Shout, Rattle and Roll

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All Music Guide - Mark Deming
In his informative and wildly irreverent book Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll, Nick Tosches devotes a chapter to the life and career of blues shouter Big Joe Turner, whom he repeatedly refers to as "a big fat f ** k." Part of the charm of Tosches' book is he manages to make this sound like a compliment, and after listening to the exhaustive box set Shout, Rattle and Roll -- which collects a hundred Big Joe Turner sides recorded between 1938 and 1954 -- the appellation seems all the more appropriate. Big Joe was a man of profound appetites, and while his fabled girth testified to his love of a good meal, listening to his music offers ample evidence of his passion for women, ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Mark Deming
In his informative and wildly irreverent book Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll, Nick Tosches devotes a chapter to the life and career of blues shouter Big Joe Turner, whom he repeatedly refers to as "a big fat f ** k." Part of the charm of Tosches' book is he manages to make this sound like a compliment, and after listening to the exhaustive box set Shout, Rattle and Roll -- which collects a hundred Big Joe Turner sides recorded between 1938 and 1954 -- the appellation seems all the more appropriate. Big Joe was a man of profound appetites, and while his fabled girth testified to his love of a good meal, listening to his music offers ample evidence of his passion for women, whiskey, and wild living, which were the constant obsessions documented in his songs. Turner's style hardly changes a bit throughout these one hundred tunes and the sixteen years that separate the first from the last, and that's no insult -- Turner was less a mere blues singer than an honest-to-God force of nature, and no matter if he was being backed by a single pianist or a big jazz ensemble, Turner wailed like there was no tomorrow, ready to knock back some liquor and tell you all about the latest lady to turn his head and it seems there were a bunch of them. Shout, Rattle and Roll collects a sizable majority of the material Turner waxed during the first 15 years of his recording career, and while the quality of the audio is expectedly uneven, the performances are not -- with Turner raising the rafters with some of the great men of blues and jazz including Dave Bartholomew, Meade "Lux" Lewis, Elmore James, Albert Ammons, Art Tatum, Benny Carter, and many more, every track is a grand, howling paean to the pleasures of the flesh, and taken together it's a table-busting banquet of blues in true Big Joe proportions. The set also includes an illustrated 48-page booklet with a fine biographical essay. If this isn't the definitive Big Joe Turner set, that's only because Turner kept on singing and recording up until he dropped dead in 1987, leaving a lot more ground to cover, but this does offer a superb overview of the man's best and most influential stuff, and this box represents the true and glorious legacy of the "biggest, fattest f ** k" in the blues, who is doubtless still shouting in some honky tonk in the great beyond.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 8/23/2005
  • Label: Proper Box Uk
  • UPC: 805520020893
  • Catalog Number: 89


Disc 1
  1. 1 It's All Right Baby - Pete Johnson (2:34)
  2. 2 Goin' Away Blues - Pete Johnson (2:43)
  3. 3 Roll 'Em Pete - Pete Johnson (2:56)
  4. 4 Cherry Red - Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys (3:01)
  5. 5 Lovin' Mama Blues - Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys (3:21)
  6. 6 Café Society Rag - Meade, Pete & Their Three Pianos Albert (3:05)
  7. 7 How Long How Long Blues - Varsity Seven (3:22)
  8. 8 Shake It and Break It - Varsity Seven (3:04)
  9. 9 Low Down Dirty Shame - Joe Sullivan (2:51)
  10. 10 I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Joe Sullivan (3:17)
  11. 11 Joe Turner Blues - Benny Carter (2:50)
  12. 12 Piney Brown Blues (2:57)
  13. 13 Lucille - Art Tatum (2:32)
  14. 14 Rock Me Mama - Art Tatum (2:57)
  15. 15 Rocks in My Bed (3:13)
  16. 16 Goin' to Chicago (Blues) (2:59)
  17. 17 Sun Risin' Blues (2:49)
  18. 18 Blues in the Night (2:29)
  19. 19 Cry Baby Blues (2:54)
  20. 20 I Got a Gal (For Every Day of the Week) (3:10)
  21. 21 Little Bittie Gal's Blues (3:21)
  22. 22 Rebecca (2:43)
  23. 23 It's the Same Old Story (3:10)
  24. 24 S.K. Blues, Pt. 1 - Pete Johnson (2:55)
  25. 25 S. K. Blues, Pt. 2 - Pete Johnson All-Stars (2:51)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Johnson & Turner Blues - Pete Johnson All-Stars (2:56)
  2. 2 Watch That Jive - Pete Johnson All-Stars (2:52)
  3. 3 S.K. Blues - Johnny Otis & His Orchestra (2:37)
  4. 4 My Gal's a Jockey - Bill Moore Lucky Seven Band (3:06)
  5. 5 I Got Love for Sale - Bill Moore Lucky Seven Band (2:31)
  6. 6 Sunday Morning Blues (2:49)
  7. 7 Mad Blues (2:23)
  8. 8 It's a Low Down Dirty Shame (Playboy Blues) (2:35)
  9. 9 I'm Still in the Dark (3:01)
  10. 10 Sally Zu-Zazz (2:50)
  11. 11 Rock of Gibraltar Blues (2:35)
  12. 12 That's When It Really Hurts (2:46)
  13. 13 I'm in Sharp When I Hit the Coast (2:52)
  14. 14 New Wee Baby Blues (2:59)
  15. 15 Around the Clock, Pt. 1 - Big Vernon (1:52)
  16. 16 Around the Clock, Pt. 2 - Big Vernon (1:45)
  17. 17 Battle of the Blues, Pt. 1 (2:53)
  18. 18 Battle of the Blues, Pt. 2 (2:50)
  19. 19 Morning Glory (2:28)
  20. 20 Low Down Dog (2:34)
  21. 21 Empty Pocket Blues (2:41)
  22. 22 Back Breaking Blues (3:04)
  23. 23 Nobody in Mind (3:12)
  24. 24 Rocks in My Bed (2:36)
  25. 25 Whistle Stop Blues - Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys (2:46)
Disc 3
  1. 1 Hollywood Bed - Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys (2:40)
  2. 2 Howlin' Winds - Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys (2:25)
  3. 3 Radar Blues - Pete Johnson (2:45)
  4. 4 Wine-O-Baby Blues - Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys (2:34)
  5. 5 Christmas Date Boogie - Pete Johnson (2:37)
  6. 6 Tell Me Pretty Baby (How d'Ya Want Your Rollin' Done) - Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys (2:48)
  7. 7 Old Piney Brown's Gone - Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys (2:39)
  8. 8 My Heart Belongs to You (2:39)
  9. 9 I Don't Dig It (1) (2:16)
  10. 10 Rainy Weather Blues (2:32)
  11. 11 Boogie Woogie Baby (2:46)
  12. 12 I Love Ya I Love Ya I Love Ya - Dootsie Williams & His Orchestra (2:37)
  13. 13 Born to Gamble - Dootsie Williams & His Orchestra (2:56)
  14. 14 I Don't Dig It (2) - Flennoy Trio (2:40)
  15. 15 Ooo-Ouch Stop - Flennoy Trio (2:35)
  16. 16 Wish I Had a Dollar (2:46)
  17. 17 Fuzzy Wuzzy Honey (2:36)
  18. 18 Adam Bit the Apple (2:50)
  19. 19 Still in the Dark (2:49)
  20. 20 Just a Travelin' Man (2:20)
  21. 21 Life Is Just a Card Game (3:06)
  22. 22 Feeling Happy (2:15)
  23. 23 After a While (2:56)
  24. 24 When the Rooster Crows (3:03)
  25. 25 Dawn Is Breaking Through (3:19)
Disc 4
  1. 1 Jumpin' at the Jubilee (2:51)
  2. 2 Story to Tell - Dave Bartholomew & His Orchestra (2:32)
  3. 3 Jumpin' Tonight (Midnight Rockin') - Dave Bartholomew & His Orchestra (2:23)
  4. 4 Lucille - Dave Bartholomew & His Orchestra (2:32)
  5. 5 Love My Baby (Little Bitty Baby) - Dave Bartholomew & His Orchestra (2:23)
  6. 6 After My Laughter Came Tears - Harry Van Walls & His Orchestra (3:13)
  7. 7 Chains of Love - Harry Van Walls & His Orchestra (3:23)
  8. 8 The Chill Is On - Harry Van Walls & His Orchestra (2:47)
  9. 9 Bump Miss Suzie - Harry Van Walls & His Orchestra (2:23)
  10. 10 I'll Never Stop Loving You (3:19)
  11. 11 Sweet Sixteen (2:56)
  12. 12 Don't You Cry (2:30)
  13. 13 Poor Lover's Blues (2:41)
  14. 14 Baby I Still Want You (2:48)
  15. 15 Still in Love (With You) (3:02)
  16. 16 Honey Hush - Pluma Davis Orchestra (2:40)
  17. 17 Crawdad Hole - Pluma Davis Orchestra (2:37)
  18. 18 Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop (2:47)
  19. 19 TV Mama (2:51)
  20. 20 You Know I Love You (3:09)
  21. 21 Married Woman (2:49)
  22. 22 Midnight Cannonball (2:30)
  23. 23 Shake Rattle and Roll (3:00)
  24. 24 Well All Right (2:29)
  25. 25 In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down (5:02)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Big Joe Turner Primary Artist
Pee Wee Crayton Guitar
Wynonie Harris Vocals
Johnny Otis Drums
Bill Doggett Piano
Walter Jackson Drums
Albert Ammons Piano
Curtis Counce Baritone Saxophone
Allen Eager Tenor Saxophone
Freddie Green Guitar
Mary Osborne Guitar
Art Tatum Piano
Eddie Barefield Alto Saxophone, Clarinet (Tenor)
Leonard Gaskin Baritone Saxophone
Edmond Hall Clarinet
Russell Jacquet Trumpet
Oscar Moore Guitar, Drums
Frankie Newton Trumpet
Freddie Slack Piano
Joe Sullivan Piano
George Wettling Drums
James Byrd Drums
Mickey Baker Guitar
Dave Bartholomew Trumpet
Joe Houston Tenor Saxophone
Coleman Hawkins Tenor Saxophone
Sam "The Man" Taylor Tenor Saxophone
Goree Carter Guitar
Teddy Bunn Guitar
Al McKibbon Baritone Saxophone
Connie Kay Drums
Jack McVea Alto Saxophone
James Adams Drums
Ernest Ashley Guitar
Georgie Auld Tenor Saxophone
Peter Badie Baritone Saxophone
Rector Bailey Guitar
Dallas Bartley Baritone Saxophone
Vernon Bates Tenor Saxophone
Benny Carter Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Abe Bolar Baritone Saxophone
Kirkland Bradford Baritone Saxophone
Joe Bridgewater Trumpet
Warren Brocken Trumpet
William Burchett Alto Saxophone
Frank Clarke Baritone Saxophone
Sonny Cohn Trumpet
Pluma Davis Trombone
Fats Domino Piano
Eddie Dougherty Drums
Mark Easton Baritone Saxophone
Ahmet Ertegun Choir, Chorus
Otis Finch Tenor Saxophone
Gus Fontenette Alto Saxophone
Edward Frank Piano
A.G. Godley Drums
Jewell L. Grant Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Charles Grey Trumpet
Charles Hamilton Baritone Saxophone
Ralph Hamilton Baritone Saxophone
Riley Hampton Alto Saxophone
Herb Hardesty Tenor Saxophone
Joe Harris Alto Saxophone
Lloyd Harrison Tenor Saxophone
Al Hendrickson Guitar
Frank Henry Baritone Saxophone
Sheb Hobbs Guitar
Grady "Fats" Jackson Tenor Saxophone
Elmore James Guitar
Pat Jenkins Trumpet
Albert Johnson Tenor Saxophone
Jab Jones Tenor Horn
Waldron "Frog" Joseph Trombone
Arlem Kareem Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Alray Kidd Drums
Lloyd Lambert Baritone Saxophone
Meade "Lux" Lewis Piano
Ulysses Livingston Guitar
Lawrence Lucie Guitar
Ernest McLean Guitar
Dave McRae Baritone Saxophone
Wilson Myers Baritone Saxophone
Freddie Mitchell Tenor Saxophone
Joe Morris Trumpet
Ike Perkins Guitar
Danny Polo Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Vernon Porter Trumpet
Eddie Preston Trumpet
Paul Quinichette Tenor Saxophone
Jesse Sailes Drums
Red Saunders Drums
Theodore "Red" Saunders Drums
Artie Shapiro Baritone Saxophone
Henry "Buster" Smith Alto Saxophone
Jesse Stone Piano, Choir, Chorus
Rabon Tarrant Drums
Worthia Thomas Trombone
Joe Tillman Tenor Saxophone
Lloyd Trotman Baritone Saxophone
Henry Turner Baritone Saxophone
Alvin "Red" Tyler Tenor Saxophone
James Von Streeter Tenor Saxophone
Leonard Ware Guitar
Harold "Doc" West Drums
Jerry Wexler Choir, Chorus
Al Williams Piano
Sam Williams Tenor Saxophone
Winston Williams Baritone Saxophone
Wilbur De Paris Trombone
Clarence Hall Tenor Saxophone
Lonnie Lyons Piano
Wild Bill Moore Tenor Saxophone
Louis Pitts Baritone Saxophone
Jimmy Richardson Baritone Saxophone
Allison Tucker Drums
Henry Owens Piano
Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis Tenor Saxophone
Larry Bolton Baritone Saxophone
John Girard Trumpet
Oran Thaddeus Page Trumpet
Joe Newman Quartet Trumpet
Lee Allen & His Band Alto Saxophone
Joe Thomas Trumpet
Carlos "Don" Byas Tenor Saxophone
Louie Simon Tenor Saxophone
Dootsie Williams Trumpet
Ernest Williams Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Don Stovall Alto Saxophone
Calvin Boze Trumpet
Sammy Yates Trumpet
Herman Mitchell Guitar
Ellsworth Liggett Piano
Benny Morton's All Stars Trombone
Al Hall Baritone Saxophone
Billy Taylor Baritone Saxophone
John Collins Guitar
Talmadge Smith Alto Saxophone
Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys Piano
Léon Beck Baritone Saxophone
Lester Current Trumpet
John Pettigrew Tenor Horn
Loyal Walker Trumpet
Andy Anderson Trumpet
Johnny Jones & the King Casuals Piano
Joe Turner Vocals
Kenneth Pope Alto Saxophone
Thomas Moore Drums
Billy Jones Trumpet
Allen "Yank" Porter Drums
Robert Moore Baritone Saxophone
Burnie Cobb Guitar
Russell Emory Trumpet
Lorenzo Flennoy Piano
John Henry Baritone Saxophone
James Hurdle Piano
Jud McNaud Baritone Saxophone
J.P. Mosely Baritone Saxophone
Nelson Pitts Trumpet
Ellerton White Piano
Meade, Pete & Their Three Pianos Albert Track Performer
Big Vernon Track Performer
Pluma Davis Orchestra Track Performer
Flennoy Trio Track Performer
Dootsie Williams & His Orchestra Track Performer
George Washington Tenor Horn
James Toliver Piano
Leonard "Lucky" Enois Guitar
James Jordan Trumpet
Technical Credits
Leroy Carr Composer
Big Joe Turner Composer
Albert Ammons Composer
Pete Johnson Composer
Joe Sullivan Composer
W.C. Handy Composer
Lincoln Chase Composer
Joe Houston Composer
Duke Ellington Orchestra Composer
Ike Turner Composer
Irving Kahal Composer
Saunders King Composer
Meade "Lux" Lewis Composer
Doc Pomus Composer
Rudy Toombs Composer
Roy Turk Composer
Adam Komorowski Liner Notes, Annotation
Charles Tobias Composer
Dootsie Williams Composer
Sam Sweet Composer
Lou Willie Turner Composer
Charles E. Calhoun Composer
Ahmet Nugetre Composer
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