Sexual Aspects of Headaches

Sexual Aspects of Headaches

by Seymour Diamond

ISBN-10: 0823660710

ISBN-13: 9780823660711

Pub. Date: 01/01/1992

Publisher: International Universities Press, Incorporated

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International Universities Press, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

1A Brief History of Headache1
Pt. IHeadaches Related to Coitus
2Sexuality and Headache21
3Headaches Related to Sexual Intercourse31
4Headaches Related to Sexual Activity51
5Benign Coital Cephalalgia: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment63
6The Benign and Malignant Forms of Orgasmic Cephalgia75
7Sexual Headaches Occurring in Cluster Headache Patients79
Pt. IIHeadaches and the Menstrual Cycle
8Menstrual Migraine and Other Hormonal Aspects of Migraine93
9Headache and the Female Reproductive Cycle103
10The Influence of Progesterone and Estradiol Upon Migraine117
11Intermittent Prophylaxis of Menstrual Migraine: A Pilot Study with a Timed-Release Pharmacological Formulation of Dihydroergotamine135
12Flufenamic Acid in Prostaglandin Migraine141
13Menstrual Headache149
14Menstrual Migraine Headache: Results of a Controlled, Experimental Outcome Study of Nondrug Treatments165
Pt. IIIHeadaches and Oral Contraceptives
15Clinical Aspects of Headache in Healthy Women and in Women Taking Hormonal Fertility Control Treatment181
16Headache and Oral Contraceptives: A Study of 159 Selected Cases193
17Headache and Treatment with Oral Contraceptives209
18Migraine and Oral Contraceptives227
19The Relationship of Migraine Headache and Stroke to Oral Contraceptive Use237
Pt. IVHeadaches During Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Puerperium
20A Study of Migraine in Pregnancy259
21The Outcome of Pregnancy in Women Suffering from Migraine271
22Cluster Headache in Women: Endocrine Findings and Occurrence in Relation to Reproductive Life283
23Headaches After Childbirth293
Pt. VHeadaches and Interpersonal Relations
24Marital Migraine: A Refractory Daily Headache309
25The Concubine Syndrome: An Example of Interactionism in the Clinical Assessment of Headache319
26Marital Adjustment of Headache Sufferers and Their Spouses331
27Migraine Headaches and Marriage and Family Happiness: An Ecobehavioral Approach341
28Prior Physical and Sexual Abuse in Women with Chronic Headache: Clinical Correlates367
29Headaches and Early Child Abuse379
Pt. VITestosterone Levels, AIDS, Menopause, and Gender: Some Neglected Topics in Headache Research
30Testosterone Levels in Cluster and Noncluster Migrainous Headache Patients395
31Headache in AIDS403
32Menopausal Migraine413
33Women Have Headaches, Men Have Backaches: Patterns of Illness in an Appalachian Community431
34Sexuality, Headaches, and Sexual Headaches: Survey Findings in a Headache Treatment Center and Research Foundation455
Name Index477
Subject Index481

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