Shocking Behavior

Shocking Behavior

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by Jennifer Archer

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She might not be able to see him, but she knows how he makes her feel.

Growing up with a mad scientist as a father wasn’t easy, and J.T. Drake wants nothing to do with his dad’s wild experiments now that he’s an adult. But when a late-night trip to his father’s lab results in a newfound gift for invisibility, only his

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She might not be able to see him, but she knows how he makes her feel.

Growing up with a mad scientist as a father wasn’t easy, and J.T. Drake wants nothing to do with his dad’s wild experiments now that he’s an adult. But when a late-night trip to his father’s lab results in a newfound gift for invisibility, only his father’s assistant, Rosalyn Peabody, can help him.

Rosalyn has never met her boss’s son, but she knows he’s an ungrateful child who doesn’t appreciate his father’s genius. And yet, every time they touch, sparks fly. But will their undeniable chemistry continue even after J.T. is cured? And can a science-phobic man and a science-focused woman find happiness together?

This Retro Romance reprint was originally published in August 2002 by Leisure Books.

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Shocking Behavior 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jennifer Archer has done it again in this spectacular piece of romantic fiction. Her inovative and humorus work will keeping you reading until you can't keep your eyes open. This piece is so original you'll wonder why someone hasn't thought of it before. Wonderful!! Don't miss it.
harstan More than 1 year ago
After receiving the alarming call from Pop¿s neighbor, journalist J.T. Drake leaves Los Angeles for his hometown of Pecan Grove, Texas, to check on Pop, his father. Pop known as the eccentric Professor Herschel Drake to most people was doing some sort of experiment that J.T. was serendipitously checking into to insure there was no danger to anyone. However, by accident J.T. becomes the first animate object to be the test subject for what Pop was testing.

A frightened Pop calls his partner Dr. Roselyn Peabody, who immediately arrives to help. Roselyn believes that J.T. is a spoiled self-centered person who does not care about Pop. In fact J.T. gave up years ago trying to compete with the experiments for Pop¿s attention, but now worries about his father¿s mental faculties. J.T. has a slightly new concern as the accident leaves him invisible. As Roselyn and Pop monitor J.T, she and the son fall in love, but she thinks he is selfish and he believes she is a crackpot

Fans of science fiction romance will enjoy the amusing SHOCKING BEHAVIOR. The story line cleverly blends the absent minded professor theme with elements from the romance genre. Though this reviewer doubts that regulatory agencies like EPA and a responsible scientist like Roselyn would perform experiments like this in their homes, the plot is fun to follow. The lead trio engages the audience while support players like the elderly neighbor augment the plot by reminding readers where the action occurs. Jennifer Archer entertains sub-genre fans with an eccentric tale.

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
A call from one of his father's neighbors urges J.T. Drake to do something about the outrageous behavior and mysterious goings on in the basement of his childhood home. Confronting his dad and returning to Pecan Grove, Texas are not on the top of the list of fun things to do, but J.T. knows he'd better or Pop and his antics might end up being fodder for another humiliating incident. You'd think he'd be impervious to embarassment after growing up with an absent-minded, hippie-scientest as a parent. But he wasn't. J.T. didn't want to be disappointed again by the man he was supposed to look up to. He waits in a rainstorm for the lights in Pop's house to go out, then sneaks into his father's home laboratory to search for the latest oddball gimmick. He is caught and stumbles into a strange contraption that not only shocks him to his socks, but makes him invisible! Roselyn Peabody, Pop's smart and unusually attractive assistant tends to J.T. and he soon wakes from his stupor. Her touch is electrifying, and it isn't just the results of his condition. He sees unwelcome characteristics that she shares with his father as far as her strange fascination with science, yet he is drawn to her. Rosy promised to help him regain his visibility, but wonders if his seductive maneuvers are only because she is the only one who can help his father recover the information needed to help return J.T. to normal. It wouldn't be the first time a man has pretended an interest in her for what her mind could do for him. She also isn't happy about the derisive way J.T. treats his father. Would he let her help in more ways than the obvious? Would she be able to resist J.T.'s seductive charm, or would it really hurt anything to indulge in a little shocking behavior of her own? I didn't want to put this book down, and when I had to, I returned to it as quickly as I could! Jennifer Archer puts a twist on the invisible man like one I've not seen before. Her creative humor makes the intriguing, fresh plot sparkle. A definite keeper!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Roselyn Peabody sees herself as the typical nerd. She¿s always been smarter than just about anyone she knows, she¿s the kid who always threw the grade curve in school, the one that other kids made fun of just because she was so different. She¿s never really grown out of seeing herself like that, although now she is a college Professor and a Scientist, and involved in helping to invent a contraption that could change the beliefs people have always had about science. She came to Pecan Grove, TX to help Professor Hershel Drake, who at one time was a teacher of hers, and whom she just felt drawn too. Part of that draw had to do with his son¿ J.T. Drake, or Jerome as he didn¿t like to be called, newspaper columnist, true crime published author, and Professor Drake¿s son, has come to Pecan Grove after a phone call from his father¿s neighbor lets him know that his father is up to some sketchy things in his basement. Billowing green smoke, and an acrid burning smell just to start. Having been the brunt his whole life of jokes about his `absentminded professor¿ father, he comes to Pecan Grove thinking he¿ll see what his father is up to, and convince him to move closer to him. Waiting until his father retires for the night, J.T. sneaks into his father¿s basement laboratory, never realizing that his life would be changed from then on out.. When Roselyn meets J.T, after his father¿s frantic phone call, she is prepared to dislike him on sight. Little could she have guessed that not only would she like him, actually be `sparkingly¿ attracted to him, but also that she wouldn¿t be able to see him. J.T. had been rendered invisible by the refractor she and the professor have been working on. And while she¿s thrilled that it actually works, it would have been nice if it had worked after they had figured out how to make him visible again. What a charmingly different story!! The plot is new and fresh, and the characters sparkle. J.T. is so true to life. While he admits to being drawn to beautiful, perfect women, he just can¿t seem to help but be drawn to Roselyn, even though he sees her as another nutty professor when he first meet her. He¿s got some definite baggage and problems going on, but he doesn¿t let them rule his life. Roselyn is full of insecurities, but once she lets herself loose, she comes into her own. They¿re both characters that we can easily relate to, and most definitely admire. It was great fun getting to know them, and witnessing them travel the road to love. That road is filled with some zany and wonderful secondary characters, which will alternately crack you up, or bring a tear to your eye. Miss Archer painted a truly beautiful picture with her words, one I found myself lost in. While this is classified as a paranormal romance, there is actually very little to categorize it so. Heads up to those who read contemporary and don¿t read paranormal¿don¿t miss this book! It will satisfy you on a level you cannot even imagine!!