The Shaping of the American Past / Edition 5

The Shaping of the American Past / Edition 5

by Robert Kelley

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ISBN-10: 0138083614

ISBN-13: 9780138083618

Pub. Date: 12/09/1996

Publisher: Pearson

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Table of Contents

1. The Old World and the New World.

2. The Beginnings: The South.

3. The Beginnings: New England.

4. The Beginnings: The Middle Colonies.

5. The New People: American Life and Thought in the Eighteenth Century.

6. The New People Seize Independence.

7. Forming the Nation.

8. The New Nation: The Federalist Era.

9. The Age of Jefferson: Expansion and War.

10. The Nationalist Era.

11. The Great Transformation 1815-1850: Human and Physical Dimensions.

12. The Age of Jackson: A Republican Culture.

13. The Age of Jackson, Center Stage: The National Debate.

14. Surge to the Pacific.

15. Abolitionism: The Building Storm.

16. The Shifting Balance: The North and the South at Midcentury.

17. Disruption Begins: Bleeding Kansas.

18. The Nation Splits Apart.

19. The Civil War.

20. Reconstruction.

The Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution of the United States.

Presidential Elections.

Date of Statehood.

Population of the United States.

Territorial Expansion.


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