Shark Wars 1. by E.J. Altbacker

Shark Wars 1. by E.J. Altbacker

by E. J. Altbacker

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Children's Literature - Judy Crowder
Gray is an adolescent (in every sense of the word) reef shark with problems. First, he is big—really big—and growing bigger than all the sharks in and around his reef home. Fast growth means constant hunger and his hunting for food has gotten him into trouble before. Second, he is immature, impulsive, reckless, sarcastic, self-centered, short-sighted, and lacks common sense. He is convinced he is cool, a "big fin," not a "flipper," not large but "big-cartilaged." He thinks nothing of calling his only friend (side kick?), Barkley, a dogfish shark, "codface," and regards other reef dwellers with disdain. Of course, all this gets him into so much trouble that he is banished from the reef and must venture out into the "big blue" to live on his own. He soon gets mixed up in wars between the shivers or shark groups—Sharks vs. Jets, sans dancing. If Gray's huge size gains him entry into the best shivers, does his attitude hinder him? While fans of talking animal stories may enjoy the book, consider this: the sharks in this book are hardly based on science. Sharks do not "glide to a stop" nor do they float. Sharks must swim constantly to live. While they do eat fish of all kinds, they do not go on annual "tuna runs." Sharks do not have an eating motto ("If a fish has color, find another. Silver or brown, gulp it down"). Nor do they refer to the famous writer, Machiakelpie (no child would understand this pun). Children learn from what they read, and the fishy characters in this book could provide a lifetime of misconceptions. Gray is no role model for attitude and crustaceans are not "just dumb snacks." Parents and teachers need to think before handing readers—even reluctant readers—this book. I recommend reading it first. Shark Wars is the first of the "Shark Wars" series. The prologue provides background. Reviewer: Judy Crowder

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