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Children's Literature - Judy Crowder
If asked, even very young children probably can list sharks as among the ocean's most dramatic inhabitants. Certainly, we are all familiar with adult sharks, but what do they look like when they're born? Do they hatch from eggs or have live birth? As fearsome as these creatures seem to be, is there a time in their lives in which they are vulnerable to animal or human predators? The author, San Diego Zoo's education science writer Wendy Perkins, does a fine job of telling about sharks by focusing on the shark's life cycle. Whether hatched from an egg case or as part of a litter, the mother shark abandons the pups right away. The babies are at risk of being eaten by larger sharks or fish, so they stay in protected shallow water, growing larger until, as juveniles, they can venture into deep water to feed on smaller fish. Depending on the type of shark, they reach adulthood—the breeding stage—at ten to fifteen years old. The book, part of the "Animal Life Cycles" series, contains simple text, color photo illustrations, an extending timeline on the bottom of the pages, a picture glossary of words featured in blue type throughout the book, index, web sites, an interactive game for readers, plus information and ideas for parents and teachers. Reading level is a 2, interest level is 1 to 4. Reviewer: Judy Crowder

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Animal Life Cycles
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