Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick

Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick

by Kevin Henkes

One peppermint stick.
Two sisters.
See sibling rivalry turn to sweet solidarity.  See more details below


One peppermint stick.
Two sisters.
See sibling rivalry turn to sweet solidarity.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In his first board-book format, Kevin Henkes brings the star of Sheila Rae, the Brave back in Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick. Here, the familiar theme of sibling rivalry surfaces between the heroine and her younger sister, Louise. As one might suspect, Sheila Rae meets her comeuppance, and in the end, all is well. (Aug.) Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Children's Literature
This board book will probably bring back memories to most adults and will delight young kids. Sheila Rae has one peppermint stick. It is striped and thin and delicious. Her younger sister Louise wants its. Shelia Rae teases Louise and finally gets her comeuppance when she falls and the stick breaks in half. At which point Louise points out that there are now two and as Sheila Rae had said earlier, if she had two she would certainly share. Not to be outdone Sheila Rae hugs her sister and says she planned to share it all along. The pictures and expressions are wonderful and it's great to see sibling rivalry turn to sweet solidarity. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot
Kirkus Reviews
A sweet treat becomes a source of contention between two sisters in this wry tale about sibling relations and the art of sharing. Sheila Rae savors her peppermint candy; relishing its stripy-ness, its thinness, and most of all its toothsome taste. Enter Louise, her younger sister, who would like a sample. In true older-sibling fashion, Sheila Rae establishes a series of nearly impossible tasks for Louise to accomplish in order to have a taste—estimating the correct number of stripes on the candy, dangling it just out of reach—all of which Louise fails. Sheila Rae is lamenting, with just a small smirk, the fact that she doesn't have two candies when Fate intervenes with a misstep that lands Sheila in a heap and the candy in two pieces. Henkes (Wemberly Worried) presents a kid's-eye view of sibling interactions, deftly portraying the teasing that is part and parcel of these relationships. He does temper Sheila Rae's superiority in the final page, showing her embracing her little sister and declaring, "I was going to give you some all along!" Despite its chunky board-book format, this will find a ready and appreciative audience among the preschool set. Expressive illustrations, rendered in a pastel bouquet of hues, offer a comical perspective on a familiar scenario. A winsome introduction to Henkes for younger audiences and, rarest of all, just the right amount of art for a board book.

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