, her pink tongue as she provocatively licked her full red lips. Her breasts were firm, conical, crowned with long nipples that stood proud through her blouse. She usually wore short skirts, unthinkingly showing off her long legs, her shapely thighs. In her naivety, she was blissfully unaware of the men's eyes ogling her curvaceous body as she walked along the street - oblivious to their male thoughts of sex.

Grant had bought Karen a vibrator in an effort to awaken her sexuality, but she'd shunned the idea of female masturbation - especially with the aid of a sex-toy. Karen's idea of sex was to lie on her back with her legs parted just enough for Grant to penetrate her tight vagina. She'd gasp a little, make the odd murmuring noise, but they were gasps and murmurs of displeasure. She would grimace, waiting for Grant to finish with her body, to slip his penis out of her unaccommodating vagina and leave her to sleep.

She'd never had an orgasm, so she'd told Grant when they'd first met. "Women don't have to climax during sex," she'd said in way of an excuse for what she obviously saw as her failing. Grant had laughed, sure that he'd bring her one multiple orgasm after another once he'd lured her into his bed. But his clitoral licking, his vaginal tonguing, had done nothing to stimulate Karen. She hadn't even bothered faking an orgasm, which had disappointed Grant, leaving him wondering at his ability to turn women on.

"Veneris!" the males chanted, breaking Grant's reverie as the young man's penis drove into the whimpering girl's vagina. "Veneris! Come unto us, Veneris, our Goddess of carnality! We invite you to witness this enforced sexual coupling to show our allegiance to you!"

Frowning as he watched the man's solid organ sink further into the girl's naked body, Grant's penis suddenly ballooned, becoming painfully hard within his tight jeans. Grimacing, he manipulated his crotch, desperately trying to manoeuvre his swollen member into a comfortable position. His eyes widening with terror, he stared, dumbstruck, as finger-like shafts of green light reached down from the trees and touched each member of the group.

Adrenalin coursing through his veins, Grant was about to creep away from his hide and make his escape from whatever evil had been called upon when a shaft of light meandered towards him, bathing his trembling body with its green hue. Sperm suddenly gushing from his orgasming penis as the light played around his crotch, his climax painfully intensified. His sperm drenching his balls, soaking his jeans, he fell back, clutching his solid organ, virtually unable to bear the immense pleasure emanating from his throbbing glans. The girl suddenly crying out as her enforced orgasm rocked her leashed body, Grant jumped to his feet, dropping his binoculars as he bolted through the undergrowth as fast as he could.

Well away from the wood, Grant stopped running, leaning over and resting his hands on his knees, panting for breath. "Jesus!" he gasped, gripping his still solid penis through his saturated jeans, "I've never come like that in my life!" Finally composing himself, he walked down the moonlit hill to his car, wondering whether he'd imagined the uncanny green light. "I didn't imagine my spunk!" he muttered, climbing into his car and adjusting the wet crotch of his jeans as he drove off.

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