Show Me The Love: A collection of five erotic stories

Show Me The Love: A collection of five erotic stories

by Landon Dixon, Stephen Albrow, Jean-Philippe Aubourg, Elizabeth Coldwell

An Xcite Books collection of five varied erotic stories with mixed spanking and bdsm themes.

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An Xcite Books collection of five varied erotic stories with mixed spanking and bdsm themes.

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Jerry had been going out with Marion for a month when he decided to get really acquainted with her ass. He’d been first attracted to the petite, brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty by her big, round, fleshy backside, and now he wanted, needed to fully explore it – flail and fuck it, if possible. 
He was concerned, though, about how she’d react when confronted/rear-ended with the full extent of his overwhelming butt fetish. He’d been careful with her so far – sex in all the conventional positions and orifices – because he was already thinking that maybe she was the ‘one’; witty, warm, intelligent, loved football, with a good, firm set of tits and a wicked bubble butt – what more could one man ask for? Jerry could almost see himself settling down on a permanent basis with the girl. 
But first he had to indulge his anal cravings, gauge her reaction. Like lemmings over a cliff, he just had to.
She was standing in front of the mirror on his dresser, her sun-burnished, rounded backside resplendently split up the middle by a sexy black thong. She was wearing nothing else but the erotic underwear and a smile, getting ready for her part-time job as a server at Laissez Faire, a sleazy night club on the East side. Her skimpy French maid outfit was lying at the foot of the brass bed Jerry was stretched out on. He was naked, his cock hardening along with his resolve as he studied Marion’s bold, bronze butt mounds.
‘I don’t like you working at that joint,’ he said, watching her cheeks flex as she applied lipstick.
Marion puckered her lips and blew a kiss at Jerry’s blond reflection in the mirror. ‘Worried I’ll meet some rich playboy?’ she teased.
Jerry gripped his erection and stroked, fingers swirling over the veined length of his pulsing hard-on, eating up the girl’s ripe, peachy bum with his hungry eyes. Her overstuffed seat cushions shone smooth and hot under the muted lights, gleaming orbs of taut, yet pliable flesh. ‘I don’t like you parading around in that outfit, wiggling your ass in front of all those drunks.’
‘Can’t be helped, darling. It pays the tuition. Just one more year and I’ll have my diploma, be making scads of money. Until then…’ She shrugged her shoulders, her cheeks jiggling enticingly.
Jerry slid off the bed and walked over to her, cock bobbing, pointing the way to her butt. He put his big hands on her shoulders, his big cock pressing against the heart-stopping swell of her buttocks. She patted his hand, then plucked a bottle of mascara out of her make-up bag and started applying it to her lashes.
Jerry’s hands fell off her shoulders, and he took a step back. He stared down at her brazen booty, anger and lust combusting within him. He drew back a hand, hesitated, then whacked her ass, hard.
‘Hey!’ she yelped, grabbing the edge of the dresser, mascara tumbling onto the carpet.
He smacked her sassy cheeks again, and again, his teeth clenched and his eyes burning. Marion groaned, a mixture of pain and pleasure, her body trembling. Jerry noted her reaction and exulted, smacking her ass a rippling, reddening cheek at a time.
‘God!’ she gasped, rocking with the blows. 
He grinned evilly, ecstatic to find that his in-control, sex-conventional girlfriend was enjoying his brutal expression of affection, was getting off on it as much as he was. ‘I’m not hurting you, am I, my dear?’ he hissed in her ear, spanking her bottom.
She shook her head, quick and tight. ‘No-no, but… I’ve-I’ve got to get ready for work…’
‘Work can wait!’ he rasped. 
He slapped her right cheek, her left, setting the brown, blushing flesh in motion again. She bowed her head down and pushed her butt back, shimmering brown hair falling over her face, fingernails clawing into the wood of the dresser.
Jerry’s cock was a fire-forged rod of steel straining to part Marion’s plush butt cheeks, jumping each and every time he smacked her bottom. He set his hand in a rigid, horizontal paddling position, bent his knees and spanked both of Marion’s jiggling pillows at once. 

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