Sexual Bewitchery and other Ancient Feminine Wiles

Sexual Bewitchery and other Ancient Feminine Wiles

by Barrie Dolnick, Donna Limoges, Julia Condon

Within every woman is a goddess. By tuning in to your innate sense of your feminine skills you can unleash hidden powers that can transform you into an innocent wildflower or a daring vamp. This intuitive guide with help you to resurrect those elusive and erotic talents.

All women possess the power to he alluring and mysterious-but few know how to use it wisely.


Within every woman is a goddess. By tuning in to your innate sense of your feminine skills you can unleash hidden powers that can transform you into an innocent wildflower or a daring vamp. This intuitive guide with help you to resurrect those elusive and erotic talents.

All women possess the power to he alluring and mysterious-but few know how to use it wisely. Whether you re seducing the man of your dreams or trying to meet Him, it is within you to conjure potent magic to create passion, connection and fulfillment.

The authors draw on their combined knowledge to teach you how to focus on your natural beauty, intelligence, sexuality and innate psychic skills to access those ancient feminine wiles. By using basic exercises, you can connect to the energy the universe offers and use the fur elements (fire, earth, air, and water) to enhance your sensual powers. You will be guided, step-by-step, in discovering the distinctive scents, colors, fabrics, and foods that ignite his passion...and yours.

Sexual Bewitchery is not just about sex, it's about celebrating your womanhood and using your inborn wisdom to attract hove and find fulfillment. Whether you re married, single, involved or alone, this book is the perfect medium to help you explore new areas of pleasure...and make you one with the one you love.

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Shadows cast
and room aglow
Woman is power;
that men know.
Soft in touch
but hot with fire
Woman roil ecstasy
higher and higher.

Seductress, Vixen, Enchantress, Sorceress, Charmer, Siren

Which one are you?

No easy answer? No wonder!

We've forgotten, lost, or otherwise abandoned a truly feminine power seduction!

Enough whining and moaning about how men do us wrong. We've got the power to do and have what we want in a relationship. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten how to use that power. We don't even realize that our ancient feminine heritage is still alive and well inside that GAP-clad unisex world of ours.

We will set you back on track by helping you realize your feminine power and how to use it. This process requires only a few initial changes:

Leave your corporate strategy in the office.
Stop trying to be like a man (for Goddess's sake, you're not).
Trade in your cell phone for some quiet time.
Add a lunar calendar to your Filofax.
Don't use CNN for all your info; try tuning in to your intuition.
Escape the concrete jungle and suburban sprawl with a walk in the park.

You need to remember that your feminine power is with you everywhere you go. The source of the feminine is all around you--in nature, the moon, the earth. You can amplify this power with scents, colors, and flowers to make it more real to you and others. The more you notice and bring nature into your life, the more natural using your feminine powers will be. Don't worry, you won't be trailing scarves and scent wherever you go.

Your feminine allure will parallel your own personal style. Katharine Hepburn was sexy and she didn't gettoo frilly.

Lest you're concerned that you need to join a coven or buy a caldron to be bewitching, rest assured you don't have to be within the witch tradition to do this. Every woman is born with mystery: the magic of creation, allure, and magnetism It's such an innate force you don't even notice it, which simply means that you_re not using it to its fullest potential. Bewitchery is the power to enchant, and all women have that within them. You just need to focus it.

The feminine archetype has been around since prehistory it is that of the vessel, the mother, the fertile holder of potential. You can embrace any and all parts of this nature. Just don't ignore it, or you leave behind your mystical powers. Women really are the true creators, who give birth to reality, and men are the manifestors, who build reality. It is more powerful to work with what comes naturally, than to try to do both. Women are just better at intuition and creativity, the yin, a more receptive energy; while men are better at the scientific and practical, the yang, an action oriented energy.

Even if you have to fight for recognition or reward in your job, don't stop being a woman. You are much more effective using your feminine energy, than trying to emulate a man. (If nothing else, men react better to women as women than to women acting as men.)

Also, forget what the fashion magazines tell you; there is not just one look for a woman--it doesn't exist. You don't have to be young to be beautiful, or thin, for that matter. The older you get the more intriguing you become, which is an allure many men enjoy. Really. Just think about it, it's the difference between a novel and a short story--a novel needs more time to develop the plot and interest.

Sexual Bewitchery tells you how to use your emotional passionate, intellectual physical, and psychic energy to heighten sensual and sexual pleasure in your life, to attract, to tease. to play with men.

This book isn't just about sex; it is about the magic of allure and enticement.

To illustrate our point, we'll turn to our favorite screen stars. Consider the old movie stars whose allure was strong without flaunting their bodies; sex appeal without a sledgehammer versus their current counterparts.

Today Yesterday Persona
Madonna Marilyn Monroe Sexy sirens
Goldie Hawn Carole Lombard Dizy dames
Sharon Stone Marlene Dietrich Tough cookies
Julia Roberts Rita Hayworth Femme fatales
Demi Moore Sophia Loren Lusty dishes

First of all, if you haven't heard of or seen the stars of yesteryear, go to the video store, now. You'll learn a lot just by watching them.

The difference between today's female stars and those of the past is obvious: the art of seduction, repartee, and flirtation was far more important in the past. They didn't have to buy new breasts or go without underwear to get a guy, and neither do you.

Allure is a fabulous sexual magnet, and half the fun of physical pleasure is the anticipation of arriving at your goal. You can create mystery, passion, secrecy, immediacy, and risk (safely) by knowing what to use and how to use it.

What If I m not in a relationship?
You don't have to have a partner. (We like to call him a consort.) We'll give you the tools and techniques to attract any number of eligible suitors.

Do I have to be psychic?
No, you just have to be a woman with a pulse. We don't think they've identified the "bewitching" gene, but it's there. somewhere. We've all got it and we'll help you find yours. (And no, it is not as elusive as a G spot.)

Will this change the nature of how I have sex?
We believe you'll use this book forever. Enough said?

Do I have to learn to twitch my nose?
Nah. It's too obvious. We'll give you more subtle magic.

Do I have to become a fragile, fainting flower?
Absolutely not. Being feminine does not mean kowtowing to anyone or tying yourself to the railroad tracks. Using your feminine bewitchery means you draw what you want to you, how you do that is up to you. This power gives you the ability to be vulnerable and soft without giving anything away.

Sexual Bewitchery reacquaints you with your innate feminine conjuring talents so you can enjoy sensual and sexual pleasures. You'll use scents, colors, fabrics, even foods, to fuel psychic means of attraction.

With our exercises you'll be able to heighten your pleasure and his, not to mention learn how to refresh your love life with new and daring scenarios. You'll also learn to solve any problems you might come across in your amorous pursuits. You'll be a full-fledged psychic seductress in no time.

Copyright ) 1998 by Barrie Dolnick, Julia Condon, and Donna Limoges

Sexual Bewitchery and other Ancient Feminine Wiles. Copyright © by Barrie Dolnick. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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