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Children's Literature - Judy Crowder
“Hello, sharks!” This cheerful greeting introduces the very young/beginning or non-reader to a fish that interests children of all ages. Part of the “Seedlings” series, this volume is one of a collection of books developed by Creative Education, an imprint of The Creative Company, whose goal is to introduce exotic—their word—animals (such as sharks, snakes, tigers, etc.) and familiar construction vehicles (bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes). Interesting combination! Sharks is the only one of the series about a marine animal. The book, with its up-close photo illustrations, concentrates on the shark’s habitat, physical features such as strong jaws, gills, sharp pointed teeth and sandpaper-like skin. It features diet, hunting behavior, and shark pups plus whether they are solitary or live in pods. The book and series’ approach has many things going for it. It is a great “look at” and read aloud book for non-readers, plus its simple text invites beginning readers: plenty of millage for the price. Best of all—and I cannot stress this enough—it does not introduce sharks as savage, scary or dangerous, Instead, it features a fascinating ocean-dweller, as intriguing as many other marine animals. I rarely get to review a shark book that does not include the words, “scary,” “dangerous,” “killer,” “menacing” and so on. Bravo! The book also includes words to know, book list for further reading, web sites, and index. Well done! Reviewer: Judy Crowder; Ages 4 up.

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Creative Company, The
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8.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.30(d)
270L (what's this?)
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4 - 6 Years

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