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by Catherine Spangler
A beautiful woman hiding her identity and a dark secret finds nirvana in the arms of a man who might be hurting her people in this futuristic romance from 1998 Winner of the Emily Award.


A beautiful woman hiding her identity and a dark secret finds nirvana in the arms of a man who might be hurting her people in this futuristic romance from 1998 Winner of the Emily Award.

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Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc.
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Futuristic Romance Series
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4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.40(d)

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Catherine Spangler is a bestselling and award winning author of the Sentinel Series (urban fantasy romance) and the Shielder Series (science fiction romance). She is a two-time Golden Heart finalist and a RITA finalist and has received numerous other awards and honorable mentions.

She�s an active member of Romance Writers of America and her local chapter, Dallas Area Romance Authors. A frequent speaker at writers� groups and conferences, she has taught workshops on the creative process, writing techniques, writing paranormal romance, and goal setting.

Catherine lives in north Texas with her husband and a menagerie of critters. She loves reading, taking naps on the sofa with a good football game for background noise, eating chocolate, and playing poker.

Her fun fact: I celebrated the sale of my first book, Shielder, by drinking champagne from a plastic cowboy boot mug. My critique partners brought four of them to my house, along with the champagne. Drinking champagne from those cowboy boot mugs every time one of us sold a book became a tradition, which we still honor.

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Shielder 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nice story! Here's the order to best read the Shielder series: 1) Shadower 2) this one 3) Shamara 4) Shadow Crossing NOTE this book is out of print and you can skip it and still read book 5) Shadow Fires All great books!
Guest More than 1 year ago
With this first in the Shielder books, Catherine Spangler declared she was a force in Futuristic Romance. The genre was just getting its legs. Spangler helped define and set the standard for Futuristic Romance, making it the hot category it is today. She picked up a RITA (Romance Writers of America Award) nomination this year for her Shadow Fire, the latest in the Shielder series. And those of us who have devoured her brilliant tales applauded, but were not surprised by this nod. It's long over due! The Controllers, the rulers of this quadrant of the universe, were systematically destroying the Shielder colonies. They have unleashed a killer virus designed to wipe out the Shielders. A pocket of survivors had living on Liron. Nessa dan Ranual volunteers to be a live carrier of the virus an in attempt to reach the medical laboratory on Sonoma colony, with the hope the Shielders find a cure for the disease killing her people. She's under the gun time wise. She has a month before the virus will kill her. When Chase McKnight picks up Nessa's distress signal, he thinks he can simply drop her off at the nearest Star Base and that will be the end of it. Chase is a Shadower, a bounty hunter for The Controllers. Nessa fears trusting a Shadower, a man paid to hunt down her kind, so she hides that she is a Shielder and how urgent her reaching Sonoma colony in time is. Nessa is forced to betray Chase in her drive to reach the planet, turning the lover into a hunter as he tracks her down. Spangler gives you a slam-bang ride across the Universe, into vivid worlds with a strong premise that delivers on all levels. It's a book you won't be able to put down once you get into the demanding story. It's not an 'easy' read, challenging you to enter into Spangler's brilliantly conjured Futuristic world, where good and evil clash and passions rule. Utterly magic!