Shadows On Smoke

Shadows On Smoke

by James M. Maloney

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Maloney is expert at sketching unique characters in a few short sentences, using dialogue so realistic you'll swear you're eavesdropping on a real conversation. One scene in an auto repair shop is enough to do all of this: introduce Dundee's infuriating client Marinda in all of her color-coordinated glory; intimate that the no-nonsense garage owner Kate has a bit of a crush on Dundee; and explain that the detective is only using the booze to shut out painful flashbacks of combat in Vietnam.

Maloney's ease with characterization, which includes a multifaceted profile of the suspected criminal, will compel readers to follow a story that revolves around a rather esoteric topic: stamp collecting. The author is a lifelong writer and a retired creative writing teacher, and thus has all the tools to make it work. By varying the pace, throwing in some entertaining red herrings, and doling out clues carefully, Maloney reveals just enough to keep readers hooked until the tension-filled conclusion.

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