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Shakespeare the Man

Shakespeare the Man

by Alfred L. Rowse

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"As a historian of Elizabethan culture [Rowse] helpfully interrelates Shakespeare the man and his plays and poems with the personalities, the politics, the outstanding events of the age...[Rowse] is very good reading...his authoritarian tone rather bracing after the timidities of most of us in the establishment, always fearful of declaring ourselves." --The New York Times

"A book [which] ought to delight general readers and scholars alike...[Rowse] brings historical perspective to the usual account of Shakespeare as Stratfor boy and London actor...bold authority becomes daring speculation as the historian sweeps through the sonnets with a new theory." --Library Journal

"[Rowse] describes the rich background of Shakespeare's life and works. He dismisses the notion that little is known about Shakespeare but show him a very 'much a reading man', traveling frequently between London and Stratford. Rowse's Shakespeare is untroubled by the mental strain and dilemmas that vex his dramatic characters. This is no psychological study but a straightforward historical narrative. We should be grateful that he, it seems, has rescued the Dark Lady from her literary limbo." --Christian Science Monitor

"This book is certainly enjoyably good reading." —Economist

"Tone and substance suggest that Dr. Rowse is casting is net to capture a...popular kind of readership...he has the touch...a new and controversial thesis." --Times (of London) Literary Supplement

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