Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

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by Allison Rushby

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Beneath the flashing lights, behind the screaming fans, the camera reveals all . . . even love

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Beneath the flashing lights, behind the screaming fans, the camera reveals all . . . even love

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - JoAn Watson Martin
With such a clever title, the reader expects an astronomy story or a tale of guns or fireworks. Zo Jo, although young, is one of the best paparazzo that attempt to capture photographs of celebrities. The more scandalous the pictures, the more money sleazy periodicals will pay. Jo's father travels all over the world tracking well-known, camera-avoiding victims. Melissa hires Jo to get candid shots of a famous singer and songwriter, Ned Hartnett. Jo is thrilled with the $50,000 Melissa offers, because it will help her reach her goal of going to photography school. But Melissa is sending her to a retreat to act as a client and catch Ned in compromising situations. Jo feels guilty taking advantage of their friendship, and her secret cameras are not used like Melissa expects. During group sessions everyone is encouraged to confess his or her problems. Brad, one of the therapists seems intent on learning Jo's secret cover. She realizes she made mistakes not keeping her distance from the other attendees. Jo and Ned become close friends, helping each other through the survival techniques. Jo feels there is something different about Ned, but can't quite figure what. When he kisses her, she knows he is not Ned—he is Jake, Ned's brother. Through all the intrigue, her conscience bothers her, but Jake is also being less than honest. Questions pile up until Jake and Jo develop a plan to thwart Melissa, Jake's father, Jo's father, and the retreat counselors. Jo offers amazing glimpses of the LA scene, of secret forays into the private lives of celebrities, even into the temples and shrines of Tokyo. When she realizes this is where her mom grew up, she knows more about her mom's early life and feels closer to her. Reviewer: JoAn Watson Martin
ALAN Review - Caroline Wilson
Teenager Josephine "Jo" Foster is up close and personal with the world's most famous celebrities on a daily basis—as a member of the paparazzi. Taking pictures of the stars to save up money for photography classes, Jo will do whatever it takes to get her money shot. That is, until she's sent undercover to a rehabilitation facility to photograph teen heartthrob Ned Hartnett—the very celebrity that helped Jo get her start. Suddenly, this feisty photographer finds herself posing as a patient in the treatment center, torn between doing the job that will finally enable her to pay for photography classes and her burgeoning friendship, and maybe even romance, with Ned. As she grows closer to Ned, Jo realizes that things aren't always as they seem—in her life or in Ned's—something that forces her to decide just how far she's willing to go to achieve her dreams. Reviewer: Caroline Wilson
School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up—Josephine Foster, also known as Jo Zo, is a teen paparazzo sensation, working the star-studded streets of Los Angeles. With her short stature and moxie, she has a knack for getting the shots that others can't. But when she is offered a lucrative job by a sleazy journalist, she is forced to ask herself some hard ethical questions. Her parents aren't any help. Her father is also a paparazzo, working in Japan, and her mother is out of the picture. Jo Zo decides to take the job. She enters a treatment facility as a fake patient to take candid photos of a male teen pop star. While this book appears to be another teen-about-town-with-conveniently-absent-parents story, it turns out to be more. The parents are actually part of the plot, and as the story unfolds, Jo's stint in the treatment facility helps her gain perspective about her home life as well as her professional one. Throw in a romance with a hunky boy and you have an entertaining read that's not mindless, with appeal for pop-culture fans.—Mindy Whipple, West Jordan Library, UT

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