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by Santana

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Release Date:
Sbme Special Mkts.


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Santana   Primary Artist
Michael Shrieve   Drums
Siedah Garrett   Background Vocals
Seal   Vocals
Rene Toledo   Steel Guitar
Plácido Domingo   Vocals
Alejandro Lerner   Vocals
Dennis Chambers   Drums,Musician
Rusty Anderson   Electric Guitar
Bashiri Johnson   Percussion
Ed Calle   Saxophone
Jeremy Cohen   Strings
Brian Collier   Drums
Jeff Cressman   Trombone,Musician
David Crockett   Percussion,Drums
Dido   Vocals
Myron Dove   Musician
Joseph Edelberg   Strings
Clarence Greenwood   Rhythm Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Tony Lindsay   Vocals,Musician
Jody Linscott   Percussion
Manny López   Acoustic Guitar
Meshell Ndegeocello   Bass
Lester Mendez   Percussion,Keyboards
Rick Nowels   Acoustic Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Bill Ortiz   Trumpet,Musician
Karl Perazzo   Percussion,Conga,Drums,Timbales,Background Vocals,Musician
Tim Pierce   Guitar
Raul Rekow   Conga,Background Vocals,Musician
Lee Sklar   Bass
Chester Thompson   Organ,Piano,Keyboards,fender rhodes,Musician,Hammond B3
Arturo Velasco   Trombone
Marty Wehner   Trombone
KC Porter   Keyboards,Electric Piano,Background Vocals
Sister Bliss   Keyboards
Carlos Santana   Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Timbales,Vocals,Background Vocals,Rainstick,Musician,Guitar (Nylon String),Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Jose Gaviria   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Paquito Hechavarria   Piano
Kike Santander   Background Vocals
Dawn Beckman   Background Vocals
Ulises Bella   Tenor Saxophone
John Ginty   Organ,Keyboards
Jim Schallenberger   Strings
Pauline Taylor   Background Vocals
Shelene Thomas   Background Vocals
Andreas Allen   Turntables
Paul Ehrlich   Strings
Ozomatli   Background Vocals
Dave Randall   Electric Guitar
Aubrey Nunn   Bass
Macy Gray   Vocals
Governor   Vocals
Sebastian Arocha Morton   Hammond B3
Jesus Jorge   Trombone,Trumpet
Asfru Sierra   Trumpet,Background Vocals
Fernando Tobon   Bass,Mandolin,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals,cuatro
Sy Smith   Background Vocals
Mark Bates   Keyboards
Julius Melendez   Trumpet
Marika Hughes   Strings
Chad Kroeger   Vocals
Wil-Dog Abers   Bass
Raúl Pacheco   Rhythm Guitar
Jiro Yamaguchi   talking drum
Musiq (Soulchild)   Vocals
Melky Jean   Vocals
Jeeve   Rhythm Guitar
Shango Dely   Conga,Shekere,Kenyan Drum
JB Eckl   Rhythm Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
Benny Reitveld   Bass,Musician
Michelle Branch   Vocals,Background Vocals
Ed Adair   Guitar
Wuv   Drums
Marcos   Guitar
Traa   Bass
Klaus Derendorf   Rhythm Guitar
Andrés Múnera   Keyboards
Joseph Hérbert   Strings
Kenny "The Human Orchestra" Muhammed   Vocals
Niki Harris   Background Vocals
R.J. Ronquillo   Guitar
Emily Onderdonk   Strings
Andy Vargas   Vocals,Musician
René Martinez   Acoustic Guitar
Martin McCory   Acoustic Guitar
Sonny   Vocals
Cory Rooney   Background Vocals
Juan Losada   Percussion
Louis Conte   Percussion
Dayona Pringle   Vocals
Sarah Knutson   Strings
Rodney Blade   Drums
Ola Taylor   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Michael Shrieve   Composer,Producer,Horn Arrangements
Gabor Szabo   Composer
Jorge Santana   Management
Alejandro Lerner   Composer
Dallas Austin   Composer,Producer
Howard Benson   Producer
Jeff Cressman   Horn Arrangements
Clive Davis   Producer
Jim Gaines   Engineer
Chris Garcia   Engineer
Clarence Greenwood   Composer,Producer
Stephen Hart   Engineer
Jean Hébrail   Composer
Angélique Kidjo   Composer
Eddie Kramer   Engineer
Bill Malina   Engineer
Meshell Ndegeocello   Additional Production
Lester Mendez   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Horn Arrangements
Phil Nicolo   Engineer
Rick Nowels   Composer,Producer
Bill Ortiz   Horn Arrangements
Karl Perazzo   Composer
L.A. Reid   Executive Producer
Raul Rekow   Composer
Steve Russell   Engineer
Jose Sanchez   Engineer
Dan Shea   Programming,Producer
Rick Sheppard   Pro-Tools
Javier Vazquez   Composer
Rob Thomas   Composer
Andy Grassi   Engineer
Hal Miller   Spiritual Advisor
Luis Quine   Engineer
Randy Wine   Engineer
KC Porter   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming,Concept
David Frazer   Engineer
Walter Afanasieff   Composer,Vocal Producer
Carlos Santana   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Horn Arrangements
Jose Gaviria   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Wyclef Jean   Composer,Producer
Kike Santander   Producer
Kevin Chisholm   Management
Gregory Digiovine   Composer
Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis   Composer,Producer
Bruce Kuhlman   Management
Su. Suttle   Logo Design
Nick Thomas   Pro-Tools
P.O.D.   Producer
Dido Armstrong   Composer,Producer
Macy Gray   Composer
Mike Tocci   Engineer
Governor   Composer
Greg Collins   Engineer
Sebastian Arocha Morton   Engineer
Asfru Sierra   Concept
Dan Vickers   Engineer
Fernando Tobon   Arranger,Producer
Sy Smith   Composer
Justin Lieberman   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Larry Phillabaum   Pro-Tools
Grippa   Engineer
Chad Kroeger   Composer
Brian Montgomery   Engineer,Monitors
Jeeve   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Wayne Rodrigues   drum programming
JB Eckl   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming,Concept
Benny Reitveld   Arranger,Producer,String Arrangements
Phill Brown   Vocal Engineer
Wuv   Composer
Rollo Armstrong   Composer,Producer
Marcos   Composer
Traa   Composer
Yvon "Kapi" Andre   Composer
Josh "Tone" Weaver   Pro-Tools
Klaus Derendorf   Composer,Producer
Andrés Múnera   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Peter Wade Keusch   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Alex Ander   Composer,Producer
Robert Conley   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Havana Hustlers   Programming
Roland Fackel   Representation
Jason Roberts   Concept
Chris McNair   Bass Technician
Randy Piotroski   House Sound
Sergio "Sergical" Tsai   Pro-Tools
P*nut   Composer
Christopher Forrest   Pro-Tools
Michael Rosen   Engineer
Claude Jean   Composer
Sonny   Composer
Richard DiCicco   Composer
Cory Rooney   Composer,Producer
Adam Fells   Management
Yves Joseph   Composer
Juan Losada   Engineer
Dan de Serpa   Management
Rita Gentry   Management
Cheryl McHale   Management
Blaire Wells   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Kitsaun King   Management
Julia Winston   Management
Juan Christobal Losada   Engineer
Herman Nau   Composer
Rudy Gutierrez   Illustrations,Cover Illustration
Roger Eugene   Composer
Peggy Nederlof   Management
Meshelle Mifsud   Management

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