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Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot

Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot

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by Elisabeth Elliot

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“More than inspirational reading: it belongs to the very heartbeat of evangelic witness.” —Christianity Today



“More than inspirational reading: it belongs to the very heartbeat of evangelic witness.” —Christianity Today


Shadow of the Almighty is one of the great missionary stories of modern times. It is the life and testament of Jim Elliot, as told by Elliot’s widow, author and evangelist Elisabeth Elliot Gren. Shadow of the Almighty is the true account of Elliot's martyrdom, along with four fellow missionaries, at the hands of Ecuador’s Huaorani Indians. About this important and enlightening book, Eugenia Price writes, “It proves that Jesus Christ will bring bright creativity out of any shadow which might fall across any life and any love.” A story that has inspired Christian readers for more than half a century, it poignantly recounts a tragic event that was presented from Huaorani perspective in the 2006 feature motion picture, End of the Spear.

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Shadow of the Almighty

The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot
By Elizabeth Elliot

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2005 Elizabeth Elliot
All right reserved.

ISBN: 006062213X

Chapter One

Strong Roots

Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our Cod.

Toward the middle of the nineteenth century the hardwood bush country of Ontario between Lake Huron and Lake Erie was still semi-frontier. Among the many who were attracted there by the promise of good cheap land were the Elliots, from a clan of the southern border of Scotland. They settled a hundred miles west of Toronto, near Molesworth, a tiny country village comprising two general stores, a schoolhouse, lodge hall, two blacksmith shops, and two churches. Of these last, the Elliots naturally chose the Presbyterian kirk. The choice was an auspicious one, for it was here that they encountered the MacAllisters, a family from the north of Scotland. Sunday after Sunday the eight Elliot children associated with the eleven MacAllister children. These friendships eventually led to four Elliot-McAllistey marriages, which in turn produced thirty-six double cousins.

One of the four couples, John and Margaret Elliot, owned a small frame house on a hill, surrounded by orchards and grazing land. John was a hard-working stock-trader, respected for his square dealing, eager that his eight children should learn the value of honest labor. Opportunity for this was not lacking. There was stock to feed in the barns during the long winter from September to May, a large woodhouse to keep filled behind the kitchen, crops to plant and hoe, reap and store, maple sap to collect and boil down, and of course cows to milk and chickens to feed. Often added to these were household chores, for the children's mother was subject to frequent violent attacks of asthma, and these finally necessitated the oldest son Fred's being taken out of school to help at home. Denied the remainder of his formal education, he became an avid reader ...


Excerpted from Shadow of the Almighty by Elizabeth Elliot Copyright © 2005 by Elizabeth Elliot. Excerpted by permission.
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Meet the Author

Elisabeth Elliot is the author of These Strange Ashes, Through Gates of Splendor, Passion and Purity, and A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael. She lives in Massachusetts.

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Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GoFrogs More than 1 year ago
This book is thought-provoking and really provides insight into the inner struggles and victories of Jim Elliot. It pushed me to consider the ways I spend my time and evaluate what truly bears spiritual fruit and what is useless. Jim's journal entries are just that - his journal, not a story. This book is a little hard to read only because it isn't a story and reading someone's diary can get boring at times.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a rare find. It portrays the radical view of Jim Elliot- one who truly displayed what it means to deny oneself, take up one's cross and follow Christ sanctified not only from the world, but from compromising Christian Culture as well. If read with an open heart, this book can change your life entirely.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is put together from the letters and journals of Jim Elliot, and records his spiritual growth and his relationship with God. It is inspiring to see the prayers and meditations of a man I look to as a role model, who put God first, even though that meant dying in the jungles of Ecuador. It has wonderful insights on life as a Christian, and when I read it I felt as if I had made a friend, really gotten to know Jim Elliot.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is slightly boring. Then again I don't enjoy reading. (I'm a teenager). I did enjoy Bruchko by Bruce Olson though which is the same theme of Shadow of The Almighty. There is more action in Bruchko.