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Shadow of the Dragon: Book One, Kira

Shadow of the Dragon: Book One, Kira

4.8 5
by Kate O'Hearn

Under no circumstances are girls ever allowed anywhere near dragons! The penalty for any girl caught breaking First Law is death!


Under no circumstances are girls ever allowed anywhere near dragons! The penalty for any girl caught breaking First Law is death!

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Julia Beiker
Our young angry heroine, Kira, shows strong personal character and extreme leadership skills as she keeps her little sister safe from the evil King. Hidden in the bush, Kira and young Elspeth must watch as the King's men make hostages of their parents and siblings. They will be taken to the palace where her other sister will be thrown into prison because the King hates girls. Her only brother, Dane, will train to become a dragon fighter, which seems unfair when only she dreams of such a fate. Now on their own, Kira and Elspeth head towards the mountain where the most notorious dragon, the Rogue, resides. Will the dragon kill or hide them? Do they ever reunite with their family? Does Kira learn to finally tame and ride a real dragon? How will they be able to free their family and fulfill the prophecy that leaves the King in fear of harmless little girls? The author Kate O'Hearn has created an original and intriguing novel of what happens when an overzealous teenager must learn through hard knocks that she must give to take. Our heroine mirrors characteristics that all parents hope to see in their own daughters—determination and compassion. This simple but complex plot takes a few twists and turns before the reader finds out what motivates the King and why a stranger seeks out and helps Kira and Elspeth. The realistic settings and creative plot make the next book in the "Shadow of the Dragon" series a must read. Reviewer: Julia Beiker
VOYA - Julie Watkins
Twelve-year-old Kira's peaceful world has been shattered. As a result of the coming war, King Arden has commanded all retired knights, including Kira's father, back into service. While her mother, father, and brother are to report to the palace to fulfill their obligations, Kira and her sisters are ordered to the notorious Lasser Commons prison for the "crime" of being unmarried girls. When the evil Lord Dorcon and his knights come for her family, Kira and her younger sister Elspeth narrowly escape their clutches. Now with a death warrant on their heads, Kira and Elspeth's only chance for survival lies in the shelter of the neighboring mountain. It is a mysterious place fraught with danger and guarded by a fearsome dragon known as Rogue. Here the sisters will discover their true strength, and Kira will find she is the key to the fulfillment of a prophecy that will forever change the course of the kingdom. This exhilarating story captures the reader's interest from the opening interaction between Kira and her parents to the breathless conclusion. The underlying theme that girls are capable of anything infuses the novel, and the heroine's bravery and spunk will particularly appeal to older junior and high school female readers. Fortunately the wide-open ending leaves plenty of room for a sequel to this stellar first novel. One cautionary note: there are scenes of violence and death throughout, although the depiction is not overly graphic. Reviewer: Julie Watkins
School Library Journal
Gr 5–8—Kira is almost 13 and, by law and at her parents' insistence, must be married by her birthday or be sent to prison. She is devastated as she secretly dreams of working with dragons, though she knows it's illegal. She goes for a walk, followed by her younger sister, Elspeth, who tends to shadow Kira's every move. While they are gone, their family is captured by Lord Dorcan, who believes that Kira's father has wronged him. Her father and brother are sent to the dragon army, a sister is imprisoned, and their mother is made a servant. Kira and Elspeth flee to a mountain where a rogue dragon lives, and Elspeth's powers with animals allow them to tame one of his offspring. The girls are befriended by a wizard who tells them of a prophecy that a girl with a dragon will bring down the king. The sisters and their brother Dane separately begin to bring about what the king fears most: the loss of his kingdom and power. The story alternates narratives between Kira and Dane, which serves to heighten the suspense as things race toward a confrontation. At times the events seem a bit too convenient, but on the whole the adventure is exciting and fast paced. The characters are well rounded and believable. Shadow will be popular with fans of Anne McCaffrey's "Harper Hall" trilogy (S & S).—Saleena L. Davidson, South Brunswick Public Library, Monmouth Junction, NJ
Kirkus Reviews
Entering the crowded field of middle-grade high-fantasy series featuring feisty heroines and dragons, this largely predictable first novel fails to distinguish itself from the herd. The setting is a generic rural kingdom where girls are forbidden to read and must marry by age 13. After evil Lord Dorcon torches the family farm and marches their parents and siblings off to serve the king, Kira, 12, and Elspeth, seven, magically able to communicate with animals, evade capture in a cave on a mountain that's home to a rogue dragon and its mate. During their cave sojourn, the girls rescue and raise the dragons' hatchling, but pursued by Dorcon and the hatchling's parents, they flee again, this time to the castle of Paradon, a wizard with an uneven track record. In a second plotline, their brother Dane, whose ambition is farming, is drafted into the dragon-riding arm of the military. Characters-the dragons excepted-are flat. The story comes to life whenever the girls escape, but adult characters repeatedly step in and take the initiative from them, making this an ultimately disempowering contribution to the genre. (Fantasy. 9-12)

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Kane/Miller Book Publishers
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5.60(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.30(d)
680L (what's this?)
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10 - 15 Years

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Shadow of the Dragon: Book One, Kira 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
harris11 More than 1 year ago
My daughter loved this book. She loves to ride any story that is about dragons and once she opened the cover and began reading, she could not put it down. Many nights I found her reading in her bed well past bedtime on a school night with this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Get ready for a wild ride into the future! Written by Kate O’Hearn, Shadow of the Dragon—Book One: Kira tells about 12-year-old soon-to-be-married Kira who lives under the threat of First Law a law that is forceful on girls in the reign of a cruel monarchy. When the king attacks Kira's family, Kira is forced into a new world of violence and dragons when taking care of her younger sister Elspeth is hard enough. Experience the twist and turns in Kira's life by reading Shadow of the Dragon—Book One: Kira; a book filled with excitement, a book definitely worthy of reading. Raina Z.
tamsue75 More than 1 year ago
good story line and appropriate for my preteen really holds her interest
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this book is very tense, but so fun to read! you hardly ever want to put it down. the characters are described great, and you can almost feel the emotion. i loved this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago