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Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies: 307 Awesome Money-Making Strategies for Savvy Enterpreneurs

Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies: 307 Awesome Money-Making Strategies for Savvy Enterpreneurs

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by Marilyn Ross, Tom Ross

You Go, Girl -- Capitalize on Your Gender!

It isn't a fad. It isn't a trend. It's a revolution. If the 19th century is considered the "Industrial Age," then the turn of the 21st century may go down in history as the "Entrepreneurial Age." From the rubble of contemporary corporate life, entrepreneurship has emerged as the single most dramatic consequence


You Go, Girl -- Capitalize on Your Gender!

It isn't a fad. It isn't a trend. It's a revolution. If the 19th century is considered the "Industrial Age," then the turn of the 21st century may go down in history as the "Entrepreneurial Age." From the rubble of contemporary corporate life, entrepreneurship has emerged as the single most dramatic consequence since the desktop computer.

No longer does "small business" necessarily connote a mom and pop establishment or a store on Main Street. Today, it's just as likely to be a Web site with a global reach. Entrepreneurship has captured the country's imagination.

It especially appeals to the driven, "go the extra mile" Boomers who are taking charge of their lives in record numbers. They have expertise gained from a lifetime of working for others; now they're hungering to cash in on this knowledge for themselves.

Even more poised to dive into entrepreneurial waters are Generation Xers. An amazing 87 percent of these young people want to work for themselves. Personal and creative fulfillment, coupled with the desire for freedom to innovate, are the driving forces behind Xers' migration to entrepreneurship. Many are tired of the label "slackers." They are also tired of endless meetings, paperwork dungeons, and overbearing bosses. They're out to prove themselves the hardest-working, most independent-minded generation in our country's history.

Twentysomethings are also going back to school for MBAs. Not to become corporate bigwigs, however, but to start their own companies. The University of Michigan recently conducted a study finding that 25- to 34-year-olds are launching businesses at three times the rate of 35- to 55-year-olds. These young turks, many of whom have been weaned on computers, are becoming overnight millionaires from participating in high-tech startups. The number of households headed by someone under 35 with assets of more than $1 million has risen 250 percent since 1989.

Creating Your Own Financial Independence

And who is leading this revolution? Women-owned firms are transforming the business culture of yesteryear. Female entrepreneurs are already an acknowledged force fueling today's economic prosperity. Perhaps you're one of them. As of 1999, there were 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. employing over 27.5 million people and generating a whopping $3.6 trillion in sales.

We girls are finally learning how to kick butt. Disgusted by the enormous pay gap in corporate America where women are paid 75› on the dollar compared to men (losing approximately $420,000 over a lifetime because of unequal salary practices), we're jumping ship in record numbers. We've stopped whining and started winning, learned to capture the best and leave the rest, and begun taking control of our own destiny.

Sassy lassies are starting new companies at twice the rate of macho males. It's estimated that by 2005, 50 percent of all American businesses will be owned by women. It's a gender bender of huge proportions and far-reaching ramifications.

Mixing Estrogen and Entrepreneurship

To fully succeed in today's competitive and complicated business environment, however, we must be clever. Gutsy. Dedicated. Technologically savvy. Service oriented. We must develop a business mind-set that capitalizes on our femininity; one that allows estrogen and entrepreneurship to mix and create excellence. Fortunately, we are innately qualified to do this.

Woman is blessed with a nurturing nature. We're the care takers, the care givers. We've been emotionally supporting our husbands and lovers since the beginning of time. And we'll be nurturing our children from infancy through adulthood. These same traits translate beautifully into the business world. They are what allow us to take customer service to extraordinary levels. And they help us build relationships that are destined to be the underpinnings of success in this new century.

We are good listeners, not only hearing what is said but also what is implied. We've listened to mothers, fathers, spouses, lovers, children. In so doing we've discovered their needs, then addressed how to fill them. This is exactly what business requires.

Additionally, we're intuitive. We sense what will and won't work. When to back off, when to ask for the sale. We have true vision.

Organizational skills are another bit of magic in our bag of tricks. Running a house, raising a family, juggling a career: Many of us are like a street performer with three balls constantly in the air. It's shopping, chauffeuring, sympathizing or cleaning, cooking, and cajoling. We learned early to write lists, make every minute count, prioritize tasks.

Of necessity, we think holistically. How will this impact that? What is the most well-rounded approach that tunes into the needs of all? How can we get everyone to buy into our ideas?

And we're as tenacious as pit bulls. Determined, even relentless. Many of us still feel we have something to prove. We'll put in the necessary hours, energy, and commitment to turn our passion into profit.

Lastly, we're endowed with a sensuality that gives us a powerful weapon to conquer our male counterparts in the world of work. Sensuality (not sexuality) allows you to employ your feminine wiles and at the same time remain businesslike. Coquettish charm can put magic in the moment. Tune in to the three "Fs": Be friendly, focused, and fascinating. In the Ladies Home Journal Third Annual American Woman Survey, 98 percent of participants said it's okay for women, even in positions of authority, to show their feminine side.

We definitely need an advantage. We don't have the omnipotent Old Boy Network with its tradition, layers of important contacts, and infinite opportunities working for us. Many of us didn't grow up in the world of sports. So we lack the understanding of teamwork and supporting each other for the common good. Too often we end up being adversaries and sabotaging each other instead of pulling together.

Yet our only limitation is our own expectations. We needn't be dominated by "alpha male" leaders brimming with testosterone. Businesswomen with intelligence, perspective, and backbone have no boundaries. As women, we can be confident, powerful, bold, prosperous, spunky, self-assured, irreverent, empowered, and sensational. We can have just as much "juice" as the guys and can play hardball to the max. As stewards of our own talents and gifts, we need to be possibility thinkers. When doing so, we can make an invaluable contribution: to ourselves, our families, our community, our world.

The application of knowledge is power. Many of the previously mentioned survey respondents said women will join and even replace men as the movers and shakers of the world. And for good reason: They'll be better educated. Already women are getting 55 percent of all bachelor's and master's degrees. By 2007, the U.S. Department of Education predicts that 9.2 million women will be enrolled in college. Compare that to only 6.9 million men. This will spark an explosion of female power. In the next decade respondents expect that most of us will have a female doctor, lawyer, accountant, or stockbroker. And 88 percent think the great scientists of this century are just as likely to be women as men. It's going to be a woman's world!

Maybe you're one of the 47 percent of women who told the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce that "entrepreneur" would be their favored occupation. If you aspire to own your own business, or currently operate one, there is an area that will make you or break you: mastering the marketing mind-set.

Developing Marketing Moxie

Marketing does not mean going to the grocery store. It means getting behind your service, product, practice, organization, or store with creative branding, publicity, promotion, advertising, and sales strategies. It starts the minute you conceive a business idea and it never ends! That is what this book is about. I'll show you how to level the playing field. To succeed in business without a penis. To renew your marketing energy and swim with the dolphins.

This book is for new startups that need guidance on how to push the envelope all the way to the top. It's also for established businesses and professional practices that seek fresh ideas and innovative ways to recharge their batteries. Many of these ideas are bootstrap concepts. So what you lack in money you can make up for in moxie. Female executives climbing the corporate ladder, or those who yearn to do so, will also glean insight here into powerful personal promotional strategies.

And although this message is primarily slanted for women, it also applies to men--men of quality who respect women's equality. Yes, we'll enjoy a joke at your expense from time to time, just as you've been doing at ours for eons. But males who are turned off by the title or flavor of this book might well realize that by overlooking occasional offensive verbiage, they can access information to make themselves more effective in the business world.

It's sort of like the Oklahoma Land Rush. Except that instead of hardy pioneers racing to claim homesteads, today we have canny businesspeople sprinting to capture customers or clients. So if you're a woman with an entrepreneurial fire raging in your gut, or a lady just entertaining the idea of going into business for herself, Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies will show you how to be a triumphant revolutionary. Read on to learn. To be inspired. To change your life.


Discover 307 awesome, impudent money-making strategies that work!

This revolutionary book has 20 informative, inspirational, irreverent chapters to help women business owners be more successful. Whether you are a female entrepreneur, a professional woman climbing the corporate ladder, or a woman (or man!) dreaming of starting your own company, you've got to have this book. Combining estrogen and entrepreneurship isn't a fad. It isn't a trend. It's a revolution! By 2005, fully 50% of all American businesses will be owned by women.

Gutsy ideas for femme fatales, grande dames, and wonder women abound here. The material covers everything from generating free publicity (then truly profiting from it) to advertising on the cheap from forming strategic alliances to capitalizing on nontraditional sales channels.

* Hundreds of helpful Web sites put you on the cutting edge

  • Personal stories of successful women business owners encourage as they enlighten
  • The perfect tool for new startups with more moxie than money
  • Ideal for veteran businesses and professionals who need fresh marketing insights
  • Reveals how to affordably find and boldly impress new prospects, sell more to existing clients or customers, and make your bottom line blossom.
  • By marketing guru Marilyn Ross, who was dubbed a "trend tracker" by Entrepreneur magazine. She has written 12 previous books. Soundview Executive Book Summaries selected one to be among the 30 best business books of the year; another was picked up by Quality Paperback Book Club. Marilyn lives what she writes. Bitten early by the entrepreneurial bug, she made and sold potholders door-to-door at 9, managed in women's ready to wear at 18, and was the first woman night manager ever hired by the Mervyn's Department Store Chain. Marilyn has headed her own advertising/PR agency, owned and operated a hotel and restaurant, and co-founded a nonprofit trade association. A provocative and in-demand professional speaker, she has been a consultant and leader in the publishing industry since 1978. Marilyn Ross, who has been called a "trend tracker" by Entrepreneur magazine, has written or co-authored twelve books. Her Big Ideas for Small Service Businesses was selected as one of the 30 best business books of the year by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. In Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies she again preaches about what she practices.

    In addition to writing award-winning books, articles, and newsletters, Marilyn is in demand as a professional speaker. A member of the National Speakers Association, she presents seminars and training workshops for associations, organizations, and corporations. She speaks about marketing, writing, publishing, and entrepreneurship.

    Marilyn and her husband and business partner, Tom has been noted and quoted in publications across the land: The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times have written about them and their work. Additionally, they've been featured twice on NPR's "All Things Considered," on hundreds of radio stations, and dozens of TV shows from coast to coast. Recently Marilyn was spotlighted in a lead story on CNN financial news on the Internet.

    She was bitten early by the entrepreneurial bug. At nine years old she was making and selling potholders door-to-door. By 18 she was managing a women's ready to wear store. This led to her being the first woman ever hired by the Mervyns Department Store Chain to be a night/Sunday manager. Marilyn has also owned and operated a hotel and restaurant, and previously headed her own advertising/PR agency. Since 1978 this savvy business leader has focused her energies on the publishing industry.

    Through their consulting firm, About Books, Inc., Marilyn and Tom offer turnkey help to professionals who want to package their specialized knowledge in book form. These clients gain greater visibility and credibility with an expertly-produced book from the Rosses' company.

    She was a founding member on the board of directors for San Diego Women in Business and served her local Rotary Club as president. Currently she sits on the editorial advisory board for ForeWord magazine. Marilyn is a Senior Fellow of the Center for the New West, a Colorado-based think tank. Her areas of specialization are rural entrepreneurship and home-based businesses. She is a contributor to the National Foundation for Women Business Owners and a member of the Authors Guild, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and NAFE.

    In 1996 she and Tom launched a nonprofit trade association for authors and publishers. The Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN) has become the second largest such organization in the world.

    Marilyn is listed in the 23rd edition of Who's Who in the West, Who's Who of American Women, Men and Women of Distinction, Working Press of the Nation, Who's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors & Poets, Contemporary Authors, and The International Authors and Writers Who's Who.

    Bold New Book Reveals Secrets to Business Success

    Nice girls might finish last but it won't be long until brazen hussies rule the business world! So says marketing expert and author Marilyn Ross who makes no apology for her belief that it's time for the women entrepreneurs of this country to learn to "kick butt." We are pleased to be publishing this revolutionary book.

    In her new book Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies: 307 Awesome Marketing Strategies for Savvy Entrepreneurs, Ross relates how women-owned firms are transforming the business culture of yesteryear. "Female entrepreneurs are already an acknowledged force fueling today's economic prosperity," she writes. "Women across America are discovering practical, profitable ways to make themselves uniquely competitive. Don't just compete create!" Ross herself is a successful entrepreneur who consults and speaks about marketing and promotion, and owns and operates a successful book marketing business.

    As of 1999, there were 9.1 million women-owned businesses employing 27.5 million and boasting $3.6 trillion in sales. And by 2005, it is projected that 50 percent of all companies will be owned by women. Ross the award-winning author of 12 previous books hopes to fuel the creative fires in these "Sassy Lassies" with her guide's innovative and time-tested tips for successful business startup and improvement.

    Women, Ross writes, have many qualities that translate beautifully into the business world: They are nurturing, emotionally supportive, good listeners, intuitive, have refined organizational skills, and are as "tenacious as a pit bull" when it comes to something that is important to them. Their only limitation is their own expectations.

    In Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies, Ross offers strategies from the get-go of starting a business choosing a name, logo, site of operation to quick and easy marketing ideas (Telemarketing? Yes, Nice Girls Do touts one chapter), to media tips and the psychographics (formerly known as demographics) of potential customers. You name it, she addresses it.

    This is not a recap of one woman's success story. Rather, Brazen Hussies shares accounts of the professional achievements of women in various walks of life with all types of businesses, from home-based to corporate. It gives simple, doable ideas for everyone, even the gender-secure man who is not afraid to bypass the occasional tongue-in-cheek testosterone-bashing verbiage in his pursuit for corporate success.

    The book is helpfully divided into five sections with pertinent topics such as: "Empowering Marketing Maneuvers" and "Out of the Box Thinking," each with whimsically illustrated identifying chapters and beneficial sidebars and visuals many of which should be laminated and treasured for future inspiration. In the back of the book is an invaluable section of "Sources and Resources Packed With More Power Than a Protein Bar."

    "This book is for new startups that need guidance on how to push the envelope all the way to the top," Ross emphasizes. It also offers a fresh perspective for veteran entrepreneurs and professionals.

    Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies: 307Awesome Marketing Strategies for Savvy Entrepreneurs is a must-read that removes all of the reasons businesswomen use for not breaking through the glass ceiling of equal pay and opportunity.

    Editorial Reviews

    Women can excel in marketing, and this provides over three hundred strategies for women entrepreneurs who want their sales to excel, whether it be on the Internet or in a store or consulting position. Chapters cover both traditional and nontraditional marketing strategies, probe strategic alliances, and show how to gain publicity. Women will find this packed with valuable marketing and business tips.

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    What People are Saying About This

    Dottie Walters
    This book is a must for all women starting and building businesses. Wish I had it as I began! Buy a bunch for your friends and daughters.
    —Dottie Walters, author, Speak & Grow Rich, Selling Women and Never Underestimate the Selling Power of a Woman
    Kim Dushinski
    Garnering bold marketing strategies from Marilyn Ross Queen of the Brazen Hussies should be your next step in growing a successful business. Female entrepreneurs will find her advice well organized, easy to apply, ready to be acted upon even inspiring. Kim Dushinski, partner, MarketAbility, Inc.; coauthor, Maximum Exposure Marketing
    Tami DePalma
    These 307 Awesome Money-Making Strategies will ignite thousands of sizzling ideas for success-bound business owners. If you're ready to increase your profits, get this book!
    —Tami DePalma, partner, MarketAbility, Inc.; coauthor, Maximum Exposure Marketing System
    Andrew S. Linick
    Brazen Hussies will forever change your life! You'll learn hundreds of cash-producing marketing ideas and strategies to blow away your competition. Women (and men) entrepreneurs who don't own this book shame on you!
    —Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.; founder, Copywriters Council of America--The best creative freelance talent for the right price.
    Judith Briles
    Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies belongs on every woman's (and man's) desk...if they want to be wildly successful. This gem delivers the new new thing in marketing smarts. Get your Hi-Liter and Post-its...you will need them.
    —Judith Briles, Ph.D., author, Woman to Woman 2000, 10 Smart Money Moves for Women and 23 other books; speaker; columnist; spokesperson
    Raleigh Pinskey
    Why would you even think about marketing a business without a recipe when you wouldn't cook without one? Consider this book your foolproof recipe to business success.
    —Raleigh Pinskey, author, 101 Ways To Promote Yourself
    Danielle Kennedy
    Brazen Hussies translates into 'women in the trenches tell all.' That's what makes this a read worth your time and money.
    —Danielle Kennedy, author, Seven Figure Selling and Balancing Acts An Inspirational Guide for Working Mothers; speaker; actress
    Lisa Wood Wilkinson
    If you currently run your own business or work in a nonprofit and are continually looking for ideas to improve, this book offers a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as a professional.
    —Lisa Wood Wilkinson, businesswoman, Charlotte, North Carolina
    Marcia Yudkin
    Marilyn Ross answers the 'Who, me?' bewilderment felt by many women entrepreneurs with a powerful 'Here's how.' In peppy prose, with scores of illuminating examples, she takes you step by step to successful business building and self-promotion. What a winner!
    —Marcia Yudkin, author, Six Steps to Free Publicity and other books
    Marjorie Brody
    This book will benefit every female entrepreneur who has talent, creativity, and drive. I wish this was available when I started my business.
    —Marjorie Brody, MA, CSP, CMC; president, Brody Communications Ltd., Jenkintown, PA; author, Professional Impressions . . . Etiquette for Everyone, Every Day
    Jay Conrad Levinson
    An eye-popping life lesson on every page. Marilyn Ross covers all the bases as they've never before been covered. It's fun to read, shockingly incisive, and extremely enlightening whatever your gender.
    —Jay Conrad Levinson, author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books
    Terri Lonier

    "Successful solo entrepreneurs know you can't be shy when it comes to marketing, and Marilyn Ross shows how to go from bashful to brazen with a dose of humor, insight, and get-it-done practicality.
    — Terri Lonier, author, Working Solo and The Frugal Entrepreneur

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    Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    Best $20 you'll spend this year on growing your business. Incredibly up-to-date marketing power plays like: 'Niches spell riches' 'Kick yourself in the assets' 'Syndicated columnists = instant stardom' 'Booking radio talk shows because you're the expert' 'Get in catalogs - there are several that sell to your target market' Don't pass up this book if you are interested in the wisdom of one of the greatest entrepreneurs and authors of our time - Marilyn Ross. These techniques are fun, easy and quickly REWARDING.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies is fun. That should be enough incentive right there to buy the book, but there is more. It isn't just a pretty book with no substance. It is packed full of wonderful ideas to help anyone market their product. And guys, don't worry about the humor. It's done with love and respect. We gals just like to have fun. The marketing strategies will help the budding business person with practical tips.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    This book is chock full of ideas to help jump-start the marketing plan of any business. Marilyn Ross is positively inspiring. You will find yourself referring to this book again and again. New and seasoned entrepreneurs alike will indeed find the '307 awesome money-making strategies' AWESOME! Get out your highlighter and Post-it notes because you'll want to mark ideas to implement immediately. I loved the format of this book, especially the 'Websites, Wisdom, and Whimsey' sections at the end of each chapter. Great websites and other resources are included. Lots of great sidebars and other tidbits are scattered throughout the book as well. This exceptional book is must-read for anyone--man or woman--in business!