The Shadow Line

The Shadow Line

3.5 2
by Joseph Conrad

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The Shadow Line 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous 4 days ago
Name &infin Shadowstar <p> Gender &infin Shecat <p> Rank &infin Leader <p> Personality &infin Shadowstar is an adventure-seeking cat who is fun to be with. She is calm and collected. Everybody is her friend, and as long as they respect her, she will respect them. She is unafraid of challenges, and faces them bravely, head on. She is overly protective of people, and will fight for them and stick up for them no matter what. Sometimes she will act like a kit, though. Be warned. <p> Appearance &infin Shadowstar has a black pelt with dark grey stripes, a bit like a tiger's. They are almost as dark as the rest of her and from a distance they are invisible. She has vivid emerald green eyes. Her right ear is badly cut from a recent battle. <p> History &infin Shadowstar was born in RiverClan in the midst of the Battle of Fates. She soon fleed camp an escaped to the mountains, where she lived most of her life. After that, she was taken to RockClan where she was appointed deputy, thnlen became leader. <p> Family &infin <br> Parents &infin Lightstorm and Stonepelt <br> Siblings &infin Crystalfrost, Dapplebreeze, Lightningclaw <br> Others &infin Stoneshine is her aunt on her mother's side, and Dawnsky and Lilypetal are her cousins. <p> Crush &infin Nettle <p> Mate &infin No <p> Kits &infin No <p> Other &infin Her warrior name is &#167h&alpha&delta&oslash&omega&#1g&ell&iota&#331&tau, her nine lives ceremony is at 'star trail' res one, and she hates swimming. Other others, just ask. &#12484 <p> ~&#167hort &infin &xi&#1ternity &#50751
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great sea story filled with adventure. Recommended.