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Shock Waves

Shock Waves

4.2 4
by Jenna Mills


And it would be Ethan Carrington if Brenna Scott didn't warn him in time. But the handsome federal prosecutor didn't believe in her psychic gifts until it was too late and they were both plunged into mortal peril. Ethan had devoted his life to taking down the enemy who threatened his family. Until a beautiful stranger



And it would be Ethan Carrington if Brenna Scott didn't warn him in time. But the handsome federal prosecutor didn't believe in her psychic gifts until it was too late and they were both plunged into mortal peril. Ethan had devoted his life to taking down the enemy who threatened his family. Until a beautiful stranger sought Ethan out and spoke of a haunting dream that might mean his doom...or salvation.

Who was Brenna Scott? Ally or enemy? Lover or liar? Forced to trust each other to stay alive, they were reluctant partners in a deadly game where love was critical to their very survival....

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Publication date:
Silhouette Intimate Moments Series , #1287
Product dimensions:
4.10(w) x 6.62(h) x 0.69(d)

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Shock Waves

By Jenna Mills

Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.

Copyright © 2004 Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-373-27357-6

Chapter One

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart." - Helen Keller

"Touch her, and it will be the last mistake you make."

Late-morning sun cut through an expansive wall of windows, falling like a spotlight on the man with the gun. In his element, the fool laughed. "Look at you." He swept an arm toward the far side of the spacious room. "You're hardly in a position to be making threats."

The ornate mirror revealed the apparent truth of his words, a tall raven-haired man with his hands bound behind his back, his ankles secured together. Armed guards surrounded him in a circle of semiautomatics he recognized as MP-5Ns. Thick rope cut roughly into his wrists, but he welcomed the bite of pain.

It meant he was alive.

And so long as he was alive, the man with the suit of white, but a smile of pure darkness, would not be allowed to win.

"I have what you want. Killing me leaves you with nothing."

Contempt flashed in eyes that once shone with the lie of friendship. "Death doesn't always involve the body, my friend. Only if you're lucky."

The threat echoed silkily through the sunbathed room. White walls, white furniture, white carpet. But not white lies. The lies were black, and they had destroyed.

But not again.

So long as he had a breath in his body, not ever, ever again. This time it was personal, and this time it was going to end.

"The choice is yours," the man in the white suit announced.

"The power has always been in your hands."

True enough. But he hadn't planned on the woman. She hadn't factored into his agenda. She was a complication, a risk he could neither afford nor risk.

Refusing to take the bait, he hardened his eyes and lifted his chin, stared beyond the weapons trained on him and through the window to the beach beyond, where the turquoise surf crashed against a carpet of sand so white, so sugary, it defied logic and possibility.

The flash of red hit without warning. A wave of it, surging up from the pale-blue horizon and sloshing over the beach, washing away the serenity. Seagulls squeaked. Gunfire exploded.

A woman screamed.

Deliberation shattered. He was running then, shouting, swearing, through the sudden blanket of darkness. He had to find her, find her fast. Before the man with whom he'd once broken bread broke something that could never be replaced.

"Stand down!" he roared. "It's over."

The flash of sunlight blinded him, but he saw her anyway, a slim silhouette against the impossibly blue horizon. She wasn't moving. Wasn't running, wasn't taking cover. She just stood there, her flimsy dress flapping wildly, the surf crashing against her calves.

Pain exploded against the base of his skull. He staggered, went down hard, refused to stop. He pushed to his hands and knees and lunged forward.

He saw the gun too late. The explosion of white blinded him, blanketed him, snuffed out his voice and his breath ...


In a small bed, she jerked herself awake. Her heart thundered in her chest with painful precision, hard, urgent, violent like the breaking surf. Sweat bathed her body, gluing her nightshirt to clammy flesh. Automatically she lifted a hand to her burning throat, fully expecting to find a rope constricting her breath.

Of course she didn't.

So real. So horribly, vividly real.

Coldness then, moistness pressing against her free hand. "Gryphon."

The Great Dane whimpered his concern, nuzzling closer. He knew. He always, always knew when the images struck. She'd once wondered how but had long since given up trying to understand. Gifts didn't have to be understood. Just accepted. Respected.

"It's okay, boy," she reasoned, but the words rang hollow even to her own ears. The taste of fear lingered like a vile poison at the back of her throat. The smell of blood sickened.

But there was no blood. Not yet. She knew that as surely as she knew the ugliness had found her again, dug its claws deep. A cold resolve sank through her as she fumbled for the bedside lamp and let light spill into the small room. From the drawer of her nightstand, she retrieved her grandmother's silver Celtic cross and curled her fingers around the talisman.

The infusion of heat fortified her.

For more than two years she'd kept the images at bay. She'd slept peacefully. She hadn't quite dreamed of white bunnies frolicking in a waving field of brightly colored poppies, but there'd been no darkness. No terror. No blood. No death.

Until now. Through the flood of light, she opened her fingers and stared at her palm, saw the deep crescent gouges her fingernails had cut, saw the ancient cross, the truth. And deep inside, she shivered. The tall man with the closely cropped raven hair stood in grave, imminent danger.

Her dreams were back, and they were never wrong.

Someone was going to die.


Excerpted from Shock Waves by Jenna Mills Copyright © 2004 by Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Shock Waves 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jayne Ann Krentz is back dancing on the high wire in the center ring! This is typical JAK at her very best, but at the same time just a wee bit different from her usual range, pushing over more into her Jayne Castle territory. With Paranormal Romance hitting big numbers this one should do well for her. It's a very clever story, a bit more intricate than some JAK's of late. Isabel Wright works at the Belvedere Center for Sleep Research at in 'iffy' job of dream analyzer. She is a Level Five dreams, and has a preternatural talent of being able to tell everyone what their dreams mean. She is happy with her steady job and finally has money to splurge on things to change her life. She sees herself as a woman with so much inside, but fears the rest of the world dismisses her as humdrum. She wants a man to notice her, think she is a vivacious woman with a lot of risk and daring to her character. She has a new wardrobe, and a haircut Mr. Nicholas her hairdresser assures her makes her sexy. But with an ex-boyfriend still calling her Izzy and says her haircut is 'cute', she fears her dreams - real dreams may never come true. Worse, her cushy job is on the line. Her boss the elder Dr. Belvedere has just died, and the Dr. Belvedere the younger is determined to take the sleep clinic into commercial application. Isabel sees this as a violation of the decades of solid research done by his father. When she resists his plans, he fires her, little understanding that Isabel is the key to the whole company and it's survival. Isabel sees this is a chance to go freelance, but Belvedere, once he realizes his stupidity, is determined to lure her back to the firm before it goes belly up. Ellis Cuttler is a freelance operative for a Black Ops firm called Frey-Salter - a highly classified government agency - that works in the shadows. One of their workers Katherine Ralston has been murdered and Ellis blames himself. Though working on his own, he still accepts work for Frey-Salter and blames himself for Katherine's death. He felt he should've seen it coming, because he is not your usual operative. He uses his dreams to 'manhunt'. He goes to a scene of a crime, stores all the images and facts and later uses his Level Five dreaming to analyze the information - actually walking through the murders as if he were there. Ellis is a patient of Isabel's and she is concerned about the dreams of violence she analyzes for him, fearing they are real memories. She knows him as patient #2. He's met him in his dreams and calls her 'tango dancer' in his mind. Finally, a man who sees the 'real' Isabel, the exciting, daring Isabel waiting to be set free! Isabel and Ellis, unknowing about the other, have actually been sharing dreams for months, so when he brings Isabel into his operation to find Katherine's murderer, to help analyze his dreams, their attraction is hot and instantaneous. However, by using Isabel to catch a killer, he's now made her a target, too. This is JAK at her top form. The characters are quirky, warm, sexy and will steal your heart. One of the best under the JAK name this decade. Absolutely divine!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Angela Knight shows her brilliance by combining the very hot vampire genre with Grail lore, and creates a very original concept. A concept that will put her on the bestsellers list! The first in the series, Master of the Night, we get a wonderful, fast pace tale that will have you hooked from the start. In September, smart people had a taste of the hot premise in Hot Blooded, an anthology (Knight, Christine Feehan, Emma Holly and Maggie Shayne), where Knight premiered her storyline with her tale ¿Seduction¿s Gift¿. In that novella, we learnt the ¿rules¿ of Knight¿s new magical realm. Eschewing the Ann Rice¿s sexless bloodsucker and the promiscuous predator male who equates blood with good sex, Knight has struck out on her own ¿ and conjured gold! Rice¿s writing while amazing, left me cold where romance was concerned. Her vamps were often Androgynous, if not gay or bisexual, so this limited the range of emotions provoked by her prose. On the other end of the pendulum - the Vampire as a strictly romance hero always presented me with troubles. Problems of disease aside, how could a woman love a man who must go around ¿necking¿ with hundreds of dames to stay alive? This seems more a male oriented fantasy ¿ the accepting of a hero ¿sleeping around¿ on the heroine. Knight deftly handles both of these extremes, by promptly dismissing them, and travelling her own path. Vampires are not as we know them from Hollywood created lore. First off, they are male, never female. They can drink the blood of humans, but it¿s not the focus of their existence, not how they survive. Most would rather not. Where they get their true life giving essence is they must drink the blood of a Maja ¿ a witch, and the Maja must have the vampire take the blood in order for her to survive. A true symbiotic relationship, which dismisses the disease question, bars the vampires ¿forcing¿ his will on another, and removes the sexuality of the act out of the question ¿ unless the vampire and witch just enjoy that, too. You see Camelot was a myth. But not the myth as we know it. Merlin and Nimue were from a race of beings outside of Earth. They came as protectors to the fledging human race, and still exist in their own magical realm. There are actually three realms on earth, the realm of the Mageverse, the Sidhe and the mortal world. Mortals know nothing of the other two realms, though both often play roles in shaping the normal world. In the Mageverse, the vampires and witches are the ladies and knights of Camelot. They¿re sworn to be protectors of mortal man. From the children of moral man and woman, come the potential vampires and witches of future generations. They are called Latents. Not all mortals who are Latents can be turned. Many cannot handle being changed into an immortal, and all the powers that come with the change, and often can drive them mad. And change can only be accomplish by having a male vampire turn a female Latent, or the female Maja witch changes the male mortal, through the sexual act. Knight creates these original and imaginative perimeters for her series, and then sets back and has a great time. She is a bold, sexy writer that has a strong Southern (US) wit, and is THE writer to watch today. She is going places, and Master of the Night is the first sounding shot that this talent is here to stay. In Master of the Night, Vampire Knight Reece Champion, Knight defender of the USA, and also agent of the US government, senses the Latent Erin Grayson. Erin is on a mission to romance international businessman Reece Champion. She believes seducing the sexy Champion will put her closer to the revenge she is seeking against a murderous organisation. Only, what Erin does not comprehend, she is a pawn being used against Reece by the very people she is trying to stop. Sex with Erin is dangerous. She is a Latent. Three times of the ¿big whammy¿ and he would turn her into a Maja. It¿s forbidden for
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jenna Mills has really come on strong for SIMs, and her trilogy about the Carrington siblings have all been super. This is the final tale (Perfect Target #1212 and Crossfire #1287 for reading the tales about Ethan's sisters). But this tale really stands out. Ethan, long ago made friends with a man in the US, during his college days, brought him home, had his girlfriend fall in love with the man they called Demetri, only to find out he was the son of a small European dictator. Ethan arranged the man's takedown, but he escape. Since then he has been coming at Ethan using his family as targets to get even. Brenna Scott is a woman haunted by dreams...nightmares that come true. Many times, she 'saw' people being killed and not be able to prevent it, thus making her walk a solitary path, live in the shadows. However, when the dreams begin showing Ethan dying, she comes out of the shadows to warn him. He does not believe her, thinks she is the bait for his old friends plans for vengeance. Because he won't listen, he puts both their lives in danger. It's a taught tale with vivid characters that gets its hook in you and won't let go. Mills is a force to watch.