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Dorian Recordings


  1. My Lord of Oxenford's Mask [From Thomas Morley's "The First Booke of Consort Lessons"]
  2. Robin Is to the Greenwood Gone
  3. Bonny Sweet Boy
  4. Greensleeves, English folk song
  5. Take, O Take Those Lips Away
  6. Where the Bee Sucks for voice & lute
  7. Full Fathom Five, for baritone voice & lute
  8. O Deathe, Rock Me A-Sleepe
  9. Fortune My Foe, P62
  10. Robin is to the Greenwood Gone
  11. Light o' Love
  12. Misteresse Mine, Well May You Fare, for voice, lute & bass viol
  13. Darke is my Delight
  14. Packington's Pound
  15. There Were Three Ravens, for voice(s) & ensemble
  16. Pavane d'Espagne: Improvisation
  17. Green Garters
  18. Kemp's Gigue
  19. Come My Celia, Let Us Prove for voice & lute
  20. Have You Seen but a White Lily Grow? for baritone voice & lute
  21. Care-Charming Sleep, for high voice & lute
  22. Der Satyrn Tanz
  23. Come Away, Hecate, for soprano voice, baritone voice & lute
  24. The first Witches Dance
  25. The Second Witches Dance
  26. Tarletones Risurrectione for lute, P59
  27. Now the lusty spring is seen
  28. The Jew's Dance, The, for lute & recorder [from Thomas Morley's "The First Booke of Consort Lessons"]
  29. It Was a Lover and His Lass, for voice, lute & bass viol
  30. Lavolto
  31. La Coronto
  32. Fortune My Foe
  33. The Willow Song

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