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Sharpen Your Story or Narrative Writing Skills

Sharpen Your Story or Narrative Writing Skills

by Jennifer Rozines Roy

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Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Enid J. Portnoy
As part of the "Sharpen your Writing Skills" series, Roy's goal is to offer abundant examples and organizational hints to students as they prepare for the narrative writing process. In fifty pages she includes humor and a happy, cartoon yellow pencil who is all smiles to keep the young reader alert. The layout of the text encourages easy retention of material, along with plenty of cheery colors that highlight important topic headings. Roy's constant adage is "You Can Do It!" This should be comforting to writing students as they start on their varied projects and assignments. The opening pages suggest the book will help students discover six reasons for practicing writing. This reviewer would suggest omitting the last reason which is "become rich and famous." Such a pie-in-the-sky idea at this point in their writing career does not seem reasonable and instead sets up unrealistic expectations. One might reinforce the idea that reading can lead to good writing skills. There is so much information presented in these pages that young writers are likely to feel overwhelmed, and unable to decide which are the most important ideas and which the secondary or supplementary points. The text has the feeling of a reference tool rather than a practical step-by-step guide. Beginning writers may profit more from extended writing samples as models for writing practice. Insufficient space is lacking for revision and multiple drafts to enhance students' writing. The information about publishing may also not be as significant to dwell upon as writing and prewriting, which are consistently emphasized in schools today. The book's subject of sharpening writing skills is a good one, but more examples and a shorter text may be a better fit for beginning writers. The text has enough color to be attractive to students but its length may deter some readers from working harder to absorb the material. Reviewer: Enid J. Portnoy
School Library Journal
Gr-6�9—These books are redesigned and modernized versions of the "You Can Write" series (Enslow). An encouraging narration, simple sentence structure, and organizational headings help students make writing for various purposes approachable. However, the target audience is problematic. The cover photos feature teens, and Business Letter discusses writing about after-school or summer jobs, but the cartoon pencil that appears throughout, repeating information, asking questions, and attempting to make jokes, is likely to turn off the older students who might find the books helpful. There is some useful information in the other titles for younger students.—Kari Allen, National Writing Project, Plymouth State University, NH
VOYA - Valerie Burleigh
Each volume of the Sharpen Your Writing Skills series begins with an attractive front cover showing a diversity of young adults that will appeal to the intended audience, as well as a boxed checklist identifying which skills will be found in that particular volume. The table of contents is written in a large easy-to-read font and sets the tone for the remainder of the book. The easy-to-read text will appeal to readers and each chapter has clearly defined sections, engaging pictures of cartoon pencils giving pointers and tips to the reader, as well as engaging graphics. Each volume has a glossary, further reading section, internet addresses section, and an index. Sharpen Your Story Or Narrative Writing Skills immediately engages the reader by stating, "From the time you were very little, you have known what a good story is." Besides identifying the different parts of a narrative, chapter three encourages the reader to make their writing more interesting by explaining the various elements and giving examples. Pre-writing is discussed as is publishing. This six-volume series will offer support for a language arts curriculum by complimenting or reinforcing lessons presented to students in the specific areas. The writing style remains consistent throughout the series and the layout is appealing. (Sharpen Your Writing Skills). Reviewer: Valerie Burleigh

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Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
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Sharpen Your Writing Skills Series
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11 - 14 Years

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