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Shine [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

Shine [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

4.9 12
by Rachel Fuller
British singer-songwriter Rachel Fuller has roots in classical composition and arrangement, skills she put to the fore working with partner Pete Townshend on his Lifehouse project. On her own work, Fuller flexes these muscles in service to pensive and uplifting songs that alternately brood upon and rejoice in the stranglehold of


British singer-songwriter Rachel Fuller has roots in classical composition and arrangement, skills she put to the fore working with partner Pete Townshend on his Lifehouse project. On her own work, Fuller flexes these muscles in service to pensive and uplifting songs that alternately brood upon and rejoice in the stranglehold of love. Compared with the more serious-minded singer we encountered on her album debut, Cigarettes & Housework, she sounds lighter on Shine, as if liberated by love. The ballad "I Can Fly" takes wing on a swell of keyboards, both organic and synthetic -- a gentle cushion from which Fuller's delicate pipes soar. The title track, another ballad, rides meditative verses to rousing choruses that evoke the contemporary folk sound of Jane Siberry or Shawn Colvin. Fuller caresses her ode to passion, "Pleasure Seeker," with gutsy, classically inspired piano runs, thrumming electric guitar chords, and prog-tinged synths. A similar theme courses through the electro-pop-meets-folk "In the Mix," while she strips things down on the spare "Just Breathe," which pairs her graceful voice with acoustic guitar pickings from Townshend. At five tunes, the refreshingly modern folk-pop of Shine plays like an elegantly constructed suite, and just like the subject matter at hand, it leaves you wanting more.

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Shine [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shine is a perfect cd to listen to on a pleasant Sunday morning. The song "Shine" will let you forget the problems of everyday life and her voice will hypnotize you to the point of total relaxation. Its cheaper than an hour on the couch with a theropist. "Pleasure Seeker" is actually my favorite. I love the power Rachel can also deliver with her talent. Great choice of songs for this cd. She shows a great range of talent on this one. A great deal for a great cd. A must buy for you or as a gift anyone will enjoy...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Rachel Fuller has a pure, angelic voice. She has been playing piano since the age of 6 and it shows! Classically trained, she is able to transform her music and songwriting into a soul soothing, heartfelt, mix of soft yet upbeat sounds. Also, extremely catchy as you will hear in one of her songs "In The Mix”. As for the song "Shine" her EP's title, you will be treated to the sounds of a strong, confident woman who is well on her way to bringing her beautiful music into the ears of many lucky people that may not be aware of such a talented artist. Ms. Rachel will shine, just stand back and watch!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rachel Fullers Ep is a great addition to her essential LP Cigarettes and Housework with lush strings, gentle guitar phrases and her beautiful voice this is music to talk about, and enjoy time and time again, a breathtaking piece of work
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rachel Fuller's EP "Shine" provides a mixture of folk, classical and new age to the current music scene which sorely lacks originality and musicianship. Her vocals demonstrate operatic values along with ear grabbing lyrics. The melodies will often remind you of a new age Joni Mitchell. Rachel's a fine breath of fresh air for the serious music lover.I wish there were many more like her
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rachel Fuller is a force of pure talent and the best thing that's happened to the music business in quite a while. If you miss out on this I feel sorry for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
SHINE: A WONDERFUL music set! All Rachel Fuller! I am aware, as it is said, that Rachel has a great association with many great music people (not bad company, ya think?). This CD is all about a true talent, Rachel Fuller. She stands on her own in this beautiful sequence of songs. I compare her voice to be approaching in the realm of ENYA, though certainly in a different, and most beautiful music category...as stated, she stands on her own. My favorite: SHINE, a most lovely & inspirational song from a most lovely & fresh talent. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this CD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Joyful and lovingly crafted music that takes you to many places. Rachel Fuller does obvious influence Stevie Wonder proud on 'I Can Fly' and French pop legend Serge Gainsborough is evoked on 'In The Mix.' Great music for young children as well, they always stop to listen when they hear her lovely, clear voice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Listen to the online samples of these songs and the music will be playing over and over again in your head. Shine and In the Mix are my favorites and are obvious hits. Sweet, catchy, classical pop music. Pick this CD up now, before she hits the Top 40. Then you can say "I knew her when..."
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rachel Fuller brings hope to music fans. This EP is made up of five, very original songs. If you are tired of POP music that is all about marketing, you will LOVE Ms. Fullers songs of hope and inspiration. Shine, the theme from Rachel's internet show, In The Attic, has a positive message that will have your heart soaring. By the second chorus, you will be singing along, as if you have known the words and tune your whole life. Pleasure Seeker has a more sophisticated message, about love and sexuality without hitting you on the head with it. In The Mix, has all the ingredients for a hit, it is catchy, clever, and will have you bopping in your seat. Although, Rachel did collaborate with Pete Townshend on In The Mix and Just Breathe, (which received the IAC's Golden Kayakaward), you will hear only Rachel's voice on this EP, and it's beautiful!
Guest More than 1 year ago
There is something for everyone on this EP, gorgeous production, beautiful melodies and Rachel Fuller's angelic voice. I wish this 5 song EP was an entire album because I was left wanting more. The CD opens with "Shine", Rachel's familiar theme to her In The Attic Webcast show. The chorus will give you goose bumps. Next we have "I Can Fly", a beautiful, soaring piece inspired by passages written in partner Pete Townshend's online novella "The Boy Who Heard Music". Then we have the mysterious, seductive "Pleasure Seeker" with it's commanding, thunderous piano. "In The Mix" is a catchy, happy, pop song. Then the CD finishes with "Just Breathe", a gorgeous song co-written by and featuring partner Pete Townshend on guitar. It's easy to understand why Rachel's music has been featured in movie soundtracks, but even harder to understand why she is not more well known. Hopefully this CD will introduce Rachel to thousands of new fans and give her the worldwide acclaim that she so richly deserves.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For anyone who loved the UK artist’s first CD, 'Cigarettes And Housework', her latest EP effort will knock your socks off. The multi-talented singer, songwriter and pianist has crafted a sensational summer music product that will interest rock, pop and alternative fans across the board. One familiar track is the catchy theme song to her successful worldwide 'In The Attic' online music webcast, while another song features a duet with The Who’s Pete Townshend. This is a 'Must Purchase' for this summer’s listening.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Long awaited EP, with five songs that will take your soul into magical travels. "Shine" is not only a beautiful tune, with Rachel's unique voice, but it also fills your lungs with pride. If you won't feel like flying with "I Can Fly" then there's definetely something wrong with you! "Pleasure Seeker" comes in to shoot you to the moon with an amazing chorus and unique piano playing. With "In The Mix" you just want to dance, it's the happiest tune ever! And finally "Just Breathe" with Pete Townshend playing the guitar and Rachel's amazing performance is the remedy for a broken heart or a broken ego... All in all, a highly recommended album, which has one fault: it's not long enough.