Shalom Israel: Sea of Galilee

Shalom Israel: Sea of Galilee


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  1. Jerusalem of Gold
  2. David Melech Israel Medley: David Melech Israel (David King of Israel)
  3. Halleluyah
  4. Adon Alam (Lord of the Universe)
  5. Hava Nagila (Let Us Rejoice)
  6. Hevenu Shalom Alechem (We Have Brought Peace to You)
  7. Hine Ma Tov (Behold How God)
  8. Ufduyei Adonai (And the Redeemed of the Lord Shall Return)
  9. Esa Einai (I'll Lift Up My Eyes)
  10. Sisu et Yerushalayim-Hora Medley: Sisu V'simchu (Rejoice and Be Glad)
  11. Ose Shalom (He Who Makes Peace)
  12. Mashiach (Messiah)
  13. Hine lo Yanum (He Who Keeps Israel)
  14. Israel Hora Medley: Shir Sameach (A Happy Song)/Lo el Sachar (Hora ...)
  15. Hatikvah (Israel's National Anthem)

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