The Shorter Columbia Anthology Of Traditional Chinese Literature

The Shorter Columbia Anthology Of Traditional Chinese Literature

by Victor H. Mair

ISBN-10: 0231119984

ISBN-13: 9780231119986

Pub. Date: 12/01/2000

Publisher: Columbia University Press

With its fresh translations by newer voices in the field, its broad scope, and its flowing style, this anthology places the immense riches of Chinese literature within easy reach. Ranging from the beginnings to 1919, this abridged version of The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature retains all the characteristics of the original. In putting


With its fresh translations by newer voices in the field, its broad scope, and its flowing style, this anthology places the immense riches of Chinese literature within easy reach. Ranging from the beginnings to 1919, this abridged version of The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature retains all the characteristics of the original. In putting together these selections Victor H. Mair interprets "literature" very broadly to include not just literary fiction, poetry, and drama, but folk and popular literature, lyrics and arias, elegies and rhapsodies, biographies, autobiographies and memoirs, letters, criticism and theory, and travelogues and jokes.

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Translations from the Asian Classics Series
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Table of Contents

1. FOUNDATIONS AND INTERPRETATIONSDivinations and Inscriptions1. A Late Shang Divination Record2. A Bronze Inscription of the Western Chou3. The Book of Changes of the Chou People4. An Early Commentary on the Classic of Changes Philosophy Thought and Religion5. Attributed to Kuan Chung, Kuan Tzu Duties of the Student6. Anonymous, Confucian Analects, Book 27. Meng K'o, Mencius, Bull Mountain and Fish and Bear's Paws8. Chuang Chou, Chuang Tzu, Chapter 17 and other passages9. Attributed to Lao Tzu, The Classic Book of Integrity and the Way: Tao te ching10. Attributed to Lieh Yu¨ -k'ou, Lieh Tzu, The Stupid Old Man Who Moved a Mountain11. Translated by Hsüan-tsang, Abhidharma-mahavibhasa-sastra, Chapter 99: The Sins of MahadevaCriticism and Theory12. Hsiao T'ung, Preface to Literary Selections13. Hsieh Ho, Preface to Record of the Classification of Old Painters14. Yen Yü, Ts'ang-lang's Discussions of Poetry, An Analysis of Poetry15. Yüan Hao-wen, Poems on Poetry, No. 302. VERSEClassical Poetry16. Anonymous, Classic of Odes17. Liu Chen, Cockfight18. Juan Chi, Songs of My Soul19. Kuo P'u, Poem on the Wandering Immortal20. T'ao Ch'ien Poems After Drinking Wine (No. 5) On Reading the Mountains and Seas Classic21. Hsieh Ling-yün, On My Way from South Mountain to North Mountain, I Glance at the Scenery from the Lake22. Shen Yüeh, Harmonizing with a Poem by Left Assistant Yü Kao-chih Requesting Sick Leave Listening to Gibbons at Rock-Pool Creek23. Wang Seng-ju, Describing a Dream for Someone24. Yü Chien-wu, Spring Day25. Hsiao Kang, A Pheasant on His Morning Flight26. Brahmacarin Wang, [Untitled]27. Lo Pin-wang, On the Cicada: In Prison28. Ho Chih-chang, Written Impromptu upon Returning to My Hometown29. Ch'en Tzu-ang, Poems of Reflection on the Vicissitudes of Life30. Chang Chiu-ling, Poems of Reflection on the Vicissitudes of Life31. Wang Chih-huan, Climbing the Stork Pavilion32. Meng Hao-jan, Seeking Out Master Chan on Incense Mountain Spring Dawn Passing Seven-League Rapids33. Wang Ch'ang-ling, Silent at Her Window34. Wang Wei, Climbing Pien-chüeh Temple Second Song for the Worship of the Goddess at Yü Mountain: 'Bidding the Goddess Farewell' Deer Enclosure35. Li Po, To Meng Hao-jan / Late Bloomer at the Front of My Garden / To Send to Tu Fu as a Joke / Drinking Alone in the Moonlight (No. 1) / Still Night Thoughts / Poems in an Old Style36. Ch'u Kuang-hsi, The Streets of Ch'ang-an37. Tu Fu, Spring View A Guest Arrives Recruiting Officer of Shih-hao At the Sky's End, Thinking of Li Po38. Chang Chi, Maple Bridge Night Mooring39. Ts'en Shen, A Song of the Running Horse River: Presented on Saying Farewell to the Army Going on Campaign to the West40. Ssu-k'ung Shu, In Illness, Dismissing My Singing Girl41. Meng Chiao, On Failing the Examination42. Han Yü, The Girl of Mount Hua43. Hsüeh T'ao, Listening to a Monk Play the Reed Pipes Lotus-Gathering Boat44. Liu Tsung-yüan, River Snow45. Cold Mountain, [Untitled Poems]46. Chia Tao, Looking for a Recluse but Failing to Find Him47. Li Shen, Pitying the Farmer48. Li Te-yü, To Patriarch Sun at Hua-yang Grotto49. Li Ho, At Ch'ang-ku, Reading: To Show to My Man Pa My Man Pa Replies Ravine on a Cold Evening50. Autumn Maid Tu, The Robe of Golden Thread51. Li Shang-yin, Master Chia52. P'i Jih-hsiu, Impromptu on a Hangover53. Yü Hsüan-chi, On a Visit to Ch'ung-chen Taoist Temple I See in the South Hall the List of Successful Candidates in the Imperial Examinations54. Mei Yao-ch'en, Sharing Lodging with Hsieh Shih-hou in the Library of the Hsü Family and Being Much Bothered by the Noise of Rats Shih-hou Pointed Out to Me That from Ancient Times There Had Never Been a Poem on the Subject of Lice, and Urged Me to Try Writing One55. Wang An-shih, Bald Mountain56. Su Shih, When Yü-k'o Painted Bamboo Reading the Poetry of Meng Chiao Lament of the Farm Wife of Wu57. Huang T'ing-chien, To Go with Shih K'o's Painting of an Old Man Tasting Vinegar58. Yang Wan-li, Watching a Village Festival Songs of Depression (two selections)59. Lu Yu, The Merchant's Joy Written in a Carefree Mood To Show to My Sons60. Wen T'ien-hsiang, Chin-ling Post Station61. Chao Meng-fu, To a Pyrotechnist62. Yang Wei-chen, Mating63. Ni Tsan, Inscribed on a Painting by Myself64. Hsü Pen, Saying Goodbye to a Monk from Japan65. Kao Ch'i, Written on Seeing the Flowers, and Remembering My Daughter Silkworm Song of Torchlit Fields66. Yang Shih-ch'i, Night Rain: A Wall Collapses67. Shen Chou, The Taoist Huang Has Died of Alcoholism68. Yang Hsün-chi, Inscribed on the Doors of My Bookshelves69. Chu Yün-ming, A Fan from Korea70. Wang Chiu-ssu, Ballad of Selling a Child71. Ho Ching-ming, Ballad of the Government Granary Clerk72. Huang E, [Title Lost]73. Li K'ai-hsien, A Parable Earthquake74. Hsü Wei, A Buddhist Monk Cut and Burned His Own Flesh to Make the Rains Stop-a Man from His Native Place Asked Me to Write a Poem to Send to Him A Kite75. Tsung Ch'en, Song of Selling Flowers76. Mo Shih-lung, Saying Good-bye to a Singing Girl Who Has Decided to Become a Nun77. T'ang Hsien-tsu, Twenty-Two Quatrains on Receiving the Obituary Notice for My Son Shih-ch'ü78. Yüan Hung-tao, The 'Slowly, Slowly' Poem On Receiving My Letter of Termination79. Wu Chia-chi, The Grain-Barge Wife80. Wu Li, Singing of the Source of Holy Church81. Wang Shih-chen, Medicine82. K'ang-hsi, Lines in Praise of a Self-Chiming Clock83. Cheng Hsieh, Song of Surfing on the Bore84. Yüan Mei, On the Way to Pa-lingLyrics and Arias85. Attributed to Li Po, A Suite in the Ch'ing-p'ing Mode86. Anonymous, Tune: Magpie on the Branch; a Lyric from Tun-huang87. Liu Yü-hsi, Tune: Memories of the South; a Spring Lyric After Po Chü -yi88. Wen T'ing-yün, Tune: Deva-Like Barbarian89. Wei Chuang, Tune: The Bodhisattva Foreigner90. Ou-yang Chiung, Tune: Offering Congratulations to the Enlightened Reign91. Li Yü, Tune: The Crow's Nocturnal Cry / Tune: New Bounty of Royalty / Tune: Pure Serene Music / Tune: Memories of the South; A Reminiscence 92. Liu Yung, Tune: Bells Ringing in the Rain; Sadness of Parting93. Fan Chung-yen, Tune: Sumuche Dancers94. Yen Shu, Tune: Spring in the Jade House95. Ou-yang Hsiu, Tune: Drunk in Fairyland96. Su Shih, Tune: Partridge Sky; Written While Banished to Huang-chou / Tune: Fragrance Fills the Courtyard / Tune: Immortal by the River97. Huang T'ing-chien, Tune: The Courtyard Full of Fragrance; Tea / Tune: A Thousand Autumns98. Ch'in Kuan, Tune: Sand of Silk-Washing Brook; A Spring Morning / Tune: Perfumed Garden; Bidding Adieu99. Li Chih-yi, Tune: The Diviner100. Chu Tun-ju, Tune: Nien-nu Is Charming101. Li Ch'ing-chao, Tune: Rouged Lips; Naïveté / Tune: Magnolia Flowers (short version) / Tune: Fisherman's Pride; A Dream / A Long Melancholy Tune (Autumn Sorrow); Despair / Tune: Spring at Wu Ling; Spring Ends102. Hsin Ch'i-chi, Tune: Spring in the Ch'in Garden (About to swear off drinking, he warns the wine cup to go away) / Tune: Pure Serene Music; Rural Life103. Wu Wen-ying, Tune: Rouged Lips; Rain Just Over on the Night of the Lantern Preview104. Chang Yen, Tune: Pure Serene Music105. Kuan Han-ch'ing, In the Southern Mode, to the Tune of A Sprig of Flowers; The Refusal to Get Old106. Tu Shan-fu, Tune, Shua Hai-erh; Country Cousin at the Theater107. Ma Chih-yüan, Tune: Heaven-Cleansed Sands; Autumn Thoughts108. Chang Yang-hao, [Untitled]109. Kuan Yün-shih, Tune: Rapt with Wine, Loudly Singing-Joy in Spring's Coming; My Love110. Wang Ho-ch'ing, Tune: Tsui-chung T'ien; To the Giant Butterfly / Tune: Po Pu-tuan; Long-Haired Little Dog / Tune: Po Pu-tuan; Fat Couple111. Anonymous, Tune: San-fan Yü-lou Jen112. Yang Na, Tune: Hung Hsiu-hsieh; To a Flea113. Anonymous, Tune: Wu Yeh-erh; Twitting the Teller of Tall Tales114. Anonymous, In the Chung Mode, to the Tune of P'u T'ien Lo115. Yün-k'an Tzu, [Untitled]116. Ali Hsiying, Lazy Cloud's Nest 1 and 2117. Yang Shen, Tune: Moon Over West River118. Liu Shih, Tune: Dreaming of Southland; Thinking of Someone119. Wu Li, Tune: Happily Flitting Oriole; From Music of Harmonious Heaven in Reverent Thanks to the Lord of Heaven120. Nara Singde, Tune: As If in a Dream121. Wang Kuo-wei, Tune: Sand of Silk-Washing BrookElegies and Rhapsodies122. Attributed to Ch'üYüan, Heavenly Questions123. Chia Yi, The Owl124. Mei Ch'eng, Seven Stimuli125. Ch'eng-kung Sui, Rhapsody on Whistling126. T'ao Ch'ien, The Return127. Su Shih, Red Cliff RhapsodyFolk and Folklike Songs Ballads and Narrative Verse128. Liu Pang, Song of the Great Wind129. Ssu-ma Hsiang-ju, Cock-Phoenix, Hen-Phoenix130. Anonymous, Ground-Thumping Song131. Li Yen-nien, A Song132. Attributed to Hsi-chün, Lost Horizon133. Anonymous, Song of the Viet Boatman134. Anonymous, Mulberry Up the Lane135. Anonymous, From the Nineteen Old Poems Green, Green Riverside Grass136. Anonymous, They Fought South of the Wall137. Anonymous, Crows on City Walls; a Children's Ditty from the Early Years of the Reign of the Later Han Emperor Huan138. Anonymous or attributed to Ts'ai Yung, Watering Horses at a Long Wall Hole139. Ts'ao Ts'ao, Song on Enduring the Cold140. Fu Hsüan, Pity Me!141. Anonymous, Midnight Songs142. Anonymous, A Peacock Southeast Flew143. Pao Chao, Magic Cinnabar144. Pao Ling-hui, Added to a Letter Sent to a Traveler145. Anonymous, The Ballad of Mulan146. Hulü Chin, Song of the Tölös147. Anonymous, Song of the Breaking of the Willow148. Wang Wei, Army Ballad 149. Po Chü-yi, The Song of Lasting Regret150. Po Chü-yi and Yüan Chen, Iranian Whirling Girls151. Anonymous, Poem of Medicine Puns152. Yao Chen, Ballad on the Investigation of a Disaster153. Li Mi-an, The Half-and-Half Song154. Feng Meng-lung, Mountain Songs155. Chiu Tsz-yung, A Lament for Fortune's Frailty156. Chin Ho, Ballad of the Maiden of Lan-ling3. PROSEDocuments157. Anonymous, The Great Announcement, from the Classic of Documents 158. Wang Pao, The Contract for a YouthHistory159. Attributed to Tso Ch'iu-ming, Two Brothers of Cheng and the Mother Who Doted on the Younger, from The Commentary of Mr. Tso160. Pan Ku, The Passing of Kung Sheng, from History of the HanMoral Lessons161. Yang Hsiung, Exemplary Sayings, Chapter 2162. Pan Chao, Lessons for Women Parallel Prose163. Jen Fang, Memorial of Indictment Against Liu Cheng164. Wang Po, Preface to Ascending the Pavilion of King T'eng in Hung-chou on an Autumn Day for a Parting FeastLetters165. Li Po, Letter to Han Ching-chou166. Tsung Ch'en, Letter in Reply to Liu Yi-changPrefaces and Postfaces167. Hsü Shen, Postface to Explanation of Simple and Compound Graphs168. Wang Hsi-chih, Preface to Collected Poems from the Orchid Pavilion169. Liu Tsung-yüan, Preface to the Foolish Brook Poems170. Li Ch'ing-chao, Postface to a Catalog on a Collection of Bronze and Stone InscriptionsDiscourses Essays and Sketches171. Hsi K'ang, Discourse on Nourishing Life172. T'ao Ch'ien, The Peach Blossom Spring173. Han Yü, An Explication of Progress in Learning174. Ou-yang Hsiu, The Three Zithers A Record of the Pavilion of an Intoxicated Old Man175. Shen Kua, [On a UFO], from Brush Talks from Dream Brook176. Chang Tai, Liu Ching-t'ing the Storyteller Professional Matchmakers, from Dream Memories of West Lake177. Wei Hsüeh-yi, Account of a Peach-Stone Boat178. Lin Ssu-huan, The Vocal Mimic179. Li Yü, The Arts of Sleeping, Walking, Sitting, and Standing, from The Arts of Living180. Yüan Mei, Thoughts upon Student Huang's Borrowing of BooksTravelogues and Scenic Descriptions181. Laymen of Mount Lu Associated with Hui-yüan, A Poem on Wandering at the Stone Gate, with Introduction182. Yang Hsüan-chih, The Establishment of the White Horse Temple, from The Record of the Monasteries of Loyang183. Fan Ch'eng-ta, A Climb Up Mount Omei, from Diary of a Boat Trip to Wu184. Chou Mi, Observing the Tidal Bore, from Reminiscences of Wu-linMiscellanea185. Fan Sheng-chih, Fan Sheng-chih's Book, Chapter 1: Basic Principles of Farming186. Anonymous, Miscellanies, Secret H, A Fragment187. Li Shang-yin, Li Shang-yin's Miscellany188. Anonymous, Lay Student Notations from Tun-huang189. Ch'ü Ching-ch'un, That Which Is Mandated by Heaven Is Called Nature190. JokesBiographies Autobiographies and Memoirs191. Ch'en Shou, The Biography of Hua-t'o, from History of the Three Kingdoms192. Yeh Meng-te, Physicians Cannot Raise the Dead193. Lu Yü, The Autobiography of Instructor Lu194. Liu Tsung-yüan, Biography of the Child Ou Chi195. P'i Jih-hsiu, Biography of a Girl Surnamed Chao196. Lu Jung, The Biography of A-liu197. Hou Fang-Yü, The Biography of Actor MaFictional and Fictionalized Biographies and Autobiographies198. Han Yü, The Biography of Fur Point199. Lu Kuei-meng, Biography of the Vagrant of Rivers and Lakes4. FICTIONRhetorical Persuasions and Allegories200. Compiled by Liu Hsiang, Intrigues of the Warring States201. Liu Tsung-yüan, The Donkey of Ch'ienAnecdotal Fiction202. Liu Yi-ch'ing, A New Account of Tales of the WorldTales of the Strange203. Attributed to Liu Hsiang, Biographies of Transcendents204. Kan Pao, Preface to and Tales from Search for the Supernatural205. P'u Sung-ling, Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio206. Chi Yün, Sketches from the Cottage for the Contemplation of SubtletiesClassical-Language Short Stories207. Yüan Chen, The Story of Ying-ying208. Li Kung-tso, An Account of the Governor of the Southern BranchVernacular Short Stories209. Anonymous, The Shrew: Sharp-Tongued Ts'ui-lien210. Feng Meng-lung, The Canary MurdersNovels211. Attributed to Wu Ch'eng-en, The Journey to the West Chapter 7212. Anonymous, Wu Sung Beats the Tiger, from Water Margin, with Commentary by Chin Sheng-t'an213. Ts'ao Hsüeh-ch'in, A Burial Mound for Flowers, from Dream of Red Towers5. ORAL AND PERFORMING ARTSProsimetric Narratives214. Anonymous, Transformation Text on Mahamaudgalyayana Rescuing His Mother from the Underworld with Pictures, One Scroll, with Preface215. Tung Chieh-yuan, Master Tung's Western Chamber Romance Chapter 2Drama216. Kuan Han-ch'ing, Injustice to Tou O217. T'ang Hsien-tsu, The Peony Pavilion Scene 7218. Anonymous, The Mortal Thoughts of a Nun, from a Popular DramaPrincipal Chinese Dynasties and PeriodsRomanization Schemes for Modern Standard Mandarin

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