The Shanghai Murders

The Shanghai Murders

by David Rotenberg

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The first in the series of mysteries featuring Shanghai Detective Inspector Zhong Fong, Fong must solve the bizarre and puzzling murders of a New Orleans police officer and an African diplomat in modern-day Shanghai.See more details below


The first in the series of mysteries featuring Shanghai Detective Inspector Zhong Fong, Fong must solve the bizarre and puzzling murders of a New Orleans police officer and an African diplomat in modern-day Shanghai.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Irresistibly exotic, this dark thriller pits love and justice against sinister agendas in fast-changing Shanghai. Inspector Zhong Fong investigates the murder and dismemberment of American Richard Fallon. Within days, the Consul of Zaire meets a similar, brutal end. Fong wonders what Fallon, a New Orleans cop, could have in common with an African diplomat. The puzzle deepens when Fong's boss, Commissioner Hu, and the American Consul hint that something more than murder is afoot. As Fong investigates, he remains haunted by the death of his wife, actress Fu Tsong, four years ago and by the recent return to Shanghai of her lover, Canadian stage director Geoffrey Hyland. With help from Fallon's widow, Fong draws out the killer, but police bosses resist his solution. While the murders seem somewhat implausible, people and place, not plot, are the strengths in this debut by a Canadian acting instructor. Mystery conventionse.g, the independent hero, the world-weary sidekick, cynical power brokersring true in this most unconventional setting, a city of 14,000,000 people making the tricky transition to capitalism. Rotenberg's Shanghaiwhere historic charm mingles with modern energy, Chinese actors learn Shakespeare, assassins are trained from childhood and cobras rise up in shop windows to startle unwary passersbyis a place full of effective, unexpected entertainment. (July)
Library Journal
This awesome first novel slides readers into the crowded, booming, dangerous morass of modern Shanghai, where homicide inspector Zhong Fong looks for a lethally talented assassin. Fong senses an incomprehensible message in the arrangement of the first victim's dissected remains, a message made little clearer by a hurried subsequent murder. Somewhere, though, sits a shadowy, powerful figure with an economic agenda who manipulates the assassin and the police. This is an excellent police procedural with exotic, foreboding surroundings and a wonderfully nefarious plot. Highly recommended.
Kirkus Reviews
When the corpse of New Orleans cop Richard Fallon is discovered in an alley in Shanghai's Julu Lu neighborhood, it's so badly cut up that the Shanghai Daily News dubs it the Dim Sum Murder. It's a chillingly apt name, all right—but how did the paper file its story and get it cleared before the police even found the body? Why was the murder scene so elaborately staged? And what's the significance of the shards of ivory found inside Fallon's lungs? As the wheels of justice grind on, three people take a special interest in the case: Fallon's widow, Amanda Pitman, flown halfway around the world to retrieve the body of the husband she hated; Inspector Zhong Fong, head of Special Investigations in the Shanghai District; and Loa Wei Fen, the ritual killer who was hired to assassinate Fallon, and perhaps others as well. What would otherwise be a straight line from Fong to the killer and his employers is complicated by Fong's lacerating memories of his actress wife Fu Tsong's death four years ago—memories reawakened to snarling life by the return of Fu Tsong's lover, Toronto theater director Geoffrey Hyland, to direct a Chinese production of Twelfth Night. Toronto acting teacher Rotenberg's first novel scores points for its vivid Shanghai sets, even if he can't keep Fong's past from sounding more interesting than his present.

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