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4.6 47
by Bond

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Following up their chart-topping debut, Born, the girls of Bond return with another high-voltage crossover concoction. And their formula for success has hardly changed a beat: Shine mixes classical melodies and instrumentation with pulsing dance rhythms, ambient noises, and other new age and pop music trappings to take the string


Following up their chart-topping debut, Born, the girls of Bond return with another high-voltage crossover concoction. And their formula for success has hardly changed a beat: Shine mixes classical melodies and instrumentation with pulsing dance rhythms, ambient noises, and other new age and pop music trappings to take the string quartet into truly uncharted territory. Classical composers Borodin and Albinoni are covered with "Strange Paradise" and "Big Love Adagio," while the album moves in other directions, too, with a take on the tango style of Astor Piazzolla ("Libertango"), a version of the Led Zeppelin classic "Kashmir," and other international-flavored tracks ("Gypsy Rhapsody," "Sahara," "Fuego"). In a departure from their debut, this time the quartet’s members -- Haylie, Eos, Tania, and Gay-Yee -- lend a stronger hand to the group’s distinctive sound by writing and co-writing several numbers. A bonus track is the fitting finale: "Bond on Bond," the sexy foursome's upbeat version of the 007 theme.

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All Music Guide - William Ruhlmann
A sort of cross between Sex and the City and the Kronos Quartet as they might be remixed by Paul Oakenfold (actually Orion and the Beatmasters do most of the producing), Bond is a string quartet of toothsome beauties at least as concerned with their hair and makeup as their playing whose work on Shine is heavily augmented with dance beats. It's a formula that sits them atop the classical crossover charts, up there with Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban, and why not? As with their peers, the music is only ersatz classical, containing classical tunes here and there mixed in with classical-sounding new compositions. And the elaborate dance programming makes the music highly, well, programmable. Leadoff track "Allegretto" was quickly tapped for an upscale television commercial, a mark of success in this market previously achieved by the likes of Moby. Here and there among the oddly familiar melodies are actually identifiable ones. "Strange Paradise" is a much modified version of the same theme from Borodin's "Polovetsian Dances" in his opera Prince Igor that became the show tune and pop hit "Stranger in Paradise" from the musical Kismet; "Kashmir" is the Led Zeppelin song; "Libertango" comes from Astor Piazzolla; the bonus track, "Bond on Bond," is, inevitably, Monty Norman's James Bond movie theme; and "Space" sounds like the theme from every movie ever set in a Middle Eastern desert (although here it sounds like it comes from a Middle Eastern disco). The CD booklet, full of fashion-style photography, outdoes anything from Britney Spears, and, of course, there's nary a musical instrument in sight. The music may be the least of it, but as marketing, Bond is hard to fault.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bond   Primary Artist
Beatmasters   Synthesizer
Dave Peabody   Guitar
Aziz   Flute
Tim Cansfield   Guitar
Hossam Ramzy   Percussion
Luis Jardim   Percussion
Skaila Kanga   Harp
London Session Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
John McKenzie   Bass
Guy Pratt   Bass
Craig Pruess   Conductor,Sitar,Tamboura,Mandola
Paul Spong   Trumpet
Gavyn Wright   Conductor
Maya   Vocals
Tania   Viola
Paul Clarvis   Percussion
Stuart Crichton   Bass,Keyboards
Rony Barrak   Percussion,Bongos,Darbouka,Clay Pot,Doholla,Mazhar
Eos   Violin
London Metropolitan Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Haylie Ecker   Violin
Yoad Nevo   Bass,Guitar
Eos Chater   Vocals
Michelle DeVries   Cymbals
Estaban Antonio   Acoustic Guitar
Kuljit Balma   Percussion,Tabla
Pavlos Doukanares   Bouzouki
Shashi Pandit   Vocals
Wil Malone   Conductor

Technical Credits

Beatmasters   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Pete Craigie   Engineer
Marius de Vries   Engineer,Engineering
Brian Gascoigne   Arranger,String Arrangements,String Conductor
Gary Langan   Engineer
Craig Pruess   Arranger,Director,String Arrangements,Direction
Mike Ross-Trevor   Engineering
Ulrich Weber   Cover Photo
Gavyn Wright   Orchestra Leader
Andy Stephens   Management
John Dixon   Producer
Ian Wherry   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Adam Brown   Engineer
Stuart Crichton   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Rony Barrak   Contributor
Magnus Fiennes   Arranger,Programming,Producer,String Arrangements
Stephane Malca   Programming,Producer
Ric Featherstone   Programming,Engineer
Keith Uddin   Engineer
Robin Twelftree   Programming,Producer
Andy Page   Programming
John Anderson Concert Orchestra   beats
Haylie Ecker   Arranger,String Arrangements
Tania Davis   Arranger
Paul Chessell   Art Direction
Andrej Bako   Programming
Remi Kazinoti   Arranger
Thomas Bowes   Orchestra Leader
Bond   Arranger,String Arrangements
Phil da Costa   Engineer
Wil Malone   Arranger,String Arrangements

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Shine 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 47 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is very good. I love to listen to it and it's very fun. My favorites are Shine, Libertango, Sahara, and Kashmir. This album is for anyone who likes classical or pop music. That's whats so great about. Everybody seems to enjoy it, wether they like classical music or other genre. This album is as good as the first one. I would recommend this album to anyone. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy this album today.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bond does it again! With it's modern appeal, the album certainly lives up to its name! All the girls shine with immense talent. A groovy, beat driven track like "Gypsy Rhapsody" will defintely get bodies moving. "Speed" inspires everyone to drive a little faster. "Bond on Bond" is simply a lot of fun and proves the quartet deserves their fame. "Kashmir" will drum in your brain and be perfect before the big race, as my sister has used it to pump her up! My favorite track has to be "Ride" which certainly sweeps you away and takes you along with its vigorous movement. (And it is composed by Eos herself!) Even when it slows down, as in "Strange Paradise" and "Big Love Adagio," you will find yourself swaying along. Every composition is amazing, and your parents will definitely approve, which is a welcome relief!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this album is off the hook!!! it's even BETTER than the first one!! It's got more variety and much more phat beats to it!!it features beautiful songs such as Strange Paradise and Big love Adagio and also hip on the go songs like Allegretto, Fuego, and Speed. Their renditions of Kashmir and the BOnd theme are absoulutely awesome!!and also for those who love ethnic music, this album has awesome influences from India and Egypt for songs such as Shine and Sahara. Go get SHINE!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally classical music played with talent that is only equaled by their beauty. A definate purchase for the serious music lover. A rollercoaster ride of emotion.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a cool CD.IT is very energetic Buy it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I had pre-ordered Bond's Shine Cd and and eagerly awaited it's arrival. I received it the day after it was released in the US and the wait was not in vain. This is an EXCELLANT cd. The songs are lively, vibrant and fresh. If you liked Born then you'll like Shine.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't say how much I LOVE this cd. The music is moving and makes your toes tap on every song. I still need to get their first cd, which I'm sure I'll get soon, but this cd just ROCKS!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Bond Shine CD is an excellent followup to their Born effort. The title track Shine and their version of Led Zepplin's Kasmir are the two highlights of the CD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
While I also enjoyed this CD, I believe it is not nearly as good as the first. I also noticed that the pictures are a bit more, shall we say... provocative. But over all, I believe the quality went down, maybe they spent more time concentrating on the pictures this time....
Guest More than 1 year ago
What happened to the Bond of "Born?" This is a completely different group! They have, unfortunately, added still more vocals and seem to be ashamed that they are a string quartet at all! There is barely any mention of any of their instruments anywhere on the entire CD case and insert. However, they do still have a few good pieces on this album, like "Bond on Bond" and "Allegretto."
Guest More than 1 year ago
The follow-up album of this amazingly talented group is all that could be hoped for and more! With thirteen awesome tracks, including one by the group's first violinist Haylie Ecker, and one by the second violinist Eos Chater, you can only love the sound of the group! There are many ethnic ifluences in the album, including Indian, African, Spanish and Latin, that all make sure that the listner is transported to a different state of mind with the beginning of each track. Among many masterful re-workings of popular oldies, including Led Zeplin's "Kashmir", Tony Bennett's "Stranger in Paradise", "Big Love Adagio", and the James Bond theme which is cleverly titled "Bond on Bond", there are also a number of dance inspired tracks. "Shine" is a diverse album that lives up to expectations and makes for a truly wonderful album!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i was watching good morning america when isaw these talented young ladies.i must say i was very impressed.i've always tried to get into classical music but it was so longing for something else.but when i heard these girls,my ears couldn't beleive the wonderful music that played out.it is very upbeat and i could defitnetly see myself hearing this at work.what would us ungifted folk would do without gifted poeple?
Guest More than 1 year ago
not only gorgeous but so awesomely talented as well! no matter what kind of music you listen to--you WILL enjoy this CD!! so-don't wait just go get it!! I can't wait to see them live!! i'll be in the front row!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this CD! It is so awesome!!!I have never heard anything like it before.Bond is my new favorite group and their cd is a must have for any string lover's collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shine is quite simply an amazing album. I myselt am a teenager. I can say that most teens dont listen to classical music. But with the blending of the strings and electronic (techo style) drums/rythem, this album will apeal to a much wider range of people. It simply cannot fail you. There's just no way you couldn't get into this music!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wonderfull and a MUST buy ! Very insperational to my twins girls who play the violin & chello. They now understand how string instruments can be kewl !! Wonderfully done you must hear these songs they have outdone themselves this time
Guest More than 1 year ago
This group quickly became my favourite as soon as I heard their music. The only classical music that I seem to enjoy is that which has a distict unique feel to it. These girls are amazing. They are a literal BLAST OF FRESH AIR to the classical scene. And you don't have to like classical music to enjoy them... they manage to roll pop, dance, house and world music into one - nothing short of BRILLIANT!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is not classical music for purists. This is crank it up, put the top down, and drive classical. Its a fun CD which sounds like the girls are having a good time. Their remake of Zepplin's Kashmir is dead on and powerful. There really isn't a weak cut on this CD and for people who don't normally gravitate towards classically oriented music, will find themselves giving this CD a lot of "airtime."
Guest More than 1 year ago
I keep reading these reviews about how wonderful and "powerful" the remake of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir is, so I go and get this album. It has some good tracks, but the Kashmir remake is NOT one of them. If you want to hear a GREAT classical version of Kashmir, get a copy of Symphonic Led Zeppelin, where various tracks are done by the London Symphony Orchestra. THAT version of Kashmir will blow you away.
Guest More than 1 year ago
To my amazement, BOND came through in stellar fashion! I thought it would be pretty tough to top themselves from their first recording but they may be headed that direction. I can't say I like it better than the first but it is definately a treasureed part of my collection. Thank God you can't wear out a CD!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bond is turning out to be a group that I do not need to hear before I buy it because I know it will be great! Their take on classical and other music is very unique with the lite electronic background and the passion as to which they attack the songs.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A wonderful second album from four supremely talented and beautiful young ladies. I had to import this album, as I couldn't wait the extra few weeks until it was released in the UK...and I wasn't disappointed! "Shine" certainly has a more upbeat and techno-pop feel than "Born", and has a more worldly influence for many of the tracks. However, the girls' individual talents seem to have been under-used this time round, with hardly any technically taxing pieces of music for the girls to play with, (which, in my opinion, is a great shame). Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed every track on its own merits. All in all, "Shine" certainly doesn't work the girls as hard as in "Born", and far more techno stuff is used this time round, but as an album to enjoy listening to, it is joint top with their earlier effort! I'd like to see Bond perform some more cover versions for future albums...maybe "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd, or how about the fun and excitement the girls (and their fans) could have with the theme to "Deliverance"? Let's have more fun tracks such as "Korobushko" and "Duel" from the first album. Some people have suggested that Bond are concentrating more on photo-shoots and their image than on their musical talents with this album...I MUST DISAGREE. The Bond girls are all very beautiful, and are not ashamed to let us see that fact. Everyone knows that 'sex sells', and as far as the girls are concerned, 'If you've got it, Flaunt it' comes to mind. I don't mind seeing them scantily-clad within the album cover, and I for one wouldn't complain if they decided to 'clad' themselves even more 'scantily' next time! Here are my views on each track from "Shine" :- 1.Allegretto:-A very catchy classical piece played to an accompanying disco drum beat, and with a fantastic pizzicato section in the middle, (more of these please!). This tune has a very 'hooked-on-classics' feel, and will have you humming and whistling it permanently, as you won't be able to get it out of your head for weeks! 2.Shine:-The title track, and first single from the album, this is clearly inspired by the Asian culture. A pleasing sound, very commercial production-wise, and asks more of the girls than many of the other tracks. 3.Fuego:-Another classical-inspired track that will almost certainly be released as a single, with the same sort of appeal as "Viva" and "Victory" from their first album. (I particularly liked the ending of this track, which should really make Haylie work when performed live). 4.Strange Paradise:-A melodic interpretation of a piece by Borodin, played to a deep techno-beat background for the most part. Pleasing to the ear, and very easy to listen to. 5.Speed:-Sure to be a popular track with most people, I found that the synthesizer track merged too much with the strings at times, so I could hardly hear the girls play. However, it's still good to listen to. 6.Big Love Adagio:-Clearly, a version of Albinoni's classical Adagio, this mellow piece allows all four girls to show their abilities more than any other track, and so the drum beat in the background is hardly noticed. Superb. 7.Kashmir:-When I first saw the title of this track, I dearly hoped that it would somehow be a cover of the classic Led Zeppelin track...and it is!!! An absolutely fantastic version of an already superb track, with at last some proper drums accompanying the music. I particularly liked the violin interpretation of the Zep.lyrics, although I wasn't quite sure until the second playing. I can't stop listening to this track! 8.Gypsy Rhapsody:-A fun, vibrant and quirky rendition with heavy Middle-Eastern influences, this will undoubtedly be another favourite with many, (including myself). I can really imagine the girls enjoying themselves whilst playing this live. 9.Libertango:-I really enjoyed this Piazzola tune whilst trying to decide whether it was mainly of Italian, Spanish, French, or Latin origin...maybe it was a fusion of all four styles? I couldn't h
Guest More than 1 year ago
The music is all good but it would be impossible for them to better BORN. BOND on Bond is my favorite selection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great cd to get if you love Bond, I highly suggest it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this band. They are rockin'! I love the way that their music is different than what we usually hear. These ladies are extremely talented. The sound is unique and we need unique. I think this music is great for people of all ages.