Shopping with Dad

Shopping with Dad

by Matt Harvey, Miriam Latimer

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Children's Literature - Carlee Hallman
With a list handed to them by Mom, Dad and a little girl go grocery shopping. Some strange things are on the list such as: "strong Anti-Grump Pills and a Bucket of Worms." When the little girl almost bumps into a pile of cans, she is put in the shopping cart and told to sit very still. Then she develops a sneeze that makes Dad jump. He bumps the woman beside him. The bump passes down a long line of people and ends by knocking over the pyramid display of cans. People look for a person to blame and point to Dad, but the little girl confesses to the sneeze that started it all. Dad then says to those giving them "hard looks," "Oops! Accidents happen, it's always a shame, But when push comes to shove, there's no one to blame." Then Dad starts to pick up the cans and everyone helps. Back at home Dad makes it all sound like fun as he tells Mom. Through poetry and rhymes, the story is told. The text is included within the stylized colored pictures. Children will enjoy the little girl's several blunders that have a happy outcome. Reviewer: Carlee Hallman
School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 3

While grocery shopping with her dad, a rambunctious young girl can't hold back a sneeze that sets off a chain reaction: "That sneeze was fantastic. It made my Dad jump,/And his jump gave the woman beside him a bump/And she went, 'Aaarrrggghhh!' and swung around in alarm,/And her bag hit a woman, who jogged a man's arm." The sneeze is given a spread with the offender in the left-hand corner and a large-print "Ah-Ah-Chooooooo!!!" dominating the pages and surrounded by flying broccoli, cans of pet food, fruit, and even a dog. After Dad is blamed and his daughter confesses, the formerly angry shoppers work together to restore order. The cartoon mixed-media illustrations depict a lively hubbub amid plenty of color in the spilled ketchup, jars of pickles, etc., and various styles of dress on the diverse mix of people. Funny and warmhearted, this story will be enjoyed one-on-one and handy in classrooms where fingers are pointed: "Accidents happen,/it's always a shame,/But when push comes to shove,/there's no one to blame."-Teresa Pfeifer, Alfred Zanetti Montessori Magnet School, Springfield, MA

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