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Shifting Dreams: A Cambio Springs Mystery

Shifting Dreams: A Cambio Springs Mystery

4.8 6
by Elizabeth Hunter

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"If Jena knew anything from growing up in a town full of shapeshifters, it was this: Everything changed."
From Elizabeth Hunter, author of the best-selling Elemental Mysteries, comes the first novel in the new Cambio Springs Mysteries, Shifting Dreams.
Somedays Jena Crowe just can't get a break. Work at her diner


"If Jena knew anything from growing up in a town full of shapeshifters, it was this: Everything changed."
From Elizabeth Hunter, author of the best-selling Elemental Mysteries, comes the first novel in the new Cambio Springs Mysteries, Shifting Dreams.
Somedays Jena Crowe just can't get a break. Work at her diner never ends, her two boys are bundles of energy, and she's pretty sure her oldest is about to shift into something furry or feathery. Added to that, changes seem to be coming to the tiny town of Cambio Springs, big changes that not everyone in the isolated town of shapeshifters is thrilled about. ?

Caleb Gilbert was looking for change, and the quiet desert town seemed just the ticket for a more peaceful life. He never counted on violence finding him, nor could he have predicted just how crazy his new life would become.

When murder rocks their small community, Caleb and Jena will have to work together. And when the new Chief of Police isn't put off by any of her usual defenses, Jena may be faced with the most frightening change of all: lowering the defenses around her carefully guarded heart.

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"Take a simple contemporary plot, add a pinch of paranormal, sprinkle with insightful, down-to-earth, wry characters, mix with a murder mystery, shake vigorously and enjoy Cambio Springs!"

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Meet the Author

Elizabeth Hunter is a contemporary fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance writer. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College and a former English teacher. She is the author of the Elemental Mysteries series, the Elemental World series, the Cambio Springs series, and other works of fiction.

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Shifting Dreams: A Cambio Springs Mystery 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
dandilionfluff More than 1 year ago
I firmly believe that Elizabeth Hunter is one of the most incredibly talented writers of our time. I found her Elemental Mysteries to be lush and as intricate as a tapestry. Gorgeous from a distance and amazingly intentional and detailed under close inspection. I was tremendously excited upon reading Long Ride Home, the intro to her new series. It had me crying at 40 pages, because in those 40 pages I had already emotionally connected with the characters. Jena and Lowell's love and Lowell's death was so sad and I could fully imagine their pain...my pain...at the loss of your mate.  It was some relief that Jena was able to move forward and heal in time for Shifting Dreams. I think a full novel of that heartbreak would be more than my tear ducts would be willing to accommodate. This is a lovely shifter novel about a segment of our population who have set themselves apart. They have a town, down on it's luck, steeped in tradition, overlapping family lineages, marriages, children, tough economics. There is great comfort that these folks can be themselves without shielding and hiding their complete nature. It could be anywhere, truly. But what would be the ramifications of an off the grid shifter town decided to heighten it's profile to build a resort and create economic means for it's inhabitants? Mental health and safety vs. economic security. Tough call. We see this greater challenge develop as Jena and Caleb the new Police Chief (an outsider) in town dance the dance of attraction. They are adults, reasonable and considerate who woo each other and weigh the risks with the rewards and need.  I enjoyed this story, but I did not sigh and hug my tablet when it was all over. Perhaps I still dream of Carwyn and need to move on. Nonetheless. Elizabeth Hunter is able lull the reader enough to make suspension of belief absolutely believable and almost ordinary.
SandraHoover More than 1 year ago
Strange things happen in Cambio Springs . . . people are clannish, secrets are guarded, an outsider never quite fits in. Caleb Gilbert rode into town toting some heavy emotional baggage, but he was determined to make a home and a place for himself as the chief of police. He runs into a wall of resistance from some of the strange locals who don't cotton to outsiders as they protect their secrets at all costs. Jena Crowe is a widowed mom with two young boys, making ends meet by running her parent's diner during the day and tending bar at night. Sparks fly when Caleb & Jena meet & share one electrifying kiss on Caleb's first night in town. In the weeks that follow, he pursues Jena as diligently as she pushes him away. Why won't she let him get close? How can he break through her guard? Late one night, Caleb is called out to the scene of a murder to find a very naked Jena sitting on the porch crying. He senses her lies when he tries to question her. . . in fact, Caleb knows that everyone on the scene is lying to him. The murder victim is a tribal elder, found lying naked in a pool of blood, bearing some strange deadly scratches. As Caleb investigates the scene, he realizes that something is very wrong here. The evidence just doesn't add up, and he can't catch a murderer if no one will tell him the truth. What is going on in this town? Who & what are these people? There's a fascinating cast of characters in Cambio Springs. Caleb is so sexy, so gorgeous. And while he pretty much rode into town on a white horse, he's also in need of some TLC himself. He left a past that haunts him and carries a saddle bag full of self-inflicted guilt. Jena's simply afraid to love and trust again, afraid of being left alone once more if another man either dies too young as her first husband did or simply rides out of town like most outsiders eventually do. Caleb has his work cut out for him once he decides that he wants to be the man in Jena & her son's lives. Sooner or later, everyone must choose whether or not to allow someone close enough to help them close the door on the past, accept the present, and move forward into the future. And while trying to convince Jena that he's the real deal, Caleb is experiencing some strange sensations/dreams of his own. There's an intriguing supporting cast that I know will be fodder for future stories . . . I look forward to reading their stories, especially Ted & Alex and Ollie & Allie. Shifting Dreams is a hard book to describe without spoilers. You really need to live and experience the story as you read it. I found this book to be different than other series I've read by Hunter, but just as captivating in its own way. The town of Cambio Springs is an intriguing mystery. Like a present, this book builds anticipation, unwrapping the mystery of the town & people one page at a time. I was quickly hooked by Hunter's writing style (as always) and found this book to be an unique, often funny, fascinating, and yes, even sexy read. A Must Read!
Cheryl0 More than 1 year ago
I have read every thing Elizabeth has wrote. She never disappoints. This is another series that I find I want more of. I can't wait to read more. I have recommended this series to friends and will continue to do so. You will not be disappointed. Way to go Elizabeth you've got another hit on your hands!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
twimom101 More than 1 year ago
When I first read the novella, LONG RIDE HOME, I was so impressed. I know Hunter is an amazing writer after reading her other works: The Elemental Mysteries series & THE GENIUS AND THE MUSE just to name a couple. But what impressed me most was her ability to create a short story so heart wrenching and so captivating. Not many short stories can do that to me. But Hunter nailed it. Why am I talking about LONG RIDE HOME you might ask? Well it is the novella that leads us into SHIFTING DREAMS. A little prelude of what was to come. Now let’s talk about SHIFTING DREAMS, shall we? Oh boy, Caleb had no idea what he was getting himself into when he heads out to the desert to take a job as police chief to a small California town. His first night there he meets a gorgeous bartender and thinks that it might not be so bad after all. But soon he starts noticing strange looks among the town’s people and certain things don’t add up. Even more so when there is a murder in the nearly crime free town. Caleb is bound and determined to get to the bottom of it no matter the cost. Jena wants to forget the night she met the new police chief. Not that anything other than kissing went down, but it would be best for her and her family if this outsider would just leave well enough alone. He doesn’t need to get mixed up in her life and her secrets. Secrets that could cost her her life and that of those she loves. Secrets that the town has kept hidden for years and years. If you have ever read any of Hunter’s other work you know this lady can write a mean Vampire series. She has even dabbled in Contemporary Fiction (which I happened to love by the way). And now, Hunter can add ‘Shifters’ to her resume. Her writing is impeccable and it just pulls you in. You come out of your book stupor a little depressed that the real world isn't really filled with vamps or shapeshifers. Where’s my Gio…my Carwyn…my Caleb? That’s right ladies they just don’t exist…except in Hunter’s wonderful world of literature. I am so glad that Hunter did take a new route with Shifters…it just proves she has got what it takes to show readers she isn’t one of those authors who only want to write one certain genre. Her books are different and entertaining and also get a little hot. Well ok, a lot of hot. And SHIFTING DREAMS is no different. It has everything I want in a book and to me I thought it was absolute perfection. I got a great mystery that wasn’t easy to solve, a romance that took its time building up, and an array of characters that could easily keep this series going for a while. Oh yes, lots of hidden stories just waiting to be told. This is one book you will not want to wait long to read. I read it, I inhaled it, and I fell hopelessly in love with it. I know you will too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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