Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges: 69 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges: 69 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

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by Christi Scofield, Ted Scofield

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Spice Up Your Sex Life with Sexy Slang!See more details below


Spice Up Your Sex Life with Sexy Slang!

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Have you ever wanted to bring up a topic in the bedroom but felt awkward doing so? Have you looked for ways to break the ice when it comes to potentially taboo subjects? If so, Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges is perfect for you. This book offers a playful and unintimidating way to introduce sexual dialogue and new ideas into your relationship. By exploring body parts, toys, positions, and everything in between, we will get you talking about sexual topics that you thought you would never be able to discuss with your partner, much less actually try! Each topic offers a new his or her challenge that can help open up communication with your lover in a fun, lighthearted way.

In 2008, we launched the Sexy Slang board game, best described as a mix of Pictionary and charades, but with 500 naughty terms. Within weeks of the game's launch, fans amazed us with stories about how playing the game had opened up opportunities for them to talk to their lovers and spouses about sexual topics that were normally difficult to discuss or were even left unspoken. If a game can have such a positive impact on people's relationships, we asked ourselves, imagine what a book could do? You will soon find out!

In keeping with the fun, lighthearted mood of our Sexy Slang games and other products, we created Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges so that it captures some of the exciting play found in our Sexy Slang board game. The challenges will have you laughing as you and your lover guess the Sexy Slang pictograms, try your hand at describing them, and answer insightful questions. Don't worry; it's not an inquisition. Most of the questions don't have a wrong answer. Our goal is to make sure you win that BOOTY PRIZE as often as possible! You'll find that some of the pictograms are more challenging than others, and some of the terms aren't exactly slang. That's okay. We've included topics that we believe are important for couples to discuss, and we're confident you'll have a great time doing so. So why not loosen up, have fun, and put some "vajayjay" into your vocabulary? (If you're not sure what that means, just keep reading.) Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges is the perfect book to allow you to laugh and lighten the mood while getting closer to your lover.


How to Use This Book

Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges contains 69 his-and-her challenges covering a wide variety of sexual topics. Each challenge poses three questions that must be answered to "score" the challenge's BOOTY PRIZE.

Without a doubt, some of the topics are more risqué than others. If you're not comfortable with a topic, feel free to skip it. We've included a wide range of challenges based on feedback we've received from Sexy Slang fans.

Start with chapter 1 or with whatever topic turns you on. Play a game with your lover as you attempt to guess the term represented by the Sexy Slang pictogram and then try to define it. Not all of the terms are strictly slang, and not all of the pictograms are particularly difficult to guess, but we think you'll enjoy them nonetheless.

Flip the page to read some fun facts and titillating tidbits about the topic, and then learn more about each other as you answer three questions that relate to it. Celebrate your newfound knowledge with the BOOTY PRIZE!

Guess the term...
Define it if you can...
Read the fun facts...
Answer the questions...

Celebrate with the BOOTY PRIZE!


She guesses what Sexy Slang term the pictogram represents, tries to define the term, and answers the questions. He reads the page to her and delivers the BOOTY PRIZE.


He guesses, tries to define the Sexy Slang term, and answers the questions. She reads the page to him and delivers the BOOTY PRIZE.


Start at the beginning of the book, or open to any pictogram. If you're searching for something specific, you'll see that the chapters are organized into broad categories. For example, if you're game for "a walk on the wild side," go directly to chapter 8.

Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges is designed to be "interactive." We suggest keeping the book on a nightstand or in your goodie drawer (see chapter 7 if you don't know what that term means), somewhere it is easily accessible when the need "arises." (Pardon the pun.) Most importantly, have fun! If a topic is too intimidating for either of you or simply not your cup of tea, move on. Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges contains topics and challenges for all levels of sexual experience. What one reader finds offensive, another may find ho-hum.

Our goal is to entertain and educate, but if you're not comfortable with a featured sexual practice or subject matter, skip to the next one.

The goal of Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges is to break down the barriers of bedroom communication. To do so, you must...communicate. Talk, laugh, blush, moan, sigh...wink, wiggle, whisper. Be open and honest with each other. That is the true challenge, and we hope you succeed.

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